Second part of the Marlezon ballet about Kenwood kitchen machines!
Girls, owners of the AT 641 (juicer) attachment, how well does it squeeze the juice, what kind of waste (dry-wet, many-little)?

THANKS to everyone who responded!
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Yes, Ksyushka, I also join, I want to ask myself, otherwise I have a brand new Mulya, well, she squeezed it a couple of times, the cake was all wet, and I wanted to drive it away a few more times
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And I'm interested in ice cream: how big is the bowl, how does it fit in the freezer? And the taste of homemade ice cream? In general, a worthwhile thing, does anyone use it?
The taste of homemade ice cream is simple, neither stabilizers nor emulsifiers for you !!! I also want an ice cream maker. I did just homemade and that is delicious, but it will finally be
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And I want an ice maker, but I have a tiny fridge with a tiny freezer. The Kenwood metal bowl won't fit in there, is the ice maker the same or smaller than the native metal bowl?
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ice cream bowl (KM 010)
diameter 23cm
height 10.5cm
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TaTa * what is really so low? , and how many by o20?
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I have 010 and an ice cream maker, it's really not high. I have a two-compartment refrigerator in one of the shelves of the freezer, this bowl always lies and there is still space. I tried to make an ice cream from Anastasia - this is the
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The structure of the ice cream maker resembles a "bucket with a wipe attachment". Only the "sieve" is put into the freezer, and the bucket (plastic bowl) remains on the table. So no matter how small the freezer is, the "sieve" will go in there anyway
Girls! The second day I scream Hurray-ah!
Received, thanks to PanteraKat, attachments High-speed grater, sieve, rolling AT970.
I just fell in love with rolling. I believe that this is Ken's 2nd main nozzle (1st mixer with his beaters). Everyone is obliged to buy the AT970 attachment, no hand-held Titanium Empires stood nearby. It was a pleasure to roll out the dough on dumplings.
Now I want to buy a roll with cutting noodles. Who has them, please, suggest which one is better to buy. A few are probably not worth it and it makes no sense. The difference is only in the width of the cut, do I understand correctly?
I haven’t used the sieve yet, at first I could not think of what to test it on (tea is not summer), but now I came up with it, but for now I’m finishing meringue (the first time it turned out great, in the oven at 80 degrees for the whole night).
I will test the high-speed one in the summer.

Matroskin kot, do not worry. You see, everything has already moved off the ground and the car has been expelled from Moscow. My package went on for exactly a week. Prepare a larger bubble (with degrees) for the meeting.

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And I'm in an embrace with siDu attachments - it's funny most. And so I read it, and so Good, however. Lyi, so now you can shake it through a sieve and flour? And for morsa-jelly, rub berries or cottage cheese, again. True, if a little is only smeared on a bowl?

Matroskin kot!
For 2 years now I have been occupying a whole shelf in the refrigerator with raspberries twisted with sugar. Nobody eats, they don't like bones. So I'll rub it through a sieve. And for flour, a sieve, it seems to me, is not very suitable, there will only be a lot of dust, it is more for rubbing than for sifting.
Picture: you are sitting, hugging attachments without a car, I put all attachments on the table, Ken on the table, and shred and cut on Berner.

Natushka, one more piece of advice with your permission, do not take KM010, but Km020. Of course, this is my (and not only) opinion, here in topic 1 there was a discussion of this issue.
Ken 020 takes minimum volumes the same as 010, since the diameter of the bowl is the same for them, the difference is only in height, but if you need large volumes here it is at a height.
Moreover, on the site that I gave you KM020 is cheaper. Now they are on this site accepting applications for this car, I also had it. After 2 days they called back and said that the car had come for my application. They took the price even lower, that is, at the dollar price on the date of the application.
I have to use only postal delivery, no transport campaigns come to us. Again, ugh, ugh ... there were no delays. But this is the most expensive transport service at the moment.
Aunt Besya
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Doesn't anyone have a KENWOOD AT 641 juicer
I have, but what? and there is a noodle cutter
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Aunt Besya Well we are encrypted, eh ???
Here everyone is wondering what kind of cake comes out ....... wet or dry or medium ???

