What trends in the fashion world will spring 2020 bring?

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Times are changing, and with them the world of fashion. Spring is approaching, which means that the moment has come to find out what trends this time she brought.

The first thing to pay attention to is pastel colors in clothes, ranging from light dresses to classic trousers with arrows. You should not ignore the nude, which has been and remains in fashion.

What accessory can any woman do without? Without a bag, of course! This spring, every fashionista should get a large bag in which you can put anything you want: a cosmetic bag, a folder with documents, a container with food, a bottle of water and much more. Wicker bags have also entered the trend.

If earlier passers-by cast questioning glances at your leather dress with a belt, then this spring many admiring eyes will turn to you, because you are now in trend! In addition to dresses, these can be jackets, skirts, trousers and even blouses. You will look spectacular in any of the outfits.

As for shoes, now coarse black boots are in fashion, as well as white Cossacks. It is worth paying attention to shoes with a square cape.

From prints, peas have become very popular. However, he was in trend before, but now especially. At the same time, you can give freedom of imagination: a white dress with small black peas, a burgundy dress with large white peas, blue dresses with small white peas - in any outfit you will look feminine. The length should be no higher than the knees.

The most fashionable color of the season is deep blue. Not blue, not aquamarine, but blue, but not flashy. Anything can be blue: dresses, trousers, blouses, bags, jackets, cardigans and much more.

At the beginning of the year, outfits with sequins came into fashion. And now that spring is on the way, they will also add zest to your wardrobe. Both completely shiny things and partially will look good. Particular attention should be paid to gold, silver and mother of pearl.

Floral prints like the 70s are one of the most feminine trends this spring. A navy blue knee-length dress with a print of small white flowers will become indispensable in your closet, as it can be worn anywhere: for a romantic date, for a walk, and even for work, unless, of course, you have an office style of dress.

There is also room for imagination in makeup. Now the peak of popularity is nude, while it is very harmoniously combined with berry lips. This makeup will suit almost any outfit.

What woman doesn't love wrap dresses? Any style and color - you will always look stunning in them. The main thing is to choose the right outfit in accordance with the type of figure. Blouses with wide sleeves are another trend this spring. At the same time, they can be absolutely any length and color, but stylists focus on sleeves that completely cover the hands and pastel shades.

Another universal thing is a sundress. It can be paired with literally anything from simple tees to turtlenecks with a turtleneck.

Midi length has long been one of the most popular trends. Most of all, women like skirts - tight-fitting and free cut, pastel colors and brighter shades, with or without prints, with buttons and belts - the scope for imagination is huge. Moreover, for such an outfit, you can pick up almost any shoe, from open low-heeled shoes to Cossacks.

One of the basic things in any wardrobe is jeans. Straight classic jeans and mom jeans are especially relevant today. Both the first and the second can be combined with any T-shirt, blouse or turtleneck.

Wide belts have also come into fashion.They look especially good with leather blouses and dresses, as well as with white clothes.

We have told you about the most important trends that spring 2020 will bring. The main thing is not to overdo it - more than two fashionable things in one look will look cheap. Focus on one thing, and you will always keep pace with modern fashion!

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