Wheat-rye bread with paprika and flaxseeds

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Wheat-rye bread with paprika and flaxseeds


Rye flour 100 g
Wheat flour 200 g
Pressed yeast 10 g
Whey or kefir 200 ml
Sugar 1 tbsp. l.
Salt 1 tsp
Olive oil 10 g
Dried sweet paprika 2 tbsp. l. with a slide
Flaxseeds 1 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • This recipe gradually grew out of Mistletoe Batboots. The dough won over with its simplicity of production, the presence of a minimum of ingredients and a very tasty result. I warn you right away that I measure flour in this recipe not on a scale, but in a measuring glass, where I have different marks for flour, water, sugar, rice, etc.
  • So. We do as Mistletoe ordered: slightly heat kefir or whey (today's whey loaf), grind the yeast with sugar, mix with kefir, pour into a bucket of a bread machine. Add olive oil, sift flour, add salt, paprika and seeds. Turn on the "Dough" mode, and leave the bun after kneading for half an hour in the bucket of a bread machine. Of course, in the process of kneading, we look after the kolobok, add or add, depending on what we see.
  • Take the dough out of the bucket, knead it, sprinkle it with flour and put it in a proofing bowl or basket for another 40 minutes. Cover the bowl with plastic foil and put it in a warm place. If there is no special bowl, then we form a loaf on a sprinkled board, and also cover it, for example, with a bag, so that it does not dry out, and there remains a space between the suitable dough and the film.
  • We heat the oven together with the stone (I have a clay pancake) and put a bowl of water down to create moisture. I don't have an accurate thermometer, but I put the oven knob at 240 degrees. I strongly suspect that in fact the temperature there is somewhat lower, so we focus on 200-220 degrees.
  • After proving, we turn the loaf onto a board, quickly transfer it to a hot stone in the oven, and bake for 15 minutes with water, then take out the water and bake it without it. I bake it in about 40 minutes, maybe. a little less. Keep track of the last 10 minutes, determine the readiness by tapping on the upper crust: if the sound is "empty", then you can take it out.
  • Wheat-rye bread with paprika and flaxseeds

The dish is designed for

1 PC

Time for preparing:

about 2 hours

Cooking program:

bread maker - kneading dough, oven


It can be made without fillers, all the same delicious bread comes out, but with paprika it turns out to be just a self-sufficient dish. My colleagues quit losing weight. They ask to bake it every other day. Since this recipe does not take much time (just measure the products, and follow the process), you have to pamper them and leave them at home. So sometimes I do 2 loafs a day.
Try it! It's very simple. Tomorrow is a free day, a lot of household chores will have to be redone, maybe someone will come in handy for a quick bake.

Ikra, amazing. First you need to dance or pray around this bread design. And only then will they solemnly take up the meal ..
Yes very nice!
and even futuristic - in the dark it can be mistaken for a UFO.
Duc, I specially laid out this beauty, so that baking professionals would tell me that I was doing something wrong: why does the same proportion open up in my oven (this kalach even "jerked" along the contour, which can be considered my artistic cut), is not revealed? Maybe you don't need to "steam" the water together with the heating of the oven,and put the cold one with the bread?
But the bread is still delicious, now I will report a photo of the crumb for the report.
And here I will boast about my proofing bowl:
Wheat-rye bread with paprika and flaxseeds
What a handsome man. What kind of stone? And what does it give?

Beauty And what is a proofing bowl made of? Where did you buy and how much does it cost?
What a wonderful bread !!!
Quote: Anna1957

Beauty And what is a proofing bowl made of? Where did you buy and how much does it cost?
join the question
A plastic bowl, it costs more than 600 rubles. (I just don't remember, honestly, I bought a lot of everything). Made in Germany. But rather small, to be honest. It is written for a pound, but my loaf of 300 g of flour crawls out of it quite noticeably. But still, a nice drawing turns out
I bought it at the "All for Baking" store on Partizanskaya Street.
About the "stone". This is not a stone for me, but a pancake Made of potted clay, works in the same way as a stone, I am very pleased with the result.
Right here https://Mcooker-en.icdself.com/in...on=com_smf&topic=8945.260 picture with a flatbread on this pancake.
Ikra, thank you very much, I learned so many interesting things while I went through the links! Found a recipe for a wonderful bread!
Ikra, I really liked your bread. True, I took more rye flour (200 g) and less wheat flour (100 g). The bread is thicker, but it tastes just great! Last time I made one loaf, the family said LOW !!! This time I made two loaves from a triple portion of dough, for tomorrow there is only one crust left. Thanks a lot for the recipe
Wheat-rye bread with paprika and flaxseeds
What excellent loaves! I am glad that you liked the bread, do not bake health!
Undeservedly unpraised recipe! Wonderful bread! It is easy and quick to prepare. I just baked on a baking sheet covered with baking paper in the oven. The result exceeded expectations. Thank you.

Wheat-rye bread with paprika and flaxseeds

Wheat-rye bread with paprika and flaxseeds
I am very glad that the bread according to my recipe found its bakers! Bake to your health!
zlevichek , you have a wonderful crumb! Thanks for baking!
Ikra , I will visit you with a huge thank you!
I baked bread according to your recipe, everything turned out wonderful. The bread is tender, airy and delicious!

Wheat-rye bread with paprika and flaxseeds Wheat-rye bread with paprika and flaxseeds
Vitalinka , what a handsome man! Thank you for baking. I haven't done something myself for a long time, I'll put it in your bookmarks
Bookmark this recipe! You should definitely try. Thank you!
klavick, try it, this is a simple bread with a good result.

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