I squeezed juice from apples, medium cake, it could be drier. but the juice squeezes out well !!!
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I have, but what? and there is a noodle cutter
Aunt Besya, teaser!
And what kind of noodle cutter? What is the width of the noodles? Is the sheet thickness not regulated there? And if so, then at least # 9? Does yours suit you? Or, having experience, would you like another?
Mаtroskin KotWhere is the information that Auto Trading is rolling to Temryuk? As I tried to find out, I did not find anything. Maybe you have a phone number? Or a website?
According to my data, the closest to me is Krasnodar or Novorossiysk, and I am in the middle with a spread of distance of 500 km. You go broke on gas.
The nozzles are the same for 020, but about - to find - there is everything, and those that are very popular - they, in general, are suitable for both 010 and 020, well, a potato peeler is a rarity, well, there is the same - and so they are in height only differ, it seems ... Well, if the family is small, then maybe the truth is - 010 - more than enough. And for the price, can the attachments come with a different quantity in the kit? Sometimes, they write in the description, one thing, but in fact, the description was stupidly copied ... Call and write, you need to find out, in any case. The thing is expensive, however. I don't want punctures ...
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Lyi, thanks! 020 we have in the store, but very large. And it takes up more space and I don't need such volumes. I also read somewhere that he has fewer attachments and is harder to find. I am interested in a juicer, high speed, low speed, combine attachment and wiping sieve. I thought, maybe really take 020- cheaper - this is +. But why is 010 more expensive?
The place in height is unlikely to limit you, and the difference in length and width is 0.8 cm
Both Kenov have the same number of baits, 020 has a slightly more expensive bait, but this only applies to potato peelers and ice makers. The rest fit in with the other car. I bought a sieve for my 020 the same as for 010, it fit perfectly, although there is another sieve for 020.
Why 020 is cheaper than 010 is a great secret. Probably, people who were very "versed" in kitchen matters set the price. Although on many sites the price is set correctly and 020 is more expensive.
Make up your mind. At least of those who bought the 020 car, no one wanted to change it to 010, but the owners of the 010 car had those who wanted to have a 020 car after the th amount of time of operation.
Aunt Besya
I have a nozzle for a hoist (maybe the name was lying), the thickness is the largest there is "9", I have not tried beyond five
This is the width of the noodles
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2)

For my taste, the most popular size. Very convenient and fast !!
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Aunt Besya, need size in mm, as photo with magnification. 9 is thickness or width of noodles? Or can the slicing width be adjusted as well?
I meant the dough sheeter, and nothing is regulated in the noodle maker. there you insert a sheet of dough rolled out on a roll and the noodles are cut. All!!

I have never felt with my 10th ken that I need more volume! But there is no second bowl ... eh

A 971 - tagliatelle attachment - width 7 mm
А 972 - tagliatelle attachment - width 4 mm
A 973 - trenette attachment - width 1.5 mm
A 974 - spaghetti nozzle - 1.5 mm wide

Advice - before cutting the pasta, roll it out 7-8 times on the A 970, folding the rolled dough in half and gradually reducing its thickness using the adjusting knob. This procedure will make the dough more uniform and easier to cut.For noodles, roll out the dough to 3 mm, and to make spaghetti roll out the dough 5-6 mm.
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Still, I'm afraid to buy. I already bought AT444, and it turned out to be KM010.

So this nozzle goes for the Chef series. In the description of the nozzle, they always indicate which series it fits.
Before ordering nozzles, I always read very carefully all the sites that are possible, with a description of the nozzle itself, for which series it is intended, etc. But this implies numerical differences, not letters. The potato peeler is to 020-A (AT) 445, and to 010-A (AT) 444. So, if A is indicated on one site, and AT on the other, it does not matter which series it goes to.
I think so, if you have only one attachment for cutting dough, then I would buy an average size for the cutting width. This is AT 972 A, 4 mm wide. In my opinion, this is the most optimal size. And here are the AT 973 and AT 974 nozzles, very narrow thread. If you cut the dough with these attachments, then you cannot roll out the dough very thinly on the 970th. (But, this is my opinion).

