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Girls need help. The day before yesterday I was making a biscuit, I decided to try making the dough in Kesh. I took the nozzle with a whisk, beat eggs (4 pcs), then gradually 1 glass of sugar there, increased the speed. For some reason, the eggs were not beaten as follows (in comparison with the mixer) and then it also somehow did not work out with sugar. Then I removed the whisk and put in 1 glass of flour and mixed it lightly with a spoon. The biscuit turned out to be a "lump" ... and did not rise ... After a while I did everything with a mixer, the biscuit turned out to be simply delicious. Help find the reason. Who baked the biscuit, how did the dough?
If it's not difficult, please write me the detailed steps ... The whisk perfectly beats the whites on the meringue, I dare to assume that it is adjusted .. I didn’t like how the eggs themselves were beaten ... if I beat it with a mixer, then beat it for a long time, but it turns out like this an airy mass into which I gradually add sugar and when I mix it with flour, it turns out such a fluffy mass, but here ... it turned out to be somewhat fluid, even after adding flour. The speed gradually increased. How long and at what speed do you whisk? Please write in great detail, okay?
I made charlotte dough only once, but the problem is similar. The eggs, however, whipped perfectly, and after adding sugar everything was fine, but when I added flour, the dough also turned out to be fluid, which was unexpected for me after the mixer. Charlotte, oddly enough, came out normal.
Quote: irysikf

Natusya, lately I have been beating with a K-shaped nozzle (too lazy to wash the whisk afterwards), I immediately put the eggs and sugar, I literally mix it for a minute at 2 speeds, and then at a maximum of 10 minutes (I just didn’t notice it, it felt like that) ... The mass is always lush, lush, creamy. While it is whipping, I am preparing flour (recently I began to add a little baking powder) and when the mass becomes fluffy at the lowest speed I add flour in a spoon.
Quote: kseniya D

Recently I made a biscuit roll. I beat at the highest speed, about 5 minutes. Sift the flour into a plate. I change the whisk to a k-nozzle and add flour at the lowest speed. Everything is evenly mixed. I did the same biscuit in the cartoon. He got up perfectly.
Quote: julia_bb

Natusichka, it seems to me that the eggs are beaten, or something. Beat at a lower speed, i.e. not so intensely
I realized my mistake, I added all the flour at once and beat it with a whisk at a fairly high speed.
Quote: Olga VB

Without ceremony, I immediately break the eggs, add sugar, a pinch of salt and at low speed I just stir the sugar for a couple of minutes, not even until it dissolves, but until it is completely wetted. Then I bring the speed to the maximum and beat for 7-10 minutes, depending on the freshness and temperature of the eggs.
Then I carefully add ALL flour and stir at minimum speed just a couple of times for a couple of turns (there is a special button for this on 080 Keshe).
I do EVERYTHING with K-shkoy.
No dancing with tambourines.
Quote: Parallel

I do not stir) I immediately beat the eggs + sugar, though not with a K-shka, but with a whisk. I rarely do for a small number of eggs, usually 12-13, but it happens that eggs for 4 - beats well)

flour cannot be whipped together with eggs, it is mixed in at low speeds.

Who has cube attachment... Today I cut everything into a cube. And I see the cutting disc fits perfectly without a disc with a grid. As a result, I cut some of the zucchini into cubes, some into 1cm slices.
Got my nozzles - flexi and souffle, everything is fine, but it is not clear why for each nozzle in the kit spare axle... The axis differs from that in the nozzle itself by the presence of a groove with a retaining ring, you can see in the photo. No different anymore. Maybe you know why these axes?
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
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Girls, tell me please, has anyone tried to do dough for dumplings, noodles or pastes on the harvester AT647? I mean not on some other combine, but on the combine for the Kenwood AT647 kitchen machine
Still interested in the speed at which a good result is obtained.
What could be the problem?! Everything turns out well. I turn on the speed 3 somewhere. The only thing after turning it on I hold the harvester itself a little, it swings a little to a set of revolutions. But I don't have it on the tabletop itself, but on the board.
Quote: mir_ka

I didn’t even think at what speed I’m doing it. I just see that all the flour turns into crumbs. But not to the maximum, that's for sure. The main condition is to collect in a bag and let it rest.
Quote: Anzelika

Girls, please tell me in AT340 and AT647 Are the graters different or the same? I bought an AT340, but there is no potato grater. Is it worth buying an AT647 because of one grater, or are there other graters?

Quote: Masinen

Anzelika, the graters are different and do not fit each other. I tried to install from one set to another.
From the instructions:
Disc number 6 - for the julienne.
Slicing potatoes for frying, and
also ingredients for
casseroles, salads and gravies
(e.g. carrots, apples and
In the photo, he is at the bottom left.
The size of the slot for one slice is 5 x 6mm approx.
Other discs are slicing and grating.
Quote: kseniya D

Pancake grater on the Machine photo in the upper right corner.
Quote: Anzelika

kseniya D, I realized that each of the attachments (AT340 and AT347) contains its own set of knives and graters, they cannot be purchased separately, and what is suitable for one attachment is not suitable for another. So I have AT340 and I will have to purchase AT647 too
Quote: kseniya D
Yes, unfortunately it is. Rather, all graters are similar, except for Dranikovskaya. They have different attachments to the attachments themselves.

Pchela maja
Quote: Pchela Maja

How do I like my multi-shredder (AT 320) to the cache, I do not regret that I bought it even once.
And I made icing sugar, and chopped nuts.
And now I had to beat three squirrels and, in order not to stain the bowl of keshinu or thermomix, quickly beat them for an omelet.
Well, very convenient!)
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Quote: m0use

I also love him dearly, I really like that in jars you can store everything that I have grinded in them, both powdered sugar and biscuit crumbs ..
Yesterday I had 3 squirrels left over from the "Bays" cartoon whipped up to a persistent foam, and baked it in the microwave for dinner).
Family - "Bays", me - squirrels)))) So we live)))))
Quote: m0use

It is very convenient to make and store sauces in them, I love mushroom - I fry onions and champignons in butter, add cream, bring to a boil, it turns out such a thick mass, I shift it into a chopper and for a couple of seconds on a pulse. It turns out 2-3 servings. Or tomato with herbs for kebabs or kupat.
I make biscuit crumbs and finely ground breadcrumbs in it, you can immediately add your favorite spices, sesame seeds to the crackers.
Quote: mir_ka

I just found out that I practically do not need fresh lemons with drying and these glasses. I dry lemons in circles and when I need to grind them whole, I get the aroma of zest plus sourness. Also oranges.
Quote: Natusichka

Are they glass? Doesn't the glass scratch when crushing the rusks?
Quote: m0use

Natusichkaand some other glass ones, made of thick glass.

Girls, I have
I wanted to quickly make Bechamel sauce .... hurried up, put mixer, it seemed to fix it well ... and the milk leaked ... and it all leaked inside .... let it dry until morning, turned it on ... it works ... kneaded the dough into bread, and then turned it on again ... and he does not work ... maybe someone has already encountered ... is this the end?

What to do? I understand that I need to go to the service center, but I'm afraid to hear the worst ... because the loan for my beloved Kesha is still a very long time to pay ... Girls, I'm in shock ... Be very careful, double-check everything 10,000,000 times! Don't repeat my mistake ...
He's on my guarantee ... if I unscrew it myself, then there will be no guarantee later. I understand that I do not have a warranty case ... but after this repair, the warranty will continue to apply. Yes, besides, even if I unscrew it ... I don't understand anything about it ... what will I see ... dried milk ... and that's it ... Specials are needed here.

Quote: Olga VB
All fasteners that are not closed with special seals (such as sealing wax or special paint) can be unscrewed without loss of warranty.

