Dear Colleagues!
I understand that we have discussed the topic of any yeast a million times. But, please, express your opinion on the osmotolerant yeast.

I thought that the question of choosing the yeast was solved for me. But, quite by accident, I got interested again. I googled, and found a lot of interesting things - all this does not speak in favor of my favorite fresh yeast.

The first link issued by Google on this topic is this one: 🔗 Read it, you will not regret it.

I think this question is very interesting!

I want to buy "Saf" in a gold pack and "Fermipan-Super 2 in 1", because "Saf" in a completely red pack is absent in the vastness of Ukraine (or maybe I just didn't find it).

What do you think ? Has anyone adapted to store such yeast without losing its properties?

While I am thinking to buy, and how Uncle Sam pour into jars, and store in the kitchen cabinet.

How does such yeast behave when preparing dough like "Venskiy" and "Myasoedovskiy Kulich"? For some reason I think it's gorgeous ...

Don't want to lag behind progress!

Dry instant yeast "Saf-Instant" with a gold label

Osmotolerant yeast

The optimal solution for professionals

Dry instant yeast "Saf-Instant" with a gold label - it is a special osmotolerant yeast that is ideal for formulations with a high sugar content. Due to the low content of the enzyme invertase compared to the normal strain, the consumption of sugar by the yeast is slow and gradual. Consequently, in a dough containing a large amount of sugar, the yeast cell maintains a stable metabolism and its enzymatic ability is not disturbed. The increased content of trehalose and glycerol compensates for the high osmotic pressure - the main cause of yeast cell death. Dry instant yeast "Saf-Instant" with a gold label is:
Excellent dimensional stability of the dough piece
Reduced proofing time
Good volume of finished product
No yeast odor
Increasing the shelf life of finished products.

When used in formulations with a high sugar and fat content, dry instant yeast "Saf-Instant" with a gold label, in addition to high enzymatic activity and improved rheological properties, has a number of additional advantages:
stable quality, long shelf life;
simplicity during transportation and storage, they take up 3-4 times less space in your warehouse compared to compressed yeast, so there is no need to purchase yeast 2 times a week.

Special sugar tolerant yeast strain (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), emulsifier E491.
Organoleptic characteristics

Appearance: beige vermicelli with a length of 1.5 mm and a diameter of 0.5 mm. Smell: characteristic smell of baking dry instant yeast.
Physicochemical characteristics

Moisture (on the day of production): 3.5 - 5.5%
100 g of the product contains:
proteins: 46.0 g; fat: 6.0 g; carbohydrates: 40.0 g. Energy value 398 kcal.
Osmotolerant yeast (osmotolerant)

Osmotolerant yeast

Osmotolerant yeast (osmotolerant)
Osmotolerant (osmotolerant) yeast - predominantly used for sweet pastry containing 10% sugar or more. This type of yeast can be used for the production of bakery products with a reduction in the amount of flour to 10%, and is also used in the production of frozen bakery semi-finished products.

Osmo-resistant yeast improves the quality indicators of bakery products, gives them elasticity.
Qween, I share my own observations because of my natural laziness and catastrophic employment, I only use dry yeast.
there is a saf-moment, small packs of 11g.great yeast, by all paws for using it! I opened it and used it for a couple of loaves! the main thing is to look at the date of manufacture so that it is fresher. after six months from the date of production, this yeast itself slowly loses its strength (they seem to have a shelf life of one year).
at the moment I have a saf-instant, which in a pack seems to be 500g. I opened them, poured them into jars and store them in the closet. I will only say one thing - for those who rarely bake, this option is not suitable! if baked constantly, then even when stored in a cabinet, this yeast will not lose its strength for a long time. but if you bake from time to time ... in general, it is not worth buying them. or if you buy, then share with a neighbor (well, in the sense of distributing the surplus immediately, while they are fresh).
the most important thing is why I clung to this yeast - there is no smell !!! even if the yeast is six months old !!!
this information may come in handy
fugaska, somewhere so I understand this situation.

Saf-Moment is not good - this is a different kind of yeast. And those that I wrote, we buy for four. Let's try and then we can take more.

I became interested in osmotolerant yeast just because the aroma promises to be very bready, fragrant.

Do you have Saf in a gold pack? Where do you get it?
I also want to ask: Saf in a gold pack - is it just the one for baking? It says that it contains vanillin. Don't hunt for onion bread to smell like baked goods.