And I, too, have an AT 641 juicer attachment. The cake comes out to a solid 4-ku. There it is impossible to exceed a speed of more than 2. The softer the product, the lower the speed. I have never had a desire to miss the cake a second time. But still, more often I use a separate juicer. She is on my desk, always ready to go. Well, it works for 5 s +. It has been 3 years since I gave her very good. happy. And the nozzle, you need to get it out and put it on the CM (laziness). But I bought it anyway. We also need us to have a USYO (I'm talking about nozzles). Of course, a freestanding juicer (if it's solid) takes up a lot of space in the kitchen. And if, this place is "just barely enough", then the AT 641 nozzle will help.
Good evening: hi: lovers of this wonderful technique. My father and my father decided to buy a food processor on the DR, but we managed to find very little information
tell me plz, model 020 differs from 023 only in the number of nozzles offered in the kit? and is it worth overpaying $ 200 for this, or is it better to buy 020 and buy what you need separately there?
I hope your answers will help you to accurately determine
Zigi and father, what a fine fellow you are, your mother will be happy. When choosing a model, take into account the fact that you still have to buy nozzles, since the set of 023 machines, in addition to a larger number, compared to 020, still does not include the most common and favorite: an ice cream maker, rolling d / dough, wiping sieve and a potato peeler. You still have to buy them.
But whether your mother will need nozzles from 023, carefully ask her. Then make a choice. Good luck
Agata Thank you for your opinion, I also think that mom will be happy, it remains to be hoped that she will deal with this unit)
interestingly, on the off site, the descriptions of 020 and 023 are completely the same, so I will be grateful if you tell me what nozzles are included with 023 (and if you can briefly what they are for)
Zigi, in set for 023, in addition to the K-shaped mixing attachment, dough attachment, whisk for beating, metal (not glass) graduated blender with a capacity of 1.2 l, attachment for making soft creams and a spatula that is included in the 020 set, is there some more:
powerful meat grinder (including a nozzle for making homemade sausages);
Kitchen processor attachment (AT640)
- cutting knife-chopper
- 3 stainless steel discs
- double graduated pusher;
That's all for chopping, chopping vegetables, for French fries. Can be used for seasonal harvesting.
Citrus press (AT960). Making fresh juices and juices
Electronic scales (AT750). It is clear for weighing.
universal mini-mill (with three glass containers) (AT320). Grind spices, nuts.
Although this is for the 010 machine, the attachments are similar, the principle of operation is clear.
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Thank you very much
I read about the nozzles, I already wanted to cook the thread myself
Zigi, mother's joy, study, and be sure to write on which combine you chose.
And mom, she will figure it out, she raised such a clever girl, and the harvester is nonsense
Dear forum users, owners of km010 or 020! Today I want to order KM020 and immediately with all the necessary attachments. I read the whole old topic and still did not find the answer, what is the difference between the AT973 and AT974 nozzles. Both kind of cut with a width of 1.5mm. I read somewhere that thicker dough makes spaghetti, and thin noodles. But I don’t remember on which nozzle ... Maybe someone uses these nozzles, tell me, please!
And another question about wiping AT992A. Is it possible or not to use it on 020?

Quote: Svetik_

I have not tried my nozzle 974 yet, but after rolling out I would have got excellent spaghetti, thin, noodles should be thicker .................t. Basia where are you ........ did you make noodles, what nozzle ???

Svetik! Thank you for responding! I consider these nozzles specifically for spaghetti and for very thin noodles that are thrown into the soup. I just don't know how to cut thinly myself. So I think which one is suitable for this purpose.

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To get started, you have to buy everyone's basic favorite rolling dough
AT 970, without it there is simply nowhere, and then at least spaghetti, at least thin noodles ... anything

Quote: Svetik_

I experimented yesterday, after the main rolling on 1, then rolled out on 6 and 7, and so it turns out thin
Svetik! I know about rolling, I will order, of course. So I will take 974. Spaghetti will definitely work on it Thank you very much! Maybe someone else can tell you about wiping ..

Quote: Svetik_

And what kind of rubbing do you need ??? For berries ???
I need a strainer, which is for flour, and for berries, and for cottage cheese. Only for 020 they write an AT930 nozzle, but it is not sold anywhere. So I think if it is possible to buy AT922, because it is only intended for 010. I read Temka, different opinions on this matter ... my head is spinning

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Chessss I won't tell you a word, but I have a sieve for sifting, but here's how it fits for 020 ........... I don’t know, I have 010
I'll wait, maybe someone else will answer. So I want to order everything as soon as possible! Svetik!
Girls, please tell me, what are the dimensions of the box?
Is it realistic to bring "on hand"? I want to ask my son when he takes the bus.

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Iruta! I haven't received mine yet, but I think it will be hard to carry it on my hands. The weight of the box of 15kg is indicated on the website of the online store, and all the girls said that the box is sooo big!
Thank you very much for your reply. And then my clever youngest for some reason decided that it is quite possible to bring the combine from Moscow himself, they say it is not that big.