Quote: vernisag
Looked at the Kenwood website, AT 974 not round just spaghetti, it comes in a set, 2 mm wide and AT 971- 6mm. AT 972 - 4mm, AT 973- 1.5mm
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

vernisag, I was also guided by the site and on the box is flat drawn, but in fact I have it for round spaghetti. I photographed it in light, straight rounds are visible, and the knives are definitely not flat, but with a groove.
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Quote: vernisag

Yeah, this one but cuts only in strips like in the picture above
It differs only in thickness
Again I come to you with cuts, they all haunt me)))
I sold my spaghetti dish, and now I took it from a friend to try it, because I read here that thin noodles come out, not spaghetti (I decided to check). Bottom line - for spaghetti, you need to roll out the layer to a thickness of 3, 4 also works, but the section is not round but more square. Here are the results:
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Natalya, try it with semolina or durum flour. I mix with flour c. from. 50/50, I and my family liked it so much more than completely from flour c. with., less boiled, more elastic.
Semolina is a semolina from hard varieties. From domestic brands there are Mistral and Makfa, on Mistral it is written like this: Semolina, Makfa: semolina from durum wheat (grade T).
Quote: win-tat

I really like AT972, I have it for noodles for a side dish, this is how it turns out
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
I didn't buy AT971 at the time (I'm sorry), but I have a manual machine (cutting 1.5 and 6 mm), so I cut it on 6 mm, it also comes out great. I tried to cut thin vermicelli on it, somehow I did not like this vermicelli, and my wide one is more preferred.
Quote: GruSha

I also have 972
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Here are some additional photos

Tokmach in Tatar or homemade noodle soup (GruSha)

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
in the photo I have 8 thickness, 7 will also be good. The link in the recipe has details :)

Olga VB
Quote: Dumpling

And on napoleon can I use this rolling cakes ride? Has anyone tried it? The husband asks for this cake. Earlier (in my student years) I baked it for no reason for evening tea, as the most budgetary and fastest, and now with my wrists I am afraid to even think about such cakes.

Somewhere the girls wrote that they rolled Napoleon's cakes, only they needed to add more flour.
I haven’t made up my mind yet ...

Quote: Musenovna

Napoleon's dough rolls so well
In, Katya, tell me.
What recipes do you use to make dough for Napoleon - do you chop butter and flour, or fold and roll the layers with an envelope?
And then how do you bake - in strips or in a sheet you connect them?
Quote: kseniya D

I rolled it out. She made little croissants.
I had it ready. I myself do not dare to make puff. True, now I don't buy ready-made products because of the presence of palm oil in it.
Quote: Parallel

delicious real puff pastry in this recipe but of course you have to work a little)
And for what pastries do you need to roll out the yeast dough thinly ???
Quote: adelinalina

I climbed here, and the rolling technology is about the same as in this recipe.
It depends on how tender the dough is and how thick you want to get in the end.
Best of all, of course, for any thickness it turns out on a dense dough.

adelinalina, and dumplings, dumplings, pasties, pies, this is also rolled out, the thickness is adjustable from 1 to 9, and the yeast depends on which, if it is soft and loose, of course, it is only with your hands or a rolling pin.
Quote: m0use

adelinalina, Ksyusha, if you make mastic cakes to order, this attachment really makes life easier. Mastic is a pleasure to roll, both thin for flowers, and thicker for other decor! Highly recommend!

Quote: Vei
I heard about sugar syrup... Where can you find out the exact recipe and technology?
Lisa, maybe this will work?
Has anyone made bread on yeast-free dough? If there is a recipe, tell me ...
Do you mean sourdough bread? Or on soda ?

On the soda, there is

Irish Soda Bread (Alexandra)
And with leaven, we have a moore of all kinds of bread here

AT 992 wiping sieve

Quote: Girja

Girls, did someone try to wipe the thorn or cherry plum with this prefix?
Quote: tatianika

- I rubbed the cherry plum. fine. But the cherry plum was small. And I doused her with boiling water.
I bought a nozzle at 992 (wiping sieve) about 8 months ago, but I was able to fully test it only now. I am not very happy with the quality of the nozzle itself, the bowl is aluminum, it is scratched and after a couple of times of use it got covered with some indelible stains and streaks, two wiping discs cannot be fixed in the bowl at all, which creates some inconvenience during use, but the one that surprised me most the fact that they tend to rust, and on the rough side, and this despite the fact that after washing (with my hands) I wipe both discs as dry as possible with a towel and leave them to dry completely. And one more thing: in order to use this attachment, you have to remove the protective plastic part from the "head" of the combine, and then you have to wipe it from drops and everything around. Kenwood company greatly surprised me and upset me with the quality of this particular nozzle. Although it copes with its main task pretty well. I would also mention the fact that washing it is not the most pleasant experience. Small holes of a fine sieve are quickly clogged with small currant seeds and then you need to push them with a toothpick, then it's still a pleasure. Rubbing 2.5 kg of berries, I cleaned the sieve 3 times.
Maybe it's just me that was so unlucky, but you have something differently ?!
Quote: Dumpling

Katerina, I have the same attachment for the Chief. I use it actively for a month. Unlike yours, my version with a plastic insert and it does not fit very well on a metal bowl, but it goes well with a plastic bowl. I do not remove the splash protection, everything is perfectly installed with it. Stuck bones are quickly removed with a kitchen vegetable brush. The sieve is not attached, but only tried to scroll a couple of times. It doesn't rust, although I don't wipe it too much, I just blot it and leave it to dry with all the dishes on the sink's wing. Do you have rust? It's just that rubbing blades leave traces, scuffs, they are copper-colored, perhaps the top layer is scratched and the alloy is visible.
Quote: kseniya D
They seem to have changed the markings. AT 992 for chefs with a plastic insert, and AT 992A for majors with an aluminum insert.
Quote: Belka13

Natalia, Ksenia, I have both nozzles - 930 and 922. The only difference is that it is more pleasant to wash plastic, stripes and scratches remain on the aluminum. And oxidation also happens - a couple of times, while preparing cheese, I got my hands dirty on the bowl. And the gray substance (I don't know how to call it correctly) got into the product. So I try to use plastic.
Quote: kseniya D

I had a plastic one at 570. Yes, she's much nicer. But I mainly wipe dry cottage cheese so nothing gets dirty. I only wash it by hand, otherwise the dishwasher will make it look obscene. My grinder is so "beautiful" now.
Quote: mir_ka
I use an old toothbrush for the sieve, it frees almost all the holes from the bones. Mine, too, manually, but if you need the insert itself without a sieve, I can load it into the dishwasher, BUT only before the drying mode, otherwise it turns gray and stains. The same applies to meat grinders. In addition to the grates, everything is in the dishwasher and as soon as I go to the finish drying, I open it and take it out. Gray plaque and stains seem to be washed off with melamine sponges, but I don’t know for sure.
Quote: julia_bb

Girls, tell me, I want to blender the gooseberries and remove the bones with the AT930 wiping attachment, the one with a plastic rim (I have 570) Kesha
Which one is needed: small or large and which side is up?
julia_bb, I put two, shallow on top, rough side up. Large down, rough side down to avoid scratching the other disc.I use two so that nothing extra is definitely not included
Quote: julia_bb

I rubbed the red gooseberry the other day 900 g, made a wonderful jam. Wipe on a shallow circle, rough side up, at minimum speed. Here's what happened
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Quote: Dumpling

What a beauty this rub! I washed 4 kilos of apples, cut them into 4 parts without cleaning and simmering until soft with the addition of a glass of water. In the morning, wipe and the softest homogeneous puree is ready! I am delighted with the speed and quality of work, with a submersible I had to peel off skins and seeds before cooking and still it turned out not so uniform. I freeze such mashed potatoes in molds and add them to the child's morning porridge.

Girls, I have a problem.
I got ice cream attachment AT957, decided to try if it fits the induction model.

