Morphy Richards 502001. Description and characteristics of the bread machine

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Morphy Richards 502001

Morphy Richards 502001 Bread Maker Specifications

  • Weight 5.6 kg
  • Package Weight 6.6 kg
  • Baking weight 0.675 kg, 0.9 kg
  • Built-in dispenser no
  • Number of programs 14
  • Baking levels 3
  • Case material Stainless steel
  • Power 600 W
  • Cord compartment yes
  • Dimensions 36 x 26.5 x 28.5 cm
  • Sight glass yes
  • Turn-on delay timer 13 hours

Morphy Richards 502001

Description and characteristics of the Morphy Richards 502001 bread machine

Morphy Richards 502001

  1. View window
  2. Air valve
  3. Cap
  4. Cover handle
  5. Main unit
  6. Baking tray
  7. Kneading knife
  8. Rotating shaft
  9. LCD screen
  10. Menu Button
  11. Loaf size button
  12. Time increase button
  13. Time decrease button
  14. Peel color selection button
  15. Start / stop button
  16. Beaker
  17. Scoop
  18. Kneading Blade Remover

Morphy Richards 502001

14 programs

A choice of 14 different programs gives you the opportunity to get creative and make not only different types of bread, but also jams and cakes. An assortment of settings lets you get bagels, ciabatta, whole wheat bread, croissants, hot buns, tea muffins, and specialty breads like malt bread, corn bread, and gluten-free recipes. The Quick Bake setting helps you get the perfect bread in just 90 minutes.

1 Basic

For white and black bread. Can also be used for herbal and raisin flavored breads.

2 French

For baking bread such as French bread, which has a crispier crust and a lighter texture.

3 whole grains or grain storage

This extends the rise time, allowing the whole grain water to absorb and expand. It is not recommended to use the delay timer as it may affect the results.

4 Fast

For tea and other baked goods made without yeast in a shorter time. Bread smaller and denser.

5 Sweet

For baking sweet breads such as fruit bread that produce a crispier crust than the normal setting. A crisper crust is produced due to the presence of sugar.

6 Quick baking

For preparing 2 pounds of white bread in a shorter time frame. Breads made with this program may be shorter and the texture may be more moist.

7 Bread mixture

Convenient program using a 500 g bag from the store bought in bread mix. Add the entire bag of bread mixture to the water indicated on the package. A large loaf can be made from a whole bag of bread. Likewise, some 500g cake mixes are suitable for use in a bread maker. Refer to the packaging to check. After adding the ingredients to the baking dish (6), use the Bread mix program for best results. Remember to let the cake stand after baking as directed on the package, before cooling completely.

8 Dough

This program only makes the dough and will not bake the final bread. Take out the dough and shape it to make buns, pizza base, etc. Any dough can be made at this stage. Do not exceed (1 kg / 2 lb) combination ingredients.

9 Gluten Free

With this program you can make bread and cakes gluten free... Ideal for those on a special diet, breads and cakes are moist but have reduced storage properties. Gluten-free ingredients are readily available online and in most good supermarkets.

10 Cupcake

This setting will mix the ingredients and then bake for the set time. Combine the two groups of ingredients during cooking before adding to the bread maker.Select the required cooking time from two options depending on the recipe. Depending on the recipe, press the crust color options button (14) once to select a cooking time of 3 hours 5 minutes. Press again to select 3 hours 20 minutes.

11 Sandwich

This is for bread that is light in texture but has a soft crust that tends to fold when cooled.

12 Jam

Use this program to prepare preserves and marmalades. Follow the recipes provided. The program is not suitable for softening the marmalade rind.

13 Yogurt

This simple program lets you make your own yoghurt with just a few ingredients. Using a controlled low temperature for 10 hours produces natural yoghurt that can be sweetened, added with fruit, or used for cooking.

14 Extra baked goods

This can be used to extend the baking time on selected programs. This is especially useful to help "install" jams and marmalade... At startup, the default time is at least 1 hour (1:00) and counts down at 1 minute intervals. You will have to manually deactivate this function by pressing the Stop button (15) when you complete the extra baking process. It is recommended to check the passage of the bread or jam at 10-minute intervals. This may be before the 1 hour baking period has finished.

Morphy Richards 502001

Non-stick baking dish

The baking dish has a special coating, so after cooking the bread can be easily removed from it.

Simple baking

Baking can be tricky as the amount of ingredients must be accurately calculated. With the Morphy Richards bread maker, there is no need to weigh the ingredients as it has an accurate built-in scale.

Morphy Richards 502001

Delay start timer

The delay timer makes it possible to bake bread at night, and without your participation. Just load all the ingredients, program the machine and wake up in the morning to the smell of freshly baked bread.
Selecting the degree of browning and weight

Depending on the situation, you can choose the required degree of toasting of the bread: light crust, brown bread, black crust. Also, the breadmaker can be configured for two baking sizes: 0.67 or 0.9 kg.

Morphy Richards 502001

Viewing window

The viewing window allows you to monitor the baking and control the process.

Morphy Richards 502001

Morphy Richards Multi-use Fastback 48281. Description and characteristics of the bread maker

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