Mom's friend bought Saf in golden small bags for Easter, so she says that she never got such gorgeous pasques as with this yeast. And now these bags of gold are nowhere to be found.
For a long time I have been buying the yeast Fermipan and "Fermipan 2 in 1" 500 g each, I fill them in 3-4 jars with a screw cap and store them in the refrigerator in a fruit box. I eat a pack in 6 months. I did not notice a decrease in activity
Saf yeast for baking
Girls, look in your city for the representative office of Lesaffre 🔗 They have this yeast 🔗

As a last resort, in Kiev you can order

And we, Donetsk residents, use these 🔗
Fermipan yeast "red-gold-2 in one" can be bought here 🔗

Our shop Shop "Peki Sam" https://Mcooker-en.icdself.com/index.php@option=com_smf&topic=39305.0
sazalexter, thanks for the info .

I read, compared and realized that gold in baking bags are dry fast-acting, like the saf moment. It means that it disappears - this is not what I need.

And golden ones in large packs are also for dough with a high sugar content, but this is a different type of yeast, exactly what I want - osmotolerant. And, apparently, there is no dye and vanillin.
LenaV07 , thanks, I'll call you on Monday, let them get ready to talk.

When I started choosing yeast, I thought to take here -https: //Mcooker-en.icdself.com/s-image/649/index.php@route=product/category&path=43

But let's see what the answer is, maybe we also sell this yeast for enterprises.
I can't calm down with the choice of yeast. Sellers swear by each of them.

Where Saf Gold is sold, they are persuaded to take it for any type of baking, and not separately for sweet and ordinary bread. But, we are not looking for easy ways.

I'll write a few words, maybe this will help someone decide:

From the site 🔗 :

Fermipan Soft 2 in 1 and Super 2 in 1 are optimal when using unpaired technology for the production of bread, loaves, rolls, etc. Improve the quality of products. Save expensive improver. Designed for products with 0-10% sugar content in the recipe. This yeast is of limited use in the sponge production method.

Fermipan Super (Super) 2 in 1 - has improved performance compared to Fermipan Soft 2 in 1. Thanks to the new enzyme complex S y m b i a s e TM in the composition of Fermipan Super 2 in 1, they completely eliminate the use of an improver with emulsifiers.

Fermipan SUPER 2 in 1:
• The increase in volume is significantly greater than that of Fermipan SOFT 2 in 1;
• Soft and ruddy crust;
• Elastic crumb with uniform porosity;
• Increases the softness of products.

Fermipan SOFT 2 in 1:
• Increase in the volume of bread;
• Crispy and golden brown crust;
• Delicate, elastic crumb.

Fermipan SUPER 2 in 1 and Fermipan SOFT 2 in 1 allow:

• Save improver;
• Stabilize the quality of flour and the production process;
• Effectively slow down hardening.
This from everywhere on the gram was:

FERMIPAN SUPER Roster: yeast (Saccaromyces cerevisiae)

Additional ingredients:
* Amylolytic enzymes (Fermzyme)
* Soy flour
* Ascorbic acid (E300)
Due to the manufacturing process, FERMIPAN can contain <1.5% starch.
Composition of SAF-INSTANT gold: yeast (Saccaromyces cerevisiae).

Additional ingredients SAF-INSTANT gold:

* substance for processing flour: ascorbic acid

In Saf Plus an enzyme complex is also indicated.

And I also found a very interesting tablet comparing Safovsky yeast, from which I conclude that simple bread will turn out more magnificently on Saf Plus, and sweet on Golden Saf. Website - 🔗

There should be a sign here, but it doesn't want to be displayed, so if you're interested, read here: 🔗

While there is time to think, I am inclined to believe that it is necessary to take Saf Plus and Saf Zolotoy. Fermipan strained with the word "soy flour".

Qween, insert the plate:

Comparison of the yeast Nevada, Saf + Plus and Saf-Instant Gold

Osmotolerant yeast
Qween Soy flour in the fermipan is only zilch, what do you think is hidden behind the word emulsifier from other manufacturers, the same soy flour (soy lecithin)
sazalexter , thanks for your opinion!

I just wrote to a friend about the fact that there is no soy flour there.
You won't try all the yeast at first, therefore, starting from what can be ordered in one place, we decided to take Zolotoy Saf and Plus, but I really want to try Fermipan Super. We'll postpone it for the second run, I think.

