Puffs with nutella

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Puffs with nutella


Packaging of puff yeast-free dough 400 g
Nutella half a can

Cooking method

  • Roll out the dough and cut out paired figures with a mold. Spread Nutella in the center of the future puff and cover with the second half, tightly fastening the edges.
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  • Bake preheated to 180about oven for about 15 minutes. This is how the cakes will swell after baking.
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  • Decorate as desired, you can simply sprinkle with icing sugar.

The dish is designed for

12-16 pieces

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A very simple and cute recipe. But the most interesting thing is that now he is walking around the network with a photo from a completely different recipe taken from an English-language site. Therefore, I could not determine who first changed it by adding someone else's photo.

the same
I wonder what else can be in the filling?
Quote: same

I wonder what else can be in the filling?

Anything you want, just not very liquid, so as not to leak. I also did it with boiled condensed milk.
dopleta, you have inexhaustible imagination!
And you, Tanechka, the same, in the same place!
How interesting ... It must be done! Thanks for the recipe
Larissa, Thank you . Need to try.
Dopleta, I am to you with a report and gratitude
Well, very fast, simple and very tasty. Moreover, the speed of preparation let me down a little. I'm used to the fact that for my oven, the baking time always needs to be increased ... well, two times, for sure. And then I come up in 20 minutes, and I see that a little bit more and the puffs will burn. Only now I had yeast dough. And instead of nutella, I took Puffs with nutella
Anya, unusually appetizing and beautiful! I'm glad that I liked it, thank you very much for the report and the wonderful photo: flowers :!

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