I tried to insert it in place of the stainless bowl in Kenwood KM094. Turned on - the bowl is shaking, and the plastic on the top of the mixer is slightly scraped off. Who has Kenwood with induction, did it happen? I tried to rearrange the bowl - it doesn't help. Could it be because the bowl is empty? Will it be different with the mixture? And such a question - what if the bowl with the refrigerant is inserted not into a plastic bowl, but into a native one, made of stainless steel?

Quote: kseniya D

The plastic bowl is not as strong as the metal one. But he doesn't walk straight.
I do not understand how and what is scratched?
Is the head protection removed?
Well, yes, removed. I only wear it for induction. The bowl is fixed tightly, but when you turn on the machine to the network, it starts to play with.

Quote: Girja

Received today set of nozzles MA830... In rolling (AT970A) the pin does not spin, the cat. fits into the slot in the socket. In 2 other nozzles (AT971A and AT972A) all OK.
I did not find anything in the instructions. I see that many have this set and almost all have a separate rolling. How are you doing this pin spinning?

Ira, it so happened that several rolls have passed through my hands recently. I was duplicated, my friends asked to sell, and so on. All rolls have a pin that turns equally tight. It is really possible to turn it with your hands, but you need to set the maximum thickness of the rolling by adjusting (unit). If it is on the number 9, do not crank it at all. As I understand it, this is a design feature. During operation, no tension of the motor is felt, it spins without jerks, rolls out perfectly.
And for all cutters, this pin really rotates freely.

Quote: win-tat
I think it should be so, otherwise how would the dough be crushed by the rollers if they were free to scroll? Here, it is due to the rigidity that the dough is flattened. Every time I suffer when I insert this roll into the nest, it is very difficult to hit, and the "cutter" always snaps into place on the first try, and its pin is longer.
Quote: KLO

The roll-out is easy to insert, if at first, as if not to the end, the roller is inserted into the nest, and then you need to turn it on at a low speed and press it into the groove. Well, I don’t know if I wrote it clearly. Itself at first twisted pliers, and now everything is simple: I "got" the nozzle and pressed it down.

In real life cubes 8-9 mm are obtained. products must be cut chilled, preferably soft at first, then what is denser. They made vinaigrette, Olivier, fruit salad.

The only thing that did not give in to cutting was the orange. It crumpled and turned into juice. Theoretically, if you freeze the slices a little (probably like ham and boiled meat), they will also be cut.
about not eating at home ... well, then there is time to pamper. Everyone has their own priorities. If there is no time to cook, they will be glad to any variety on the table.
photo of vinaigrette cubes here
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Quote: Belka13
the cubes are not large, I even made larger cubes on a manual grid for cubes. They are small and neat. You should like it.
Quote: natushka

I also like the size of the cubes, it's not "porridge" of vegetables to eat.
Quote: Inusya

I also doubted the size of the cubes, and then when I tried it myself, I liked everything very much.
The ambush was true - with potatoes. But now I have got accustomed to a new technology - I grind it raw and then cook it in a cartoon on a double boiler (as taught), ten minutes and you're done!
And by the way, I liked the taste of potatoes even more.
Quote: Tillotama

Inusya, and why an ambush with potatoes? It seemed to me that if it is cold and cut it at first, like the eggs - soft at first - then everything is fine.
Quote: Ksyunya76

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

I decided to boast - vegetables through a cube cutter. Stew))
I cut a lot at once - zucchini, carrots and freeze. And then I just add the onion and the potatoes and the carcass. Vkuuusno))

Quote: Tillotama

Girls kick me in the recipe charlottes for kenwood. If you cook a classic recipe 3 eggs + a glass of flour - I don't like it. It turns out to be liquid or I beat it for a long time. I would have a proven recipe in minutes and what nozzle to interfere with.
I don’t know the recipe for the cache, but in any recipe I use the standard recipe biscuit, with the difference that for charlotte I don't worry about dividing eggs into whites and yolks.

In general, for 1 egg of M size, 30 g of flour and 30 g of sugar are taken (you can use less sugar if you don't like too much sweetness) plus vanilla sugar to taste. As the eggs are beaten, sugar is added. whisk the eggs with a whisk, usually when the eggs are not divided, then beat for 30 minutes. but you can look at the consistency, it should be lush. in general, the denser the egg mass the better. And then I always, no matter how I beat the eggs, knead it by hand, gently kneading the flour from top to bottom, the flour is added in 3 passes. Well, then, as usual, everything, cut the apples, pour the biscuit dough, or vice versa, first the dough, then the apples. But I prefer the first option, the biscuit does not like to stand for a long time, it must immediately be baked and baked with an oven heated to 175g, min 20-30, look at the state, for the first 15 minutes, do not open a standard biscuit in the shape of 26 cm from 4 eggs, 30 are baked min.
and you can also add baking powder to the flour, then there is more chance that it will not fall off.

Quote: kavilter

Tillotama, I make charlotte from 6 eggs, a glass of sugar and a glass of flour (250 ml). Pour sugar into the eggs, and beat with a whisk for 10 minutes at maximum speed. I mix the flour by hand. Recently, apples have also begun to be mixed into the dough, and not poured over.
Quote: Dance

Girls! And now add ~ 50 g of brandy and 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the eggs beaten with sugar and you will see, in a sense, you will feel the difference in taste
Quote: Olga VB

Tanya, is it for a regular biscuit or for a biscuit with apples?
At what point do you add all this and do you need to whip after that?
Quote: Dance

And at least for whatever you want a biscuit! Beat an egg with sugar, pour in a thin stream of cognac, followed by butter, another minute and that's it, remove, stir in flour, etc. Bon Appetit!
Quote: Kara

I love this recipe very much. Charlotte... Fast, no hassle and always great results !!

Piled in Kesh jam... Pear with lingonberry (+ jaundice) and peach with apple. Everything is diced (except for lingonberries). I always cook in small portions, alas, fruits change from time to time. So the volumes of Kesha are enough for us. But on the other hand, you don't have to stand side by side and get in the way. Mixed with a flexible stirrer and cut with a cube cutter.

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Pasta / cereals with vegetables.
And yesterday I was making a lean dish in Kesh, using a stirring attachment (with temperature).

Like this:
I poured oil into Kesha (I have 1: 1 corn and sunflower - refined), meanwhile I chopped finely onions and into a grater - carrots.
I put the onion in the heated oil and set the max. temperature, and with constant stirring a little tired.
Then there are carrots, tired again. I added champignons in slices, I continue to fry.
There - raw horns (pasta) - tired again. Meanwhile, my water boiled.
I salted the contents of the bowl, seasoned with pepper, poured water over it to cover the pasta a little and continue cooking.
After a while, I added tomatoes chopped in a chopper (chopper) (I took 2 small tomatoes).
As soon as the water practically boiled away and was absorbed, I tried it ... the horns are ready! All we serve!
Simple, fast and delicious!

When I added the horns, I reduced the temperature and set the stirring mode - rarely (once every 30 seconds).

Maybe someone will come in handy.

Quote: Olga VB

Yes, Natusichka, this is a very convenient and delicious recipe.
I do the same with mushrooms, and with poultry, and with fish. Sometimes with a tomato, more often without.
And besides pasta - also any cereals - buckwheat, rice, bulgur, ..
Sometimes I make cereals instead of / together with vegetables - zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, beets - whatever is at hand.

Quote: Maryka

Girls, tell a novice user: in choux pastry in Kenwood 020 it is better to mix eggs with which nozzle? And for butter cream with condensed milk is it better to use an oil cream attachment or a whisk? And then in the recipes they write that it is necessary to whip the butter, and the soft nozzle does not seem to whip, but mixes?

About a month ago I tried to whisk butter and egg with a whisk. Nothing succeeded! She was terribly angry with Ken that he had failed. She branded him directly with shame.
And the soft nozzle does a great job. Checked.
Maya, the butter is not whipped with a whisk, but as if curled. I kind of got it.
Last time I was directly worn out by this circumstance.