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there is the weight and dimensions of the combine itself. You can ask the girls who have 020 to measure the dimensions of the box. It's really possible to bring it on the bus, but you need a second person before and after the bus ... It's hard to carry the box alone and only if you have good ropes. My son and I were dragging 010 and it was all the same hard and uncomfortable ...
Thank you, I realized that one cannot cope in any way. Moreover, he himself, alas, is not drawn to Hercules ... So we will look for other delivery methods.
My son barely got to the car. I from the garage in small batches, like a mouse dragging. And in Moscow, you can hand over to a transport company, for example, your son will buy, pay 300 rubles for delivery to tr. Comp., and at home already pay also 300-500 rubles, depending on where to take and which company. I don't see what city you live in ..
Dadusya, the nozzle for sifting and wiping A992A (the one for 010) fits perfectly on KM 020. I didn't have to twist anything. When the blades are inserted into the socket for nozzles (whisk, hook), then when lowering the Kenwood KM head, the blades should, as it were, stick into the sieve itself (round). The paddles should bend slightly from contact with the sieve. THIS IS FROM THE INSTRUCTIONS.
This moment must be mandatory. Everything also happens in the 010 model. Compared already in the store. The only thing is the diameter of the "pin" on which the blades are attached. The diameter of the A992A nozzle (for 010) is slightly thinner than that of the A930A (020) nozzle.
But, you can wipe only at 1-2 speeds. No more. This is also from the instructions. Therefore, nothing bad happens with the "pin".Of course, if you give the maximum speed, then in general, Ken can be taken for repairs later. I, and not only me, have been using the same attachment (for the chef) for more than one month and everything is OK! We, in the store, have never had a sieve for 020 on sale.
the box was tied with packing plastic straps, it was convenient to carry, albeit hard. In small dashes, ten steps at a time, she carried me to the minibus, and then to the house. All the way I remembered the saying - hunting is worse than bondage

, got a juicer attachment. Thank you so much. I'll go for apples - you must experience

I went and tried on the sieve, it became perfect, I didn't press anything, someone wrote that it was scrolling, my blades were pressed, nothing and does not spin, take it!
Irinaplease enjoy it.
Girls, according to the idea, when we put a sieve nozzle (a plastic rim with a metal sieve) on the KM Kenwood bowl (by 010 or 020), then when the KM head with blades is lowered, these very blades should bend slightly from contact with the sieve. The difference in the height of the pin itself should not be between 010 and 020, since there is a difference in the height of the main bowls to the KM. The bowl at 020 is higher, about 3 cm, in contrast to the bowl 010. But, after all, we put the rim from the sieve nozzle on "our" bowl (020). I don’t know, from a lot that has been written it may not be very clear, otherwise I don’t know how to describe it. In a word: the distance from the bowl with the sieve attachment (the lower part of this attachment) to the Kenwood KM head, which is the same for the 010 and 020 models. Therefore, the "pin" with blades should fit perfectly. But you may have to slightly lower or raise (a few millimeters) the "pin" with the blades, as if you had to adjust the rim, etc. But the diameter of the "pin" on which the blades are, the A930A nozzle is really a little larger.
The plastic rim itself, when working with a sieve attachment, can indeed scroll a little. But this: nea: in no way affects the quality of the nozzle.
Sorry for the puzzle I wrote.
Oh, I want this too !!!
Experienced a rub-sieve, class! The cottage cheese was rubbed for one or two, frozen raspberries, too, the smallest bones slipped through, however, but the jelly is excellent. I made cabbage salad with the help of a harvester attachment, smartly and in principle, he shoved the cabbage well for me, but the low-speed one chopped the cabbage into borscht somehow more submissive. Or you need to adapt. The dough on dumplings from 1200g of flour - I wound it smartly, although I was waiting for a lump - the gingerbread man somehow did not come out. But, to adapt, I think everything is necessary. The meat grinder also cuts everything quite famously, but when it slows down because of the veins, I get scared, everything turns at the same time, and just as everything starts to slow down together - a little uncomfortable - what if it suddenly quacks? ... I understand with my mind that it should not, but all the same, the unit is not cheap, in short, I get used to it, I am getting used to it, while being careful ... But I like this unit, definitely

Quote: leka

matroskin_kot, so I also have a meat grinder, and when I beat it with a whisk and mix the dough, the combine automatically slows down and then picks up. I think this is the norm, he controls himself from overheating and overload

So you have a rub, why do you need more?
And then sho-wiping ,? well, excuse me ... I'm talking about the potato peeler ... mixed up ...
Quote: matroskin_kot

