Tell me, are there any bread machines that have a container where the dough is kneaded and baked, made of glass, ceramics or stainless steel?
So that without any newfangled teflon coatings, etc.
In some topic I came across a proposal of some entrepreneur to make spare pots for multicooker and stainless steel buckets for HP. I remember waiting for offers, but where ...
bread makers appeared only due to the appearance of a Teflon coating.
The Teflon coating is certainly very harmful ... The "BEEM" company produces bread makers with a ceramic coated bucket.
There is a corresponding topic about the "harm" of Teflon, please go there!
"BEEM" has a regular Teflon bucket. Stone and stainless steel are only in KUKU and even then not in all models
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The Teflon coating is certainly very harmful ... The "BEEM" company produces bread makers with a ceramic coated bucket.
Apparently they found out that when burning in a bread maker, Teflon releases phosgene (this is a war gas from the Second World War).
Here she is from Bim - 🔗
They write that they have Bio-lon material. I do not know what exactly bio is here - even they have not written anything about the method and the chemical composition of the material.
delivery to Russia by mail € 50.
I personally liked their electric samovars and a steam cleaner with a brush (the very thing against the nasty black mold in the bathroom) - buy, unsubscribe. If someone has already bought Bim - are they made in China?
The new material Thermolon ( 🔗) is a new offshoot of Teflon, but without harmful compounds. You will have to try to find products with this material.
And then there is Ekolon - 🔗.
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Here she is from Beam

Yes, a good car. Two buckets, a round one and a brick. The coating, as written, is ceramic. On the German Amazon it is cheaper, only 92 euros.
And if you use such a rice cooker with a steel basket for baking bread?

Tatung 10 Cup Rice Cooker- TAC10G (SF) - White - $ 88.99

This rice cooker is very deep, the lid is high - that is, there is definitely a lot of space for raising the top of the loaf with the lid closed - you just need to accurately calculate the ingredients so as not to overdo it. Ideal for cakes or muffins.
Someone bought an automatic Bready bread machine - something like a baking process simplified to the level of a microwave with the preparation of purchased ingredient mixtures. It is even more for those who are prescribed a gluten-free diet by doctors.
Here's a video - 🔗
here is the site - 🔗
they write that the inner chamber of the stove is made of aluminum with a ceramic coating without PTFE and PFOA - that is, Teflon bullshit.
the machine weighs 13 kg., costs $ 330, mixes for $ 20.
Quote: kru4171

Who-thread bought the Bready automatic bread maker
I give a grudge that nobody bought on our forum, and it is unlikely that they will buy an oven for baking bread only from ready-made mixtures for 330 bucks! Although it was interesting to see how it works.

kru4171 I will not repeat myself about the war between the manufacturers of Teflon cookware and sol-gel ceramic, and so much has been said, including on the forum. Yes, but in appearance it uses the usual Teflon form, well, maybe even with a lot of mineral additives. For a mixture of 20 dollars, no thank you. No, of course you may live in the UK ... not specified in your profile
No, we live in Russenia in the complete Middle Ages, where there is no industry to make a suitable bread maker, although we are building fighters of 5 generations.
Although Bready, in my opinion, is the most unique of all bread makers precisely in the way of kneading the dough - and it actually makes more or less normal bread with a good structure. The problem with all these cheap pots is, of course, this tiny figurine mixer - it's the weakest point and you can never get good bread like that.
I think the best way is to knead the dough separately in a large mixer with a bowl, infuse it and then bake it in a rice cooker with a steel basket or in the oven if you need a special kind of bread.
Here are some good tips and photos of different bread -
kru4171 There is an alternative - a simple oven Well, or not quite a simple DeLonghi EOB 2071 bread maker
And if you do not get hung up on Teflon, you can bake in it almost everything that you have enough imagination for
And there are plenty of tips and photos on this specialized forum.
By the way, in vain you were so startled, the price of $ 20 for the mixture is even very adequate - firstly, it is gluten-free bread made from rare and expensive types of flour + strict control is needed there so that even random weed particles of wheat do not get into the production of the flour mixture, and secondly, on the manufacturer's website Bready it is written about tax benefits for celiac patients - in the USA the state fully compensates you for the cost of the stove and food and flour through a tax refund - the price of wheat and rice flour is simply taken - in reality you will pay for rice, which is more expensive as at the price of wheat - any difference compensates for the state. Xanthan gum, in my opinion, is 100% compensated, since there is no alternative.
Bready - itself looks like a device from the future - whether you noticed it or not, but for the first time, as in a household device, RFID RFID technology was used to activate a recipe - that is, you don't need to drive in anything yourself - there has never been anything like it anywhere else.
I am not praising this stove, I just want to clarify some points.
Uncle Sam
"We live in the best country in the world! And all other countries envy us!" (from)

We do not produce bread makers. (Portugal and most other countries do not have their own production of passenger cars, but this does not prevent them from driving them.)
We CREATIVELY use household bakeries. Check out the posts of members of the Baker's Club. HP manufacturers did not dream that they could do THIS with their devices.
I can argue that more than half of all bread machines produced for export in Japan, Korea, China, etc. are ACTIVELY used in houses in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

And now about Bready.
A truly advanced machine. It reads recipes from boxes by itself.

Only now I have BIG doubts about the resource with LONG and FREQUENT operation of this device.
A split form, more like a baking sheet ...
One of the motors on top of the oven ...

Well, we got away from Teflon in the coating. Well done! Is it much more environmentally friendly to bake bread in the presence of coiled synthetic bag from under the mixture ?!

Whatever the exact production of mixtures, the moisture content of flour fluctuates. And there is no way to correct the bun.

The price is bourgeois. 1 Bready = 10 ALASKA

Standard bread makers can bake gluten-free bread when possible (no RFID, just press the "gluten-free" button) leaves room for creativity.
I want to order a Beem bread maker from the Otto catalog;
it seems the model on sale there is a Beem D1000.310

are there any owners of such a stove here?
I would like to know what options for the weight of baked goods can I make?

the description (German) indicates that the weight of the baked goods is 900 grams,
it upset me, because I need a stove where you can make small loaves - this is one of the purchase criteria,
In another German description, I read that the weight of 900 grams is the maximum, so there are other possibilities?
is it possible to bake a loaf of 450 or 500 grams in it?
Does this bread maker really fit this topic - without Teflon (non-stick coating)?

In this section, few people can help you. Take a look here, there are topics that are more suitable for your question (do not open a new topic - it may simply not be seen).
Grain Panasonic bakes bread from 300g with flour, where is less?
Quote: Rina

Does this bread maker really fit this topic - without Teflon (non-stick coating)?
it is marketed as "non-flon", with an alternative coating called "biolon";
another question that one can argue about what this "biolon" really is and whether it is not a distant relative of the same Teflon

actually, I want to order this "Beem" because I don't want a teflon-coated oven, and there are only two alternatives:
either "Beem" or "Viconte-801" ...

but are there other stoves so that they generally have no non-stick coating?
then only an ordinary oven remains)

thanks for the link!
Quote: sazalexter

Grain Panasonic bakes bread from 300g with flour, where is less?

I wanted to know exactly about this German Beem))
I am not considering Panasonic for purchase yet,
but thanks for the info! I'll know
Lina Kalina
shabby ..

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