Quote: Dance

Maya, butter and the like (margarine for sand), that is, dense creams are whipped with a K-nozzle, called "bitter", light creams (protein, cream, sour cream), mousses, soufflés are whipped with a whisk called "twig", well, and Knead the dough tight, so this is a hook and a spiral hook. Using the attachments for other purposes will lead to breakdown, for example, whipping butter with a whisk, as there are some craftsmen, we will not point our finger ... or it will not work!
Quote: kseniya D
The hook will not mix the eggs well into the choux pastry. The K-shaped nozzle does a great job with this. I only knead the yeast dough with a hook.
Quote: adelinalina

The choux pastry is not dense, but very soft, viscous, therefore, a spatula is suitable for it, that is, a K-shaped nozzle (at our work it was called a spatula)

Yeast dough

Quote: svetlana1107

girls please tell me! I want to try to bake a braid on kefir. which nozzle is better for kneading the dough?
svetlana1107, hook of course
Quote: svetlana1107
and at what speed to knead? sorry for stupid questions! but for the first time in my life I will do it!
Quote: Matilda_81
as it is written in the manual for the 080/086/084 model, start with min and gradually increase to 1.

Olga VB
Quote: Maryka
Soft nozzle.
If one half is adjacent to the wall, then the second is inside the bowl, and at the bottom of the bowl there is a concavity in the middle, so the rim hits this concavity and the soft part of it bends, during rotation there is strong friction and a very loud creak is heard. I hope she explained ...
Does everyone have it?

I adjusted the stirrer attachments in this way: I put paper folded 8 times on the bottom of the bowl, and lowered the attachments on this paper all the way, but without violence. I checked this contact all over the circle, since there is always a slight imbalance.
Now everything is in order: nothing hits the bowl, but there are no unchanged places left.
My soft nozzles creak quietly at the beginning of work, until they are lubricated, then they stop creaking.

Quote: Dance

Maya, perhaps (it looks like) the centering of the corolla is broken. It is necessary to show the SC master or at least call the hotline and consult. Otherwise, the silicone on the side where it rubs can tear, wear off.
Quote: Maryka

Tanya, does this happen? I lined one half at the bottom, but rubbing at the side and the other half at the bottom. I made butter cream, when the whisk was oiled, it did not creak.
Quote: Dance

You know, Maya, this life may not be like that! Isosceles corolla? That is, the center of the rim should fall just on the rod that is installed in the machine (central axis). That is, the right wing of the rim = left wing, and when the alignment is violated, then the right wing> left or vice versa, and then the nest where the rim is inserted suffers, and the whole interior is broken.
Quote: Musenovna

My soft nozzle also creaks, but it seems to me that it should be, or rather, it creaks at first, then stops. As for Kenwoods with induction, it must adhere well to the walls of the bowl, otherwise it may burn to the bottom of the bowl.

kseniya D
What can wash in PMM.

Quote: ellen
you wash the Kenwood bowl at the PMM
Only there and mine
Quote: ellen

Xenia - thank you!
Somehow they began to gnaw remorse - if I had offended Kesha. :-) Whisk, hook - in the same place.
No meat grinder.
And the plastic visor that protects the casing from splashes is also mine in the PMM. I remove the silicone seals.
Quote: kseniya D

And I and my meat grinder. She became terrible because of this, just horror. I didn’t know that she would change her face like that after washing, so she put it in.
Girls, in the instructions for each nozzle and accessories, recommendations are given on what can be washed in the PMM and what is not worth it.
Focus on the manufacturer's recommendations, and not on other people's experiments.

Olga VB
Quote: ellen

Ladies, is it possible to adapt the recipe under KM 086 preparation of creams in a water bath?
which nozzle and cooking mode to choose?
I want to cook custard on yolks from

ellenWhat temperature does a water bath give? Expose this one, about 95 * C, and then everything according to the recipe.
However, the yolks will brew even at a lower temperature, I think 80 degrees would be quite enough, and at the end it would be possible to add both temperature and speed for a minute. I do like this.
There is another option: set the temperature to 120 * C and the whipping speed "3". When the temperature reaches 120 *, set the speed "5" for 1 minute, then turn off the heating and continue whisking at the speed "5" until the temperature drops to 60 * C.
Both of these options are in the Keshi recipe book.
Which one will be more convenient for you and which result you will like more - it's up to you.

Quote: Sedne

Girls, tell me which vegetable cutter attachment to buy, there are 3 of them, I wanted to order and was confused

A salad for a family, vegetables for a 6-liter saucepan of soup - a combine will perfectly cope with this.
For mass workpieces, a high-speed one is more convenient. But if you are engaged in harvesting seasonally and not for a whole supermarket, then it is quite possible to shake out the bowl of the combine a couple of times.
However, if finances and a place in the kitchen allow, then you can have both, but you will most likely use the bowl more often.
The slow speed is good for cheese, chocolate and the like, but this is usually needed in small quantities. Because of this, it is not very convenient to get it out, wash it ... It is not very convenient, it is faster to do it with the help of various mechanical devices.
Therefore, if you do not have an in-line confectionery production, then do not bother.
In general, IMHO, the harvester of all three attachments is the most versatile and convenient.
BUT!!! Once again, I want to warn everyone who has not yet bought their Kesha or bought quite recently: do not rush to grab all the attachments in a row. I repeat: my list of "vital" attachments, in addition to those already in the kit for 080/086, when buying a KM consisted of 12 items. A month later, it dropped to 4 points, although I had already managed to grab something.
Now I would not take anything else, tk. and I don’t use it. Only the meat grinder is constantly in action.
Here you have to judge very clearly and soberly that you really are constantly cooking, that "I really want to and I will definitely be later ..."
For example, a dough sheeter. Many people use it and are very happy. Mine is little used. It's just that I can roll out a piece of dough for dumplings or noodles for two with a rolling pin much faster than getting a dough roll off the shelf, not to mention setting it up and passing a piece of dough through it several times. And then also shoot, wipe, clean
And with a knife or wheels, I then stuff this noodle dough and other products faster than I do dances with tambourines with cuts.
I'm not for the store - for myself, imperfectly identical noodles don't bother me.
I had a processor and a blender in the kit - I use it from time to time.
But parting with anything is not hot, because sometimes all the attachments come in handy

Quote: natushka

I use it all the time, the bowl is not small, a salad for 3 people can be easily adjusted at a time. High speed only seasonally, for large workpieces. (I have AT 647)
Quote: kseniya D

And I use a high-speed one every week. I rub 2 containers of cheese, hard and plut-hard, for a week.From time to time, when they get good carrots with onions, I buy a lot, rub and freeze them in portions for soups. Three months are enough. There is shred cabbage for cabbage soup there (I cook soups in 5-liter pots). I also use the combine often, but I have not a nozzle, but a freestanding Filya.
So, I am writing: you have to choose according to your needs, and not according to "what if!" ...
Quote: Maryka

Just about, to each his own. And I often empty the bowl from the harvester because either shred cabbage for pickling, or zucchini with potatoes for a casserole, or vegetables for pilaf, or a 6-liter pot of lettuce cutter, that is, large quantities, and I have one carrot on a grater rub, for the soup vegetables - Berner. I also like the bowl because the meat can be chopped in it, like for minced meat, for example, chicken or fish, I also make dough with noodle knives. But this is Bochem, and how Ken is in this case, I can't say.
Quote: Masinen

And I use it all the time: Harvester, mill ,.
Less often: dough sheeter, cube, sieve.
Very rare: high speed grater
Never: blender
I shouldn't have bought: mini chopper
Quote: m0use

That's how different we are ..
I use constantly: mini chopper, dough sheeter, whisk, soufflé attachment, meat grinder
Less common: harvester, sausage attachment
Very rare: cube
Never: blender, citrus juicer (there are still new ones, the fly has not sat)
Quote: Belka13

And I use attachments depending on the season - in summer, mainly a press for berries, a harvester, a grater, a sieve, and I take out the dough roll in winter. I use the cube in the summer for preparing vegetables in the freezer, and in the winter for Olivier.
Quote: Musenovna

And I have the most frequently used blender attachment, then there is a combine, sometimes rolling, even less often a cube, very rarely a juicer, and the mini chopper has not justified itself.