The dough on dumplings from 1200g of flour - I wound it smartly, although I was waiting for a lump - the gingerbread man somehow did not come out. But, to adapt, I think everything is necessary. The meat grinder also cuts everything quite dashingly, but when it slows down because of the veins, I'm scared, everything is spinning at the same time
I, too, now select recipes for dumplings dough. Here on the site I found a recipe, whose I don't remember, but I really liked it and the taste and the bun turned out (though not immediately, but after 10 minutes).
I'll write, suddenly it will be useful to you too.
flour 500g
eggs 2 pieces
milk (water, kefir) 180ml.
Although there is also a minus in it, after lying in the refrigerator, it became not very elastic, it breaks when stuffed with meat. But here it may be my fault, I like a lot of meat, and the dough is thinner (by 6). I will try to add 1-2 tablespoons of grow oil for elasticity.
But with a meat grinder, a question also arose. I have a separate one, Kenwood, with a capacity of 1600 watts. Ground like a beast for 2 years. But for the umpteenth time, completely defrosted meat on half of the grill gets stuck and only the upper part is pressed through. Maybe the knife is dull? I'm thinking about buying a second knife, I met somewhere on the site. Or is it not a knife?
I am also delighted with rolling, for joy I ordered cutting AT972 by 4 mm and AT973 for spaghetti. I even like the process of rolling.
Girls, what number are you using? I rolled the dough for dumplings at 8. I switched to 7. For myself I found a recipe Tanyulin - choux pastry - for 400 g of flour-180 g of boiling water and 1 tbsp. l. vegetable oil. I roll manti from such a dough, and on dumplings, dumplings, I add 1 egg, but at the same time I reduce the water to 150. The dough song! I have made custard dough for dumplings before, but somehow everything is "by eye". Moreover, this dough from lying in the refrigerator only gets better. I'll probably order a spaghetti attachment too ... And pills for greed.
Matroskin Cat, kneaded the dough in Ken? Brewed right in the bowl?
I roll the dumplings for 6, it seems to me that they will break on less and you won't put a lot of meat.
But in general, I will try, it is very interesting to try, you feel like a natural tester.
But I always made the dough in milk, everything seemed so tasty to me. I'll try it on the water, if you can brew it with milk.
Yes, pills for greed and more ... more ..., we all will not interfere.
Yes, you pour boiling water directly into the bowl on the flour, first, the flour, I turn it on for a minute. speed and pour water on the sly. flour is different, the first time it came out in general a lump hard, but lay in the refrigerator - everything is fine. From such a test, Hairpin made manti-roses from the Star. I don't know how to insert the link
lisenok, I received the nozzle, thanks a lot! If you need any help in Kiev, I will always be happy to help!
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2)
The low speed grater has a dirun grater!
In general, now I have a full set, the low-speed one fits the Kenwood meat grinder and now I can do something in the kitchen in two combines!
I roll the dough for dumplings and dumplings for 7-ku, but here, of course, it all depends on the dough, the last I did on kefir - and it is evident that I did not mix in enough flour, so it was torn on a 7-ke, but for normal everything is great, nothing breaks and how much meat is needed there is invested
Lyi, I also have a separate Kenwood meat grinder, PG-520 to mine, but it's only a year old and the meat doesn't seem to get stuck. It doesn't look like a knife, it rotates there, then all the meat would go badly and not just the lower part. Try it with other meat, just in case (I used to wrap the meat on a knife in my Mulinex meat grinder and the minced meat went very badly) and another grate, the grates there are of much worse quality than knives.
Girls who have a wipe-sieve attachment need your advice.
Today in the store I saw this attachment under the number A992. I have
Kenwood KMM760, bought in Ozone. The store cannot tell if this attachment is suitable for my typewriter, I did not find information on the office.
TaTa *
I would buy it, try it on at home, if it doesn't fit, I would return it to the store. We now have no problem with this within 2 weeks, you can return ...
Quote: Margit

Girls who have a wipe-sieve attachment need your advice.
Today in the store I saw this attachment under the number A992. I have
Kenwood KMM760, bought in Ozone. The store cannot tell if this attachment is suitable for my typewriter, I did not find information on the office.

Your car belongs to Premier Major. According to the table, AT930 will suit you. As a tip, measure the diameter of the pin, for example from the whisk, and then the diameter of the pin at the wiper blades in the store, thereby you will find the answer - is it suitable or not.
Zvezda askony
Quote: Lyi

Matroskin kot!
Picture: you are sitting, hugging the attachments without a car, I put all the attachments on the table, Ken on the table, and shred and cut on Berner.
And why? Is it really more inconvenient on it ??
I've been rushing between 10 and 20.

