Beetroot with walnuts (pkhali)

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Beetroot with walnuts (pkhali)


Beet 500 g
Walnuts 0.5 tbsp.
Garlic 2 cloves
ground coriander 0.5 tsp
hops-suneli 1h l
wine vinegar 1 st. l
hot peppers taste
salt taste
cilantro (greens) 2-3 twigs

Cooking method

  • Boil or bake beets, peel and chop into strips.
  • Peanut sauce:
  • walnuts, garlic, cilantro, grind in a blender or, in the old fashioned way, grind in a mortar with salt and hot pepper. Can be minced twice. Dilute with natural wine vinegar and thoroughly grind the whole mass until it turns white.
  • Season the prepared beets with peanut sauce, sprinkle with ground coriander and the hop-suneli mixture. Stir, put in a salad bowl or snack plate, sprinkle with herbs and nuts on top.
  • Pkhali is very tasty from pickled or pickled beets. In this case, the vinegar is replaced with marinade or brine.
  • If you are unwilling or intolerant to vinegar, you can replace it with pomegranate juice.


Pkhali or mkhali (there is also such a transcription) is one of the main snacks on the Georgian table. It is prepared from any vegetables: spinach, nettle, green beans, cabbage, young beet tops ... The principle of preparation is the same: boiled vegetables are seasoned with nut sauce. Sometimes finely chopped onions are added to taste.
This is a wonderful appetizer, and with fresh bread and cheese it can replace dinner.

Mkhali is still very tasty from cabbage or spinach!
Such a recipe is even delicious to read, let alone eat
barbariscka, but do not you need to dress the salad? Well, there is vegetable oil, chtoli.
Spinach is a classic of the genre. And if also with a glass of red wine and a good flatbread, and fresh Imeritin cheese ...
At my house they say that with nuts and spices you can eat nails ...
The fact of the matter is that all Georgian salads are seasoned only with nuts, and natural vinegar or pomegranate juice. Sometimes a little liquid is added, in which vegetables were cooked, but this is only if they are very dry.
Usually, vegetables have a certain amount of their liquid, and nuts have oil (therefore, they are well chopped, frayed ...).
An Armenian friend of mine from Tbilisi cooked from white cabbage - it looks, of course, an unprepossessing dish - but it tastes like something - very tasty both as an appetizer and as a side dish! Thanks for reminding me!
MariV, and if white cabbage, then it should be, as usual, add salt and mash?
Pkhali from white cabbage:
cut the head of cabbage into several parts and boil in a little water or steam. Allow the broth to drain, squeeze out excess liquid by hand and chop on a board.
The dressing is the same as for beets. Can be made in the form of cabbage rolls, coat the leaves and roll up.
There are amateurs. which are made from raw cabbage: finely chop, grind with salt, let stand, squeeze well and mix with the nut mass.
I like that less.
Cauliflower turns out well, it is also pre-boiled.
It was more correct to make a general theme - vegetables in a nut sauce, because for all types of vegetables there is the same dressing - nut sauce.
It's just that at the moment I had beets cooked, so I put them in.
Can you please tell me if wine vinegar can be replaced with balsamic vinegar in this case?
I have not tried it with balsamic vinegar. It would be better to replace the vinegar with pomegranate juice.
Still, this is a national cuisine and I stuck to the original. But nothing prevents you from trying at least a small amount and sharing your impressions with us.
In the end, everything is learned through experience and personal taste ...
I would be very glad.

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