Sl @ wall @
Nut flour

... I need a good little one almond flour for pasta.

Quote: kolobok123
The mill grinds into oil.
I don’t need butter, I need good fine almond flour for pasta. I thought maybe the mill would be suitable for this. It turns out not.
Quote: Masinen

Ksyushaso that the oil does not come out of the nut, here is a secret for you:
It is necessary to put them in the freezer and freeze and then make flour in the grinder))
Quote: Dance

I grind almonds on a regular coffee grinder. I have never bought flour, it is three times more expensive than almonds, but business is there ..!
and I'm on a powdered sugar grinder. But I would like to optimize the process

Quote: polira
Girls, has anyone tried to cook in the bowl of a food processor, on induction jams, jam or jam? Share your experience!
I cooked jam from currants and raspberries, poured berries, sugar, zhelfix set the temperature to 140 degrees, set the stirring attachment and speed (2), then lowered the temperature to 120 degrees, cooked by eye, watched, the foam rises with a hat.
kseniya D
Dough sheeter... Backlash. Uneven rolling.

Quote: mir_ka

The girls finally got their hands on rolling, should she twitch a little in the nest? And the dough takes away to the side. You lower the layer there, and it seems to move from the car to the end of the nozzle At 9, so it sometimes turns out to be shuttlecocks.

The dough was made according to the Admin recipe, and even from a mixture with solid flour, the dumplings turned out to be transparent :))
The husband eats and asks, are the dumplings expensive?
I roll out 7 maximum for dumplings. The thinner the dough, the greater the wave and the risk of bursting. The dough does not take me away.
Quote: Dance

Mir_ka, the dough can go to the side due to flaring, that is, unequal distance between the rolls, thicker on the left and thinner on the right. The side where it is thinner will push in the direction of the thick slit, or roll a shuttlecock. Try to connect the rolls (put a gap at a minimum) and see. If so, then it is necessary to carry it to the SC.
Quote: Maryka
Yesterday I tested the dough rolling: a large thickness goes well, and when it is already thin, the dough is pulled to the side and it is jammed. It was already written here that the distance between the rollers can be violated, I see that it is, it is perfectly visible that on the one hand the distance is greater, and on the other less. Is it somehow being treated or a marriage?
Quote: Masinen

Maryka, Change the attachment. There is no cure for this
Quote: Ksyunya76
A970 - I use it in my own way - when I make dumplings-manty-pasties, I roll not long layers of dough, but prepared chopped washers - I start it with one hand, with the other I catch it below. Once the circle is ready, while I'm playing, everyone else is sculpting))))) It's faster than rolling a long layer, cutting out circles, then messing around with scraps ...
And the circles are even, of the same thickness both in the middle and along the edges.

Quote: Rituslya
But if you sift flour, does the nozzle also collect from the barrels?
Rita, I don’t sift flour in it, it’s more convenient for me to use a sieve mug. Sifted for the cake "Black Magic" (almost the same as "Chocolate on boiling water") a mixture of flour, granulated sugar, cocoa powder, salt, soda and baking powder, since granulated sugar did not pass through other sieves. Well, quite a bit on the sides remained, then I helped with a spatula.
But I also have a little cottage cheese at the edges, I also collect it with a spatula at the edges. But it doesn't bother me.
Girls, in the description on mill AT942A it is said to turn on the maximum speed for grinding - is that so? And still, some risks are visible on the front propeller - stripes - 3 ... 4 what are they for?
Quote: kavilter
on the front screw, the numbers are the degree of grind
And I thought that the points for the degree of grinding, then you must first set at the risk with the number 4 (large), and then twist to the left, right? But then you first need to get used to how many clicks to make a turn to the left in order to get the desired flour or immediately go from 4 - 3 - 2
CPU. Disks.

Here I photographed the disc and what comes out, maybe now I put pilaf
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

And the result
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Quote: leostrog
cabbage (and many vegetables, the same potatoes) have to be cut into pieces beforehand to fit into the hole and then still have to be removed from the bowl when it is filled to the brim.
By the way, I found this disk for cutting "straws", about which I wrote Maisinen... It is called Fine chipper plate or AT264 and I found it in our store.
But the "straws" are not entirely straight, they turn out to be curved.
leostrog, I would not say that straight rounded ones come out, you can't see it on the carrot, but I didn't cut the potatoes, maybe it's fine for her.
But I cut it on a disc from a high-speed one and turned out to be a crescent, yes, I cut it on the largest one.
Natusichka, yes, we cut everything right from the beginning into pieces, and then we chop it.
But still very fast and convenient!
I chop a salad on a thin shredder, and stew a shredder on a thick one. There are two discs included.
Quote: Girja

In the processor, it is also annoying that the slices are collected in a container with a slide on one side (under the hole). In order not to have to empty the bowl often, when a slice of slices forms, I remove the lid and turn it ~ 180 ° and then the slices fall into the free part of the bowl.

Svetlana 73
AT340 high-speed just for workpieces, a small amount is not profitable - it takes longer to wash and smears on the corners-walls. I only didn't like the fries nozzle in it - the crescents are obtained.

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Here is such a cabbage and a carrot on it too! "Marriage" special. showed.

Quote: cvetlk
My little report suddenly someone else is thinking about buying a high-speed AT340 for harvesting cabbage, so a little background. When I was going to buy it, I studied the pages of the forum, but there was no answer specifically to the question I was interested in. The only thing I understood was that there would be waste. Resigned ordered. And so, I became the owner of this grater, but what was my surprise and ambiguous feeling. Yes, planes quickly, it seems not bad for a salad, but how much waste! And it is not clear how it will be in salting. In short, the village was upset. I came to my senses and started experimenting. And here it is happiness !!! I took the disc, I have number 6. It seems that the one that is small for fries. Suddenly I got cabbage, like when chopping with a hoe. Here it was happiness! All today I salted 20 kg of cabbage! True, from time to time I had to give the motor a rest, it got very hot. But this is all nonsense. But what a relief.
And for the pies, that's it! For extinguishing, it is probably better to be the one that is larger

kseniya D
Quote: Natali S
here, I bought ice maker, and who uses her cup as an additional one? What can be interfered with, not scratched?
I use. I bought an ice cream maker for this very purpose too. Why should she scratch? I use it mercilessly. I knead the dough, minced meat, put it under the shredder of vegetables, use a rubbing sieve with it. You can do everything except heating.
Noodle cutter. Dryer for noodles.

Quote: Olga VB

Girls, just got AT972A (rolling-cutter for noodles). In this regard, the question.
Its thickness is not adjustable. Does this mean that the noodles will always be the same thickness or does the thickness depend on the preliminary rolling? That is, if I roll out a layer of dough thinly, and then put it in a noodle cutter, will it not be compressed to the thickness that is constantly exposed in the nozzle?
Quote: NatalyTeo

Yes, the thickness depends on the thickness of the dough, and the cutting simply cuts to the desired width without flattening
Quote: Olga VB

Actually, I'm not afraid of flattening, and it is so clear that the thicker will not get through, I am afraid of thickening, that is, thickening. That is, if I shove in a very small layer, it will not seal it and the thickness of the gap?

Olga, I have the same nozzle, the thickness of the noodles does not change when cutting, that is, to what thickness you roll out on the rolling, it will remain so when cutting, nothing is compacted or compressed. She cut both thin layers and thick ones.
Quote: Kara

Not really. If the thickness of the dough is too thick, the nozzle will simply grip it.

