4-grain bread with sesame and flaxseed

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4-grain bread with sesame and flaxseed


Wheat flour 200 gr.
Whole grain wheat flour 100 g
Buckwheat flour 20 gr.
4 cereal flakes Nordic 10 tbsp. l.
Sea salt 1 tsp
Sugar 1 tbsp. l.
Olive oil 2 tbsp. l.
Dry yeast 1.5 tsp.
Egg (large) 1 PC.
Sesame 10 gr.
Flax seeds 10 gr.
Milk 3.5% 120 ml
Water 100 ml

Cooking method

  • The dough rose very well, almost to the lid.

The dish is designed for

750 gr.

Time for preparing:

3 hours 40 minutes

Cooking program:

Whole grain baked goods


Recently we have a bread maker in our family. But! I am a fighter for a thin waist, so I have a taboo on white bread.
Inspired this recipe https://Mcooker-en.icdself.com/index.php@option=com_smf&topic=594.new;topicseen#new, but remade it for yourself. Thanks to Alexandra for the inspiration!
It turned out to be a light bread with a buckwheat flavor, a lot of fiber and vitamin E.
Although next time I will reduce the amount of white flour by another 50%.

* Ideal with "Edam" cheese and a cup of aromatic coffee for breakfast.


The bread has risen well. Only it is not clear what you sprinkled it with - flour? and then why?

anili, indicate in the recipe the model of your x / stove, so as not to cause questions from counter
And please, fill in your profile information about the model of your bread machine, measuring cup for it and place of residence - it will be more convenient to communicate with you and help!

As an example, see how it's done under my avatar
Tatyana, I will add the data.

With flour - this is my joint. I sprinkled the dough at the last moment, when there was the last kneading, but the "machine" turned it literally once and the flour did not disperse accordingly. We will improve.

And experience ... the son of difficult mistakes ...
Thanks a lot for the recipe.
Gave a reason to experiment. (=
I really wanted something unusual. And to get more nuts, dried fruits.
Based on your recipe, revised to a weight of 500 grams. Used a mixture of flour (wheat + oatmeal + buckwheat + whole. Spelled + flaxseed + milk thistle flour).
Flour / dried fruit-nuts approximately 2/1.
It turned out very unusual and tasty, although not at all "in shape".
Unfortunately, the bread maker only managed to make a layer, after which, it seems, "ordered to live a long time." The bread was saved in the oven, without a thermometer, with the "grandmother's method" temperature control (that is, open / close the door). ((=
Here's what's left. Considering the force majors, in general - it worked out.
Thank you so much!
4-grain bread with sesame and flaxseed
4-grain bread with sesame and flaxseed
4-grain bread with sesame and flaxseed

Next time I want to try to make it with sourdough (without yeast), add rye flour and malt.
I'll try - unsubscribe. Thank you!
I understand that the recipe is many years old. But I really liked the composition. For a long time I could not buy Nordic 4 cereals, I bought it, rushed to the oven .. But he did not rise. But I didn’t look at KP. I put it a second time. I looked into the HP and there - the bun is very dense, does not smear on the walls at all. And again it did not rise, I have an ordinary Panasonic, the height of the bread came out 9 cm. It is very tasty, but this is not what it should be! Help, what to do? Who else baked it? What should be a bun here? There are also 10 spoons of Nordic, then it is not clear which bun. I measured everything exactly according to the recipe in grams. Nordic measured out with measuring spoons without top. Pressed yeast 9 gr. Help me please!

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