Quote: panteracat

Zvezda askonyBoth the 010 and 020 have one main bowl. The official Kenwood website shows a bowl that can be ordered separately. But, it is never available, which is a pity. : girl_cray: Two bowls are not a whim, but a necessity.
In the Metro (which is Cash and Carry) there are tall stainless steel bowls. They are so thick and solid.
Can they be adapted to Kenwood?
for this you need to take the Kenovsky bowl and try on.
I bought bowls for dogs there.
I took my bowl at the entrance and warned that it was mine. I tried it on so that it was the same in radius from above, from below and in height.
You can use the same principle to try to find a bowl for Ken.

A question for the lucky owners of Kenwoods 10 and 20 models
What is the maximum height of the KM with a nozzle
With a juicer. blender and combine?
I have a height from the countertop to the kitchen wall 58 cm
And another question.
Which meat grinder is better than the one with the 10th or the one with the 20th?
It seems like on the 10th, she "jumps" a little !?
10th finally found
20 is not yet available in St. Petersburg. Only in Moscow.
It is more pleasant, of course, if there is an opportunity to listen to the engine noise (as advised)
and another question
on 10 found only 3 sockets for nozzles
At 20 in the photo you can see that there are 4
Intermediate - for which nozzles is it used?
What attachment is used for grinding garlic?
So that small, small!
Quote: Zvezda Askony

It is more pleasant, of course, if there is an opportunity to listen to the engine noise (as advised)

Here is a 20 noise at the slowest speed:

Here's to the maximum:

Zvezda askony
It's not as simple as you think. The Ken bowls are set into a recess in the base of the Kenwood CM. The bowl turns slightly clockwise and locks in place. I myself looked at the stainless steel bowls in METRO for a long time, I kept thinking how to adapt them to Ken. But, in my opinion, it won't work. The base of the bowl is 3 cm high, you can see it in the photo. And those bowls that are sold in METRO, from the base immediately go to the expansion. When working with attachments (whisk, hook, etc.), it is necessary that these attachments do not hit the sides of the bowl. And at the same time, they passed almost at the walls of the bowl. I, of course, have not experimented with "other people's" bowls, maybe someone has such an experience.

Kitchen machine Kenwood (2)

Kitchen machine Kenwood (2)
By chance, no one has such a combine? Or maybe friends?
How is he in kneading dough and chikening vegetables?
All I need is these two functions, other devices can cope with others.


Kitchen machine Kenwood (2)

Kitchen machine Kenwood (2)
Yes, the bowls in METRO are "cool", every time I come up and dream: "if I would come up"
I went and measured the height of Ken 020. The highest part is the blender. The distance from the top of the blender to the table on which Ken is standing is 59 cm. Well, the height of 010 will be somewhere 3-4 cm lower.
Zvezda askony, you can put 010 under the upper cabinets, but you won't be able to use it. All the same, you need to put food in the blender, and you will also put vegetables - fruits on top of the juicer. So when working with Ken, you still have to slide him out from under the closet.
Girls who have nozzles AT 973 A (Trenette 1.5 mm) and AT 974 A (spaghetti 1.5 mm), please tell me. It is written that these nozzles cut the dough 1.5 mm wide. We set the thickness of the dough on the AT970 rolling machine ourselves. So, I am sitting, I can not understand how then these two nozzles differ during operation? If you could see the attachments alive, then maybe I understood something. But they can only be ordered through the Internet.
Quote: Zvezda Askony

Thank you!!!! It is important for me to understand whether Keshenka can stand with a blender. If it is made of glass, then it should live there.
And another question. Rereading the topics I understood so. that no matter which nest the nozzle is on, all four nests work!?!?
if so what does it look like? The bottom nozzle is always open. The side and two upper ones are closed with covers. so everything is spinning under them?
So what about the casing?
Or do they all need to be removed so that they do not get rubbed?
Plugs-covers, as you write, do not touch the rotating parts and do not rub anything, another question is that the noise is additional, because all 4 are spinning, but you get used to it. Meat grinders - and they are really different Small vibration and 020 has. The bowl is clearly not enough for the second or third ... you have to constantly shift, the dough, cream, someone attached ikeev's plastic, maybe they will respond ...
Quote: julifera

By chance, no one has such a combine? Or maybe friends?
How is he in kneading dough and chikening vegetables?
All I need is these two functions, other devices can cope with others.