The attachment cannot make the dough thicker than it was rolled out.
Ol, I generally roll out all the "pasta" products by 9
Quote: Olga VB

Now more carousel dryer for spaghetti you need to buy
I really like this dryer. By the way, the last time I did prescription noodles Faith Doxy here, just not spinach, but with tomato, and the dough lay in the refrigerator instead of the prescribed 1 hour day. So after drying, not a single noodle fell off the dryer! And usually half falls off after drying.
Quote: anna_k

Now I was rolling out the dough into noodles, it turned out that the thickness of 8 is quite satisfactory. And in the empire I always skated on the thinnest, otherwise it was so-so on the deuce ...
Convenience is fantastic! Easy, comfortable! There is no longer any desire to get the car, hook the motor, attach the attachments. A whole epic ... And my son usually helps, as a result, cutting noodles turned into Mission Impossible))) But now the buzz !!!
In general, if before that I doubted about the sale of the empire, now I will gladly give everything into good hands))) And instead of this large set, the AT320 and AX642 (low-speed grater and press for berries) fit in full))) AX970 and AX971 they take up very little space, and it is very convenient to mount. Just super !!!
Quote: anna_k
My noodles turned out great, even at 8. I did it as standard. Recipe - 100 grams of flour for 1 egg + a little salt and vegetable oil. I also add whole grain flour periodically.
Quote: kseniya D
I make dough for noodles with knives. Then I let it lie for 15-30 minutes. And then many times I roll it out, fold it, roll it out and fold it again, constantly dusting it with flour. When I put it on a baking sheet, I dust it again (you can't hang the vermicelli to dry). Then I just shake off the excess flour through a sieve and nothing sticks together. Spaghetti did that too, I don't have a dryer.
Quote: Sweat

Hello everyone, and I'm drying noodles like this. Very comfortably.Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Quote: Sedne

how to ride there
Quote: kseniya D

Well, I skated for craffins, it worked. Probably not every yeast can be rolled out on it. Rather, I don't even know if it is necessary to do it. Specifically for this recipe it was necessary, but in general it never even occurred to me for what purpose it should be done.
Dumplings, dumplings, puff yeast for croissants katala. But I tried yeast for buns for the first time.
Quote: marlanca

I often make pasties, the dough is fresh, it rolls the same way as dumplings ...

Olga VB

Quote: natushka

Oh, but I don't like it as a blender.Today I tried to make mashed apples and honeysuckle berries (thawed from freezing) for marshmallows, but it did not work. Apparently only very liquid products can be mixed with them. I had to do it in AT 647. I hoped for a blender, but I had to put it back in the farthest corner of the cabinet.
natushka, and for me a blender of 3 oranges + lemon into porridge instantly breaks up so that only very few small fibers are then felt in the lemonade at the very bottom of the jug.
Quote: kseniya D

Ol, do you put everything at once or throw it in pieces? I once tried to make liver pate and almost burned it. Now I only make soups there. Although the liver was along with stewed vegetables, with sauce, then bish, not dry.
Quote: Natali S
Ol, do you have AT 358?
Who knows! It came with me in the kit, where is the box now, so that I can see the marking, I don’t know.
I cut the oranges into 4 parts to remove the seeds.
Oh girls, don't kill! Well I, sclerotic, them in meat grinder first, and then with ice in a blender
I got it wrong, forgive the old lady
And I make pureed soups immersed right in the dishes in which I cook.
Oh yo! Fsyoyoyo, I tick until the sneakers fly Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Quote: KLO
I have AT358, glass, came in the kit for 053, I did not adapt, heavy, or there is no need for it. Here is a mill and a dough rolling machine in use, I bought them in addition.

Compatibility of KM and attachments

Galyun what she read
KAH647 is compatible with kitchen machines: Cooking Chef, Titanium, Sense, Premier i Classic.
AT647 - applicable to Major and Chef kitchen machines
Not compatible with models: KM331 Chef, KMC570 Chef KMP771 Pro Machine.
I also got the idea that kitchen machines were originally equipped with an AT-647 processor.
And KAN is already an updated version. Well, that is, the difference is the same as the model 084 differs from 094, or rather none, except for a small letter on the back panel.

Quote: tyumenochka

Difference between AT 647 (it is for medium speed) and KAH 647 (it is obtained for high speed).
Quote: kseniya D

Deushki, as I understood it, is a new one, which the KAN is put into a high-speed socket, therefore it fits all cars, and the AT was put into a medium-speed socket, which is not there, for example, in the Chef Classic 570 or Major Classic 770 and the Premier series. The medium speed nest was only available in the Titanium series. Only one nozzle was placed in this nest. Apparently they decided to abandon it and are now doing it for the high-speed socket, therefore they are now suitable for both the Classic and Premier series.
Quote: kseniya D

KAN 647 is an updated version of the AT 647.
In short. Those who have both the medium speed and high speed jacks can buy both. And for those who do not have a medium-speed socket, only KAN is suitable.
This does not apply to the KMix series, there are generally their own attachments.
956 for Chef, 957 for Major
Quote: Rituslya

Irish, they differ in volumes. 956 by 4 liters goes.

Quote: kseniya D

That's it. Written from durum wheat
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Girls durum wheat flour

is in Stockman.

It happens in the ABC of taste, in Metro KK, on ​​sites like a delicacy. RU
Quote: Olga VB
About durum flour. I sometimes do it with semolina T, it turns out pretty cool.
I also bought flour "T" in Ashan, at the crossroads.

Quote: IrinaS111

Girls, which nozzle to whip mashed potatoes?
IrinaS111, I whip in a K-shape. The result is a super air mass.
Chopper AT320
Quote: Masinen
Rituslya, do not take at320, he is a fig.
BUT some people like it)

What the hell is it ?! I have one of my favorite attachments! And powder, and coffee, and nuts, and biscuit crumbs, and sauces ... and it is convenient to store if anything remains, closed with a lid .. and washed in the dishwasher

Quote: Mist

I am one of those who like
today it was lazy to rub pumpkin into porridge, I threw it into it, added a little milk and it's done))
Yes, and better on impulse! This way the grinding can be controlled.
Quote: Dumpling

I also like the chopper very much. Grind spinach and beets for coloring noodles, tomato sauces with spices and herbs, berries with sugar for a child. From the pros - can be stored in the same jar, very convenient for sauces. There is a minus - thick products in a small volume are scattered along the walls and you have to remove and shake them.
The souffle tip is also good, but can be replaced with a K-tip or manual intervention. That is, I personally would do without it, but there is no grinder without it, because there is nothing to replace it with (a coffee grinder is not a replacement).
Dumpling, Angelina, try to use a chopper on an impulse, there, when you turn it off, everything shakes itself.By switching the pulse on and off several times, you can mix everything well without removing the nozzle.
Quote: Dumpling

Ksyusha, no, it will not work .... If there is little product and it is thick, it will stick to the walls (partially ground) after the first impulse switching on and does not fall down. Then, even on an impulse, he simply twists the knives in the void and that's it. As an example - sun-dried tomatoes in pizza. If you only try to grind the tomatoes, they will stick, but if you add tomato paste or fresh tomato paste right away, then it's okay.
Quote: Masinen
I like the cups in the grinder, I use them, it turns out that I didn't buy the dawn)

Quote: Sedne

Rita, for potato pancakes - this is the smallest grater like?
Yes, Svetul, she turns the mass into puree practically, as it would be on a fine grater.
I liked it very much for the shitters. I, however, not on dranniki, but on zucchini pancakes, but the effect is amazing. I drained excess moisture and the result is wonderful!
Tomorrow, too, then I'll torment this rogue disk. I will not translate potatoes. I'll try something else.
Quote: Masinen

Svetlana, he is full of holes, not like everyone else, just different from all disks.
kseniya D
Quote: shuska

Girls, and someone put additional plastic bowl to 086 Kesha? I don’t want metal, but I don’t know if it will be plastic.
shuska, I use a plastic ice cream bowl. It does not stand as tightly as metal, but this does not affect the result at all. I use it all the time.
Cottage cheese casserole
Quote: anna_k
I always kneaded the K-shaped casserole, a very delicate structure is obtained

Anya, I have already made a cottage cheese casserole twice ... somehow he twists ... and the cottage cheese hangs on the walls, you have to stop crunching ... and twist again ... if I do more speed, then the middle is empty, almost twists .. ...

