Cake "Pleasure"

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Cake Delight


flour 2st.
sugar 1 st.
egg 2 pcs.
soda 1h l
baking powder 2h l
cocoa 3st. l
milk 1st
vegetable oil 1 / 3st.
boiling water 1 st.
sour cream 30% 400gr
sugar 3st. l.
condensed milk 3st. l.

Cooking method

  • We mix eggs, sugar, milk. Next, add flour, soda, baking powder, pods. oil. At the very end, the boiling water is HOT !!! Stir (the dough will become VERY thin)
  • Arrange into molds. I poured 2 tablespoons into each.

  • Cut off the cap of the finished muffins and take out the middle with a spoon.

  • Cake Delight Cake Delight Cake Delight

  • Beat the sour cream well with sugar and condensed milk until an airy creamy state.
  • Next, fill the cavity of the cake with cream.

  • Cake Delight Cake Delight

  • Cover the cake with a hat, decorate with cream and chocolate.
  • Cake Delight Cake Delight
  • The cakes are very, very tasty, very, very tender.

The dish is designed for

18-20 pcs.

Time for preparing:

We bake at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes.


The cake dough is taken from boiled chocolate, with my minor corrections.

I got used to using sour cream instead of cream, I really like Blagoda 30%, it whips perfectly. And with natural cream I somehow did not grow together, well, they do not whip with me.

Perhaps it will be even tastier with cream, and if you hide some more cherry or nut inside, so go for it

Quote: Wolchebnica

And with natural cream I somehow didn’t grow together, well, they don’t whip, I somehow didn’t fuse, well, they don’t whip.
The beauty! And just how !!! Thank you !!!
But what does natural cream mean? Where do you get them? in the shop? and how is it not whipped ???
Hi dear!!!
I took cream in the store, three times, from different manufacturers. Before whipping, I cooled the day in the refrigerator, well, they do not whip, as they were liquid, and remained. I found a way out by adding agar, but this is no longer whipped cream, here ...
I just thought that natural cream is like mine, from the bazaar, from granny.
At work, she treated her employees with such cakes, everyone was delighted
Cake Delight

And from the remains of biscuit, cherry and sour cream, whipped with sugar, I quickly made such a cake. It tastes like cakes
Cake Delight

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