Kitchen machine Kenwood (2)
I have one. I am very happy with it. To be honest, I bought more for the appearance. But she did not disappoint me. Beats the whites almost to the state of foam. The dough also kneads well, however, I did not try to knead dumplings on it - I feel sorry for her. And there is a bread maker. The grater is just great. Easily disassembled and cleaned unlike standard bowl combines.
TaTa *
Height KM 010 with blender 56cm. If you turn on whipping or something else without removing the blender, then it will work idle at the same time with other attachments
Quote: Rita

I have one. I am very happy with it. To be honest, I bought more for the appearance. But she did not disappoint me. Beats the whites almost to the state of foam. The dough also kneads well, however, I did not try to knead dumplings on it - I feel sorry for her. And there is a bread maker. The grater is just great. Easily disassembled and cleaned unlike standard bowl combines.

Rita - thanks for the tip!
True, it is just the dumplings dough that is important to me, because on the contrary, I regret HP when she kneads it with effort
Have you tried heavy rye in it?
julifera, no, I haven't tried it.
To be honest, I don't bake too much yeast dough. And basically, I use a bread maker for him, it's more convenient for me because of the proofing.
Quote: panteracat

Girls who have nozzles AT 973 A (Trenette 1.5 mm) and AT 974 A (spaghetti 1.5 mm), please tell me. It is written that these nozzles cut the dough 1.5 mm wide. We set the thickness of the dough on the AT970 rolling machine ourselves. So, I am sitting, I can not understand how then these two nozzles differ during operation? If you could see the attachments alive, then maybe I understood something. But they can only be ordered through the Internet.
PanteraCat, Tanyusha!
Received a spaghetti attachment today and tried it right away.
On rolling 070, she rolled it out to No. 9, then through cutting the spaghetti. Dried in a dryer. As a result, I got the usual 1.5 noodles, and even after drying, it still broke, that is, spaghetti does not work.
I was not upset, the noodles turned out wonderful. Recipe: 500 g flour, 0.5 tsp salt, 5 eggs + milk up to 280 ml. I mixed everything in Ken. The flour is completely ordinary, no super-hard varieties, but the result is strong and very tasty noodles. Cooked immediately without drying, did not stick together.
Part of the dough was used for pasta through AT910. Not happy with the nozzle. The pasta turned out to be thick-walled, and if you consider that they will still boil during cooking ... not a fountain.
By the way, if someone still decides to buy, I bought an A910 (without T), went to the 020 typewriter. Still, it costs almost 2 thousand rubles less than AT910.
Warning I ordered these 2 nozzles here 🔗
EMC delivery by mail. Imagine my surprise when I received 2 Kenwood boxes in the mail, somehow crossed with scotch tape.
Firstly, it is surprising that it was the attachments that reached, and not the stones embedded in the boxes, which was very easy to make.
Secondly, the boxes have become completely unmarketable (they are not suitable for gifts), the scotch tape was removed along with the lining of the boxes. When I wrote to them with indignation that other organizations put Kenwood boxes in their big one and only then sent it, they almost sent me ... to the post office.


In addition to the previous one.
I apologize for lying in the previous post. This nozzle, which I tested, turns out to be AT972 (4 mm), just now I examined it, it turned out to be a tattered box.
And the spaghetti will come later, then I'll unsubscribe.
Tanya, you will choose to pay attention to the nozzle that makes wide ribbons, perhaps you will have to order that too.
And 1.5 mm will probably be very tiny. (?)
Lyi, Lyudmila
If we consider from 4 attachments for cutting dough, then the AT 972 A attachment (4 mm tagliolini) is the best option. After all, these noodles can be used for cooking in broth, as well as for main courses. But I wonder what happens when you cut the dough 1.5 mm wide? Today I found an advertising photo of the finished product (which is obtained after using nozzles 973 and 974, 1.5 mm). This photo clearly shows that after the nozzle 973 such flat noodles are obtained, 1.5 mm wide. But after the 974 nozzle, it really looks like very thin, round spaghetti (very similar to vermicelli, only long). We now have a nozzle in the store, I don't remember which one, roofing felts 973, or 974 at a price of 2 670 rubles. So I'm tormented, take it or not? I am afraid that at the exit from the nozzle, the dough will break, because such a narrow cutting width.
The AT 971 A attachment (tagliatelle with a thickness of 7 mm) will probably be more in demand for preparing second courses (judging by myself) than slicing 1.5 mm. When I go to grocery stores, I go straight to the pasta shelves. There are many different Italian pastas with their names. Well, I also look out for the same names as on attachments to Ken. I saw "noodles" cut about 7 mm wide (like AT 971). It is not that wide. And if you skip the dough first on the rolling out number 9, then I think the width of 7 mm will be just right (for a side dish).
Panterakat,: rose: wait until I get the spaghetti attachment. I was informed that today it will be sent to my address, in a week I will have it. Then I'll write everything in detail.
But I still think about AT971, especially since I was disappointed in the pasta, although I still have a shell-shaped attachment for it. I'll see if she makes dough in shells thinner than pasta. But all the same, the pasta goes very slowly, and when you put it on, it starts to clog more quickly. There is no such pleasure as when everything goes through a noodle cutter.
And AT971, you write that the thickness is 7 mm, is it still 7 mm thick or width?
I would like thin but wide noodles.
Quote: Lyi