Quote: anna_k

And I knead at low speed. I don't know, usually everything is fine ...
Quote: kseniya D

So I also knead with a K-shaped one. And first I wipe it. My cottage cheese is dry and I do not like it when grains remain, and without rubbing they will not break with a wipe.
Quote: Masinen

Flax, have you lowered the nozzles? Adjusted the height?
Quote: Masinen

Elena, here you go. let's adjust, except for the hook.
Don't touch the hook !!
In K and the Whisk you lower it almost to the bottom of the bowl.

Comparison Food processor at647 and High-speed grater at 340,
they are not duplicated, they have different disks and designs, and in general they are different!

I have two of them.
And the processor still has a knife)

High-speed grater at 340

7 discs!
Two sizes of sticks
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Three sizes of graters!
Large, small and very small
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Two shredder discs!
Large and thin
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Food processor at647

Two graters
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Two shredders
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

For comparison with a high pipette from a food processor and a round one from a grater
The blocks from the FP are smaller than on the disc from the grater, which is smaller.
Those do not duplicate disks
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Coarse grater and medium grater are duplicated.
Shredders are also different, the one with a large processor, it turns out to be average compared to a large one from a grater.
duplicate fine shredder discs.

I took a book to processor KAH 647PL there discs are called a disc for a very fine grater, a disc for a fine grater, a disc for a coarse grater, a disc for fine slicing, a disc for thick slicing, a disc for julienne
Maria, by the way, thanks to you, I really fell in love with the disc for julienne, almost now I cut everything for soups and for pilaf, but before I thought it was useless
Quote: kseniya D

Probably the Dranikovskaya grater is called very small, because the girls rubbed and wrote that it turns out straight mashed potatoes.

But I don’t use shredders and bars at all. Only graters are in use. The bars on my hands turn out faster, and the shredder in Fillet is even thinner.
kseniya D
Quote: dana77

Girls, but tell me what souffleika differs from flexi? I just can't understand
Flexi still pounds more, and the souffleika intervenes, as if from top to bottom.
Flexi is included in the package. These are rubber pads that fit over a curved plastic attachment.
Coffee grinding
Quote: Mere

Today I made a "discovery".My coffee grinder broke down, in terrible frustration I began to look for a replacement for it. I didn't want a very simple one, and the millstones are expensive. I thought, I thought and ... I remembered about Keshina, a mill for cereals. She has been with me for a long time, she experienced it once, nodded with satisfaction and .. removed it for future exploits)) So! I don't need a coffee grinder anymore, everything was ground perfectly and you can set the grinding size - for a Turk, for a coffee machine. I love Kesha!
She kissed him mentally and happily crossed the grinder off the shopping list!
Girls who use a grinder cup - to grind coffee beans - tell me
at what speed is it better to do it? And how much time?

I've been using it for two years, but I just can't understand why it turns out two factions,
if the speed is average, then I grind longer, because the coffee turns out to be coarse, and I want the grains to be smaller,
and if at high, then one part of the chalk turns out completely into dust, even at the edges of the walls of the cup it forms a dense mass of coffee, which must be picked off, and the other part also remains grains.
In short, the same faction does not come out. Does everyone have it?
And yet, during grinding, the glass heats up so much in the lower part (near the knives) that during opening, excessive pressure apparently forms, it already puffs when opening, and it seems to me that all the aroma of coffee from the temperature during this heating evaporates.
There has never been something like this in fifteen years of using the Mulinex coffee grinder, which ordered to live a long time ...
Who faced this, tell me the coffee grinding algorithm.

Quote: Masinen

Inna, so it is warming up for me, chocolate is heated, nuts stick (

So I watched their video clip on the nozzles and there they ground coffee, and they have a coarse grinding at the top, and a fine one at the bottom, they just quickly cut this moment)

Macaroni nozzle
Quote: Dumpling

Iskatel-X, everything is so with her, with this macaron. And you can crush spaghetti and flat wide noodles. But the main task is bulk pasta. And rolls with cuts for dumplings, lasagna, mantas and thin noodles. That is, they are different. I have both. But there are only two matrices for the macoronder so far, they are also not cheap, but it is pleasant and fast to work with it.
The set includes corrugated tubules (rigatoni seem to be called).
Quote: Belka13

On computeruniverse, normal prices for matrices.
Yes, I just ordered a nozzle in the internet KAH910 for sens.

She has a matrix for my biscuits. and attachments on the computeruniverse bigoli, conquielette, linguini, kazareche. So I think maybe I missed some cool one. Nobody tried Fusilini? The photo shows that not very beautiful spirals are obtained

Quote: Margo31

Orecchiette how are you doing? In general, the photos of the finished ones on the site do not look like an orecchiette.
Quote: Dumpling

Margo31, of course, they do not look like industrial ones, just such round pieces with thinning to the edges. If, after extrusion, you give them a little shape, then nothing happens. For a change it will suit us, the main thing the child appreciated the process, helps me lay out the finished ones. And yet, I don't like the built-in knife, it crumples a lot, I use an ordinary knife.
Quote: Belka13

motoxxx, I have one. I used it twice. I like. Pasta can be frozen. The taste is very pleasant, as my daughter said, suspiciously tasty, tender. I cooked from durum flour. I am not using it now because I want to use up my stock of Barilla pasta purchased with stock in stores. When working with the attachment, it takes some time to adjust, because they are very delicate and can stick together if they are not separated. And in general, I really liked working with this attachment.

Quote: Parallel

Perfectly rubbed the cottage cheese) urrah) by the way, a plastic wiping nozzle KAB992PL sieve for chefs perfectly fit on my 020 Keshenka.
Quote: Natali SB

Ladies, for those who doubt whether the KAV992 attachment (sieve) is suitable for Kesh with a large bowl (6 l.):

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
All one to one with the AT992, only in the KAV992 there are no recesses for the handles on the plastic rim. Well, compatibility is indicated in large letters on the box.

But the plastic pin is thin.Therefore, I ask, maybe they made a fat one, why does he write what for a major?

Quote: Natali SB

I don't know what a wide pin looks like, but with AT it's an absolute copy.
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

My personal opinion is that the new names of the attachments are nothing more than a publicity stunt. Plus, it was necessary to somehow attract the attention of the owners of the novelty called SENSE. And here, supposedly, a whole series of attachments for this particular machine. And nothing, that half of them are old models in new boxes.
KAV 930 will be a 100% copy of the AT 930.
Natalie, well, yes, the same.
Maybe they removed 930 altogether, so they wrote on this that it suits everyone.

Girls, I'm all about the sieve that writes on the box, and chefs and pagers and senses.
Found a picture on the internet
There is a sticker on the box that it goes specifically to the Chief of the series and the sense chief, and not to the major)
It's another matter that girls use them for their Majers)
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Quote: Masinen

Girls, fit in diameter
So I put him in a bowl
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

But look at the pins of the blades.
Where the fat pin is from the Majer
And where the soooo little pin is from the Chief.
So don't ride
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
And from the major twice deeper.
So I have already exhibited photos of both attachments and compared them.
Thick for induction and majors at930
A thin one for all AT992 chefs
Quote: Iskatel-X

KENWOOD KAB992 - no thickening.
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Iskatel-X, this attachment is in your photo, it is for the Chefs !!!
Her pin is thin!
Quote: Svet99lana

What is the difference between AT 992 and KAB 992? Is there anyone who installed KAV on 020 and uses it? Or just the thought that they should be the same?
Svetlana, some kind of iron inserts
Honestly, I haven't seen it live.
But neither one nor the other is intended for Big Cars, and they go only for Chiefs)
Quote: Svet99lana

And 930 is it made of aluminum or stainless steel? For some reason I don't want to take aluminum!
Svetlana, unfortunately made of coated aluminum, but the mesh itself is made of stainless steel.

