Wheat bread on cottage cheese (bread maker)

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Wheat bread on cottage cheese (bread maker)


Wheat flour 400g.
cottage cheese 9% 200g.
water 150ml
olive oil 1 st. l.
egg 1 PC.
sugar 1 st. l.
salt 0.75h l.
dry yeast) 1h l.
powdered milk 3st. l.

Cooking method

  • Load all ingredients into the bread maker according to your instructions.
  • Watch out for the bun, as cottage cheese can be of different dryness.
  • You may need to add flour.
  • The bread is airy.
  • The taste is very delicate.
  • Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for


Time for preparing:

3h 15min

Cooking program:

the main

Thanks for the bread, it turned out like in your picture
To your health!
I did not like. It turned out to be insipid, similar in structure to cheese, not at all airy
Thanks for the recipe!
After the New Year (!!!) there was a pack of cottage cheese left, I don't know how to throw away the food, so I was looking for the appropriate recipe, remembering my grandmother's: "I will eat everything!" Your recipe turned out to be very helpful, the bread turned out to be tall, fragrant, with a finely spongy fluffy crumb, in short - DELIGHT! And no excess moisture! , though I made it a little more salty, and baked not on the "basic", but on the "diet" mode, remembering that the cottage cheese is still a wet-heavy substance and it is necessary to let it ferment well. They began to try it while still hot, the curd-cheese flavor is felt only in the cooled state, but only half of the loaf survived until it barely had time to photograph:
Wheat bread on cottage cheese (bread maker)
wonderful, I must say, recipe! I like the rolls with a light curd flavor in the taste. I really added a couple of tablespoons of sour cream instead of powdered milk, it turned out to be very soft, fluffy bread, a very tasty recipe will be permanent, today I'm going to bake for the second time.
Quote: Kalinevera
and today it has replaced water with ordinary milk and butter instead of olive oil. I wonder if something will work out

took a picture! it’s in the evening, unfortunately the light is yellowish. and so the flesh is white with a slight yellowing, the crust is brown, crispy.

Wheat bread on cottage cheese (bread maker)

the bun came out incredibly tasty, softest and fluffy! so I will give a recipe with my changes, in my opinion it turned out very successful. I will definitely use it. I'll try to make a photo later - there really is half of the roll, maybe I will have time
Curd loaf

wheat flour 400g
cottage cheese 200g (the first time I had this in the form of a sausage, the second time I took a pack - harder, but also quite soft and homogeneous)
milk 150ml
butter 15g
egg 1pc
sugar 2 tbsp. l.
salt 0.75 h. l.
dry yeast 1 hour l.
sour cream 2 tbsp. l.
vanillin optional

size L
dietary regimen (mostly the crust is too soft and falls off, on the dietary - what you need!)

yeast to the bottom, as expected. flour on top (and I didn’t even know that flour had to be sifted, it was poured as it is. And nothing, the stove still makes excellent rolls). and I put the rest of the products in a container with a thread and stir with a spoon until they become more homogeneous (except for butter). I pour it all on flour, put a piece of butter and press the start button

You have got a bun! Thanks for the variation!

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