And AT971, you write that the thickness is 7 mm, is it still 7 mm thick or width?
I would like thin but wide noodles.

If you roll out the dough with the AT 970 nozzle of the thinnest thickness (by 9), and then put the AT 971 nozzle (7 mm), then you will get such a thin and at the same time wide noodles.

Irina, have you tried to place an order on the site? Or tried to place an order over the phone? When placing an order for a potato peeler, I was not indicated: "Out of stock". On March 5, I ordered AT 970 A from them, so they billed me for an amount more than it should be. I wrote to them, where does this amount come from? They unsubscribed that they mistakenly took 5% instead of 3% for payment by bank transfer. We counted it, but again with an error. And, with their 5%, for some reason, their sum also did not work for me. The amount of delivery on the site is set as one, and when the invoice is received, the amount increases (it is not clear where from). In general, they caused me a complete distrust of this store.

There is simply an Internet - shops that do not take% for non-cash payments. payment for the goods. And in this store, so the prices are not small, so also these%. As a result, it turns out: the cost of the nozzle itself + delivery in Moscow + 3% of the transferred amount, for bank service. So also the store strives to snatch this 3% for itself, for the fact that we do not pay in cash. And then we also pay for the delivery of the freight company (to our city). There is an Internet - shops that do not take any% for bank transfer. And there are those who take, AL 7%. And this can result in a very decent amount, as I unknowingly almost bought the 020 car itself.
Zvezda askony
Quote: Svetik_

Zvezda askony Congratulations on your new, smart assistant
May the whole family and new masterpieces please you: rose:

Thank you!!!!!!
We will try!
I tried a low speed shredder. very smartly cuts cucumbers.
I tried a juicer.Cheerfully squeezed the juice from a pear, apple, carrot.
A small juicer with Hurray managed to squeeze the puree out of a winter rubber tomato.
The chopper quickly ground the garlic.
I tried a citrus juicer. Kesha did everything with a bang, though the oranges are not very sweet.
Let's wait for an ice cream maker (The prospect of a very long wait from 1 to 3 months of waiting is not a fact)
And we are waiting for a high-speed grater / shredder.
A question for the lucky owners of the Kenwoods.
What is the best tool for chopping tomatoes for salad?
What is the best way to stir the dough for a sweet cake?
What is the best way to whip cream for Napoleon? (butter + noun)
I would be grateful for a link to Napoleon's recipe (there is a ready-made puff pastry-purchased)
Zvezda askony- congratulations!!!
The low-speed grater does not make me very happy ... I rubbed cabbage on it, some uneven pieces slip, I wanted to rub the onion for the minced meat, she chewed it, chewed it, I had to get it out and sausage it. The very first thing I experienced was horseradish. Well, since it's already spring, the roots are stale, hard, then we rubbed for a long time, but we managed ... And the small combine rubs everything for the salad once or twice ... The minced meat grinder also ground well, the backlash did not frighten my husband, he happily grinded , then, so as not to knock it out with my hands, I mixed it with a silicone blade, super. The minced meat was an "orphan" portion, I tried to get out through the top of the bowl, but we overcame it ... Well, the dough-cream-protein is beyond praise ... So I think, do I need a high-speed grater? Apparently, all the same ... Bo my Boshik is barely alive, the julienne grater creaks, puffs, rubs with difficulty. What will I do in the summer?
Anya !!!Glad I like it !!! Good impressions to you !!!!
Kitty !!! (you are not offended that I call you that ...) Look ... they are standing next to me and both are at work ...
Kitchen machine Kenwood (2)
low-speed is intended when you need one carrot, rub the beets ... ... the cheese rubs flawlessly, well, it's like, that would always be at hand. I would not refuse a single nozzle .... but high-speed in general .... fly away !!! You don't even need to push there .... I chopped a bucket of cabbage in 5 minutes !!! There are witnesses ... Tatulya !!! So think .....

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