Olga VB
Spare bowl.
Quote: kseniya D

I tried just such a bowl, once I bought it in Auchan. It gets up, the head closes without problems, it is convenient to hold the bowl by the wide side. The corolla goes close, but not scruffling along the walls.
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Quote: Olga VB

Hold on again?
Hotzza, so as not to hold a bowl, and not to hold a car head
Quote: ellanna
The glass bottom did not allow me to lower Kesha's head. But in induction (I don’t know others), it’s thought out that the button is pressed because the bowl is scrolling ... So there are not many alternatives. Ideally, of course, buy several bowls, and I like the glass in the new one. But there are no 6.7. An ice cream maker is possible, but somehow I didn't like this plastic. Although if I did not have a separate regular ice cream maker, I would have thought, otherwise my idea is to buy with a frion ... In general, I am already happy that there is an alternative ...

Or maybe just buy a smaller bowl ... just a glass ... thought ...
Quote: kseniya D

The ice cream maker itself is a thermal jar, but it comes with a full plastic bowl, which I use for other purposes.
Girls, here some spare bowls toiled
I, it seems, did not suffer, but how not to succumb to mass psychosis
In general, I do not seem to need a spare bowl, on the one hand, but on the other - what, what if(from)? Under the influence of tips from some members of the forum about salad bowls and in search of a compromise, I looked into the crockery department yesterday in Auchan and found there just such a plastic salad bowl of Polish production in different colors:
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
For myself, and how else, I took the green one, as in the picture, only the shade is more pleasant.
Than she attracted me.
Well, green is the main thing
Its bottom is narrow, at the bottom there is a stand-rim about 1 cm high. The volume of the salad bowl is 5 liters, i.e. actually more of the glass salad bowl discussed earlier (I have one).
Naturally, the plastic is food grade (salad bowl!), Besides, it can be washed in a PM, i.e. she is not afraid of hot water.
Upon closer examination of the house, it turned out that the bottom of the salad bowl, including due to the rim, allows it to be placed quite stably in Kesha's niche for the bowl, while the stirrers, without any additional adjustment, lower normally, until they click, Kesha's head does not need to be held while working.
The upper diameter of the salad bowl was a little embarrassing, it was a little too big and because of this, the bowl in the nest tended to tilt a little.
Then I () slightly squeezed the edges of the salad bowl at the top, fixed them and held them in this state under hot water for a couple of minutes, and then cooled them under cold.
As a result, the top of the salad bowl has become a little oval and it fits perfectly and freely into the Keshino bowl nest without any tilt.
Moreover, this small drawback of my new spare bowl turned out to be its advantage: the salad bowl is very light, and of course, there are no fixators at its bottom, then even when kneading the biscuit dough, it tried to rotate after the whisk, but ... buried the longer part of the oval into the frame and slowed down. Those. a disadvantage with a little skill has become an advantage!
In Auchan my little green one yesterday cost me 132 rubles, but they are cheaper in St. Petersburg, and in other stores, they say, they are also cheaper.
Look if someone is interested: Salad bowl 5L, art1605, TM BranQ (Bowl "Cykoria"), Poland
However, 132 is nothing at all, especially compared to the spare Kenwood bowl. And the address is well known
Quote: Olga VB
Rituel, yes, tied this salad bowl across with a nylon mesh (it was just that it came under my arms and attracted it with its width, i.e. it turned out not to be a narrow constriction.
I threw it into the bath and poured it with the hottest water from the shower for just a few minutes. Then she switched the water to cold, rinsed it once until it was completely cooled, took off the dressing and made sure that the top of the bowl became slightly oval, and the bowl itself fit perfectly into Kesha's nest.
During the operation of the mixer, at first she also spun a little, but rested her oval on the bed and calmed down. Now the bowl vibrates a little when the agitator is running, but it doesn't irritate me. The fuller the bowl, the less it twitches.
Quote: Rituslya
Now I'm kneading minced meat in a non-native bowl, more precisely, in a bowl that I bought in Auchan, like a salad bowl.
Olenka !!! Dear! Thank you very much for the idea! Ken does not even lead the ear to recognize the second cup.
Today I was just whipping proteins in it onto a curd soufflé and finally made the photos that I had promised for a long time.
Here proteins (5pcs) are whipped at maximum speed with a whisk. The bowl stands quite confidently, only swaying slightly in time with the movement of the whisk. Sorry, photo could not be flipped.
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
And here you can see that everything was whipped very well: the squirrels are staked, even the trace from the whisk rods does not tighten, although the bowl with them stood already after beating for 7-10 minutes, while I fiddled with the rest of the dough, while everything was fotala, etc. ...
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Quote: Masinen
Girls, reading you, I remembered that I have two bowls from Ikea. Set. one deep and large and the other small. I don’t remember the volumes] 7 but this set is in use all the time.
Looking at Olya's bowl, I decided to try on my own)
About a miracle !!
She came up and sat down and did not crawl anywhere and the cache buttoned up.
The nozzle is straight to the bottom of the bowl, but I don't hear the sound of scraping,
attaching photo
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
Quote: Belka13

Masinen, Masha, I also exploited her yesterday, did not have time to write! I tried a large bowl, it is very comfortable because its protruding tail rests on Kesha and cannot ride. In general, Russian women will not be lost! And the price of this set is a penny. Thanks to Olga for the idea!
Mashun, and these VISPAD bowls from IKEA, do they allow the whisk to be lowered to the end without additional adjustment?
And the rim at the bottom of the bowls between the pins of Kesha's nest becomes tight? Can you measure its outer diameter and the height of this rim?
Quote: Margo31

Are you ignorant of the senses, will this bowl fit? I mean the diameter of the bottom

Cooked Cannelloni... (meat grinder attachments, dough rolling)

Make minced meat with onions and carrots. Put on a thin layer of dough.
Roll up as much as possible without overlap
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Pour in bechamel and simmer-cook
The result - the photo is not very beautiful ...

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Still on the topic, while I was rolling out the dough, my rolling, something completely began to wobble ... As if it slipped .. it's hard to explain. In general, I decided to promote it ...And there Flour is crammed, and all gray-brownish ... And I think that when I roll it out, it’s kind of dark.

In general, I cleaned it, beautiful ... Maybe someone will come in handy .. There is nothing to do, and care is very necessary.

Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

Natali S
Quote: Svet99lana

Tell me who ordered in Piglet? Somehow, the calls about them on the Internet are not very good and they ask for an advance payment, I'm afraid that the defective product may arrive, and then you will be tortured with a return. I bought from the officials - first you check the goods upon receipt in the transport company, then you sign for the receipt and only then you pay, and here you pay, you receive, then you just print. I would have ordered it from the officials for peace of mind, but they do not have the positions that are needed, but here they are surprisingly, so I doubt it. I live far away - in Siberia. And money is not small, and not at all superfluous.
Svetlana, I bought in a patch, I can't say anything bad, they delivered quickly, took the food processor, everything is fine, but this is a new store.
tatiana p13
Cube cutter

Quote: Iskatel-X

Fresh tomato - in Cube cutter can you cut?
Thank you
Quote: kseniya D

Someone wrote about raw meat that nothing was cut into cubes. It should be frozen. Accordingly, I think the tomato will not be cut either.
And you,RitWhen do you make Olivier what cube do you cut? This is me for the fact that I, for example, cut finely, for me 1 cm is a large cube.
These are boiled vegetables for the herring salad
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments
And this is in the soup.
Kenwood kitchen machine: working with attachments

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