Do you use Fermipan?
Quote: Qween

Do you use Fermipan?
For two years already Not super but brown and software 2in1
I have been using Fermipan Super for the second year, although I buy both Lux and Saf instant pressed yeast. Ferpipan is liked most of all, the bread tastes significantly different from those on pressed or instant Saf yeast.
On pressed yeast, the bread tastes very simple and unassuming, closer to the taste of country bread, especially if baked with dough. On Saf instant yeast, the bread is just as simple, but not tastier than on pressed, the crust is pale in color. At Fermipan, the bread turns out to be simply royal, the crust is more fried and golden, it tastes like croissants. After reading Ludmila's LJ, I fired up to try Saf Gold, but did not find it anywhere. There is Saf in small baking bags, but this is probably a completely different yeast.
I played the Golden Saf, and I am very disappointed. Highly! Even the desire to try Saf Instant Plus has disappeared. I haven't bought Fermipan yet, but I don't really want to.
The very first bread was baked with her own apple, so it turned out to be about 50% lower on Safa than usually on pressed ones. And some kind of grayish, with a thick crust and became stale on the third day. Well, I think it's really better to see the Golden Saf for baking, and baked Parisian women, only the yeast has already been diluted in warm water with sugar. If the pressed dough always rushes and squeaks, then somehow everything is sad. The two girls with whom we took this tutu are also frankly disappointed, one more girls and Lyudochka Pinky did not take their portions of yeast, but now I don’t know if they should do it, after my recall.

In short, I bake again with pressed ones and I am happy with the result. And the Golden Saf is in the locker. Maybe Fermipan will behave better, I don't know ... I'll probably buy him somehow when I'm in the mood.
Quote: Qween

I played the Golden Saf, and I am very disappointed. Highly! Even the desire to try Saf Instant Plus has disappeared. I haven't bought Fermipan yet, but I don't really want to.
The very first bread was baked with her own apple, so it turned out to be about 50% lower on Safa than usually on pressed ones. And some kind of grayish, with a thick crust and stale on the third day. Well, I think it's really better to see the Golden Saf for baking, and baked Parisian women, only the yeast has already been diluted in warm water with sugar. If the pressed dough always rushes and squeaks, then somehow everything is sad
Anechka, I recently received a Golden Saf from an online store of 108 spices. What can I say about this yeast: I baked bread three times, put 1 teaspoon of yeast on the first bread (I always put Fermipan ¾ tsp.l), baked a short one (at Fermipan, bread always propped up the lid). I put 1, ¼ tsp of yeast in the second bread - the same result. I put 1.5 tsp in the third loaf - the result is unchanged, the same low loaf. Probably, even two teaspoons would not have saved the situation. Although the color and taste are the same as on Fermipan and on fresh yeast; delicious, ruddy top, thin crust.
Since this yeast is made for a dough with a high sugar content, today I put the dough on Chuchelkins' pies with cabbage, did not dissolve the yeast, poured it into the liquid along with flour. The sugar in the recipe is 150 grams, but the dough rose very quickly, after an hour I was already molding the pies (usually with fresh yeast in one and a half to two hours), the smell is pleasant. There is no that scent of fermented yeast that sizzles in the nose, although the dough is really sad, does not squeak, but rises evenly and imperceptibly.
In general, I rehabilitated this yeast (at least for baking), but at first there was a desire to throw it away. Yeast is not economical in comparison with Fermipan, it is consumed faster, but I am only glad of that, let it run out faster.
Once a friend called me and told me that she had bought excellent dry yeast. The bread is superfood. I started asking what kind of yeast it was, and she suggested pouring it out so that I could bake bread myself. Well, I came to a friend, and she pours me into a jar, I look, and this is a golden saf. I say that I will not take it, that I have already bought it, but the yeast is bad, and the bread does not come out to them, why try again, especially since my acquaintance and I bought yeast from the same company, only the points of sale are different. Well, my friend persuaded me to take a little of this yeast in order to compare the result. So I took them, brought them home and baked a loaf.

To say that I was pleasantly surprised by the result is to say nothing! The bread turned out to be magnificent, fluffy, fragrant, ruddy. After that, I baked many more loaves of bread with this yeast, and always an excellent result.

Well, I just called the company and asked how it turns out that the yeast turned out to be different in quality, and how to buy it now, so as not to be disappointed again. So the girl on the other end of the wire untied herself on me, saying that what does their company have to do with it, because the point where I bought it was not them at all, but they take it from them by bank transfer and resell it, dealers like. And that they are not responsible for these dealers and so on. And that I will not prove anything (you might think that I was trying to prove something to her). This wonderful company 🔗 , and the list of places of sale also includes the one where I bought the bad yeast. To be honest, I would not have bought it there if I knew that this was a Sharashka's office.

I'm sitting now thinking what to do ... And I want and do not want to buy yeast like I bought.

Comrades, who buys where guaranteed good osmotolerant yeast?
Qween, I have the same question now.

Have you solved the problem with osmotolerant yeast?
For two years now I have been buying a half-kilogram pack of Saf-instant gold for Easter. And then I suffer for a year with this yeast - after a couple of months they lose their strength by half - and it's a pity to throw it away.
I tried both freezing them in small jars and keeping them in the refrigerator - the result is the same.

Now I found Fermipan yeast 2 in 1 on the zakvaskin website - packing 50 g in zip-lock or 0.5 kg bags. I understand that they themselves pack in small bags. So I think what to do.

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