Festive intertwined cake

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Festive intertwined cake


warm milk 250ml
dry fast-acting yeast 15g
flour (sift) 100g
sugar 1 st. l.
flour (sift) 500g
sugar 300g
salt 1h l.
salted butter 60g
egg 1 PC.
ground cloves on the tip of a knife
Nut filling:
milk 120ml
sugar 120g
ground cinnamon 1 / 2h l.
walnut (grind) 300g
egg white 1
Poppy filling:
milk 180ml
sugar 60g
ground cinnamon 1 / 2h l.
ground poppy 100g
semolina 20g

Cooking method

  • Dough:
  • Dissolve yeast in warm milk. Add sugar and flour, stir. Cover and leave in a warm place for 10-20 minutes. This dough once "ran away" from me: 0) The first time it happened. So watch out!
  • Nut filling
  • Boil milk, add sugar and cinnamon. Stir in finely chopped nuts and let cool. When the nut gruel cools, the liquid almost disappears. But there is still too much liquid. In this case, you need to drain the excess, and only then add the protein and mix.
  • Poppy filling
  • Boil milk with added sugar, vanilla sugar and ground cinnamon. Stir with poppy seeds and boil again, add semolina and simmer for 2-3 minutes over low heat. It turns out a thick manna-poppy porridge. Cool the filling.
  • Dough
  • Sift flour into a bowl, add granulated sugar, salt, egg, cloves and dough. Mix. Add softened butter and knead to a soft dough. It doesn't have to be very cool. It should be kneaded without problems and does not stick to your hands. Knead on the table for at least 10-20 minutes. Place in a greased dish, cover and leave to rise in a warm place for 45 minutes (the dough will double).
  • Let's prepare a baking dish. Oil and cover the bottom and walls of the mold d = 22cm (with a hole in the middle) with parchment paper, leaving the "collar" of the paper 10 cm above the level of the mold. You can use, in the same way, the mold d = 24-25cm without a hole, then cake it will just be wider and lower.
  • Knead the matched dough. Divide in half. Roll out each half into rectangular layers 30x40 cm. Spread the nut filling on one layer. Grease another layer with poppy filling. Roll each layer into a roll. Now cut each roll exactly in the middle along its entire length. Take one walnut and one poppy half sausage.
  • Festive intertwined cake
  • Put them crosswise in the middle and intertwine, carefully shifting the sausages one on top of the other. Start weaving from the middle, in one direction, and then in the other direction. Pin the ends. This will make 2 braids. Lay out the braids in a mold - first one, then, on top, the other - with tails towards each other. Cover. Put in a warm place for 15-30 minutes to rise. The volume should increase by 1.5 - 2 times.
  • Bakery products
  • Preheat the oven to 190C. Grease the top of the cake with yolk mixed with milk. Place in the oven on the lower shelf. Bake for 15 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 170C and bake for another 20-30 minutes, checking for readiness with a torch. The surface will have a beautiful golden color.
  • Festive intertwined cake
  • Cool the finished cake for 10 minutes in the form, and then on the wire rack.
  • Festive intertwined cake

The dish is designed for

1 large

Time for preparing:

4 hours


Many people ask for simple but delicious cake recipes. There are such recipes. But they are very commonplace. This cake requires not much more attention than a quick one ... well, a little more diligence ... But the taste, color, aroma, and appearance are amazing. This is generally a miracle recipe, which I copied from Pumpkin's website. For more than 8 years I have been delighting loved ones with originality.In the final version, this is already my modified version, with absolutely precise proportions. Pay special attention to the fillings. I have never particularly liked the poppy filling, but I will always do this way. It is very, very tasty!

Lyuba 1955
Stunningly beautiful, and judging by the recipe - sweet, just for my sweet tooth, thanks, I bookmarked the recipe with the idea, but ... last year I baked different Easter cakes and was so overclocked that I didn't have enough raisins, I chopped finely prunes and put the dough in a mold with a sleeve. It turned out very tasty and unusual, even my husband, who does not like prunes, ate with pleasure, but! traditional type and with raisins - they were all called pasque-kulich, and with prunes - they were called yeast cake.
Dukhnich Nadezhda
A-bal-put !!!!! Well, what to do now for what cake to grab? They won't eat so much at my house !!!!
Give, Nadenka, give! I don't really bake baking in general, but I always make cakes for at least 3 kg of flour
Dukhnich Nadezhda
Oh, yes, there is no one to give especially, everyone is on a diet, everyone is losing weight.
children do not sit on diets, I love small cakes "for one tooth" - and the kids eat without a trace and diet mothers
Dukhnich Nadezhda
Great idea! It remains to solve the question with the forms. I have all the forms, both silicone and paper - large. We must look for the little ones!
the Rose
Nadezhda, you can use jars, for example, from under green peas or stew. you can choose any sizes that you need, and so that the dough does not run away, you need to roll up the baking paper (as if to continue the height of the can) and it will be easy to pull it out and cut the mug and put it on the bottom of the can. ...
I hope I helped you
Tell me, is it possible to bake such a cake in a bread maker? And then I'm in trouble with the oven. The HP set includes a round bucket with a diameter of 16cm.
I don't bake cakes in a bread maker. But she kneads the dough perfectly. But for the rest, baking loves pens and a caring attitude, you need to wait for it, and, like a queen, take care of it.
You can experiment. Someone already did and was pleased with the result ... The bread maker does everything quickly. And I never got the expected result. Always a cupcake-like sweet bread. But the cake should be different. Light in weight (for me this is a great indicator for baking), airy, porous, with a long-fiber structure, sweet and very tasty.
How beautiful you wrote. Even drooling
In principle, I don’t make bread on a full machine in HP. And the cake ... All the same, you need to control. In general, if the children give the opportunity to tinker, I will bake and report
Quote: Dukhnich Nadezhda

Great idea! It remains to solve the question with the forms. I have all the forms, both silicone and paper - large. We must look for the little ones!
And here I am baking in jars of seaweed and baby meat puree. It turns out small and cute
Here are the experimenters. To be honest, I don't know how this cake will look from HB. Who will do this feat - unsubscribe.

I baked in different forms. But only in the usual way .... The most successful and effective form is with a sleeve in the middle. Then the middle is baked perfectly ... I wrote everything in the recipe about shapes with sizes ...
Once I did it at a party, and for lack of the desired shape, I baked in the usual form with a diameter of 23 cm, put a tin can inside (instead of a sleeve). So the whole process boiled down to the fact that the dough just "spit out" this jar during baking. The whole effect was violated (crookedly obliquely). It turned out to be a pie ...

I decided to write all the same, for information.

Natalochka, I have a huge thank you for your cake! Still, however, I did not cut it (they cool down), but I pulled off a piece from the side - super! Nut filling - just fly away! I had only 200 g of walnut and added 100 g of almonds. I just baked one Easter cake in a cauldron. I was afraid to put two rolls in one form, so I have two small types of cake.
Festive intertwined cake Festive intertwined cake
Nata, come out handsome !!!! When you cut it, you will have a fragrant, beautiful and appetizing surprise ...Impossible to resist. And I never tire of repeating - don't be hungry for the filling - it's just the rapture of gluttons ...
I am interested in the second Easter cake ... or rather its middle. Is it baked?
Nata, don't be afraid to put 2 braids on top of each other. Only make the sides of paper higher. He is then an interesting and tall supermega turns out .... Even more spectacular.
Natus, I will not deny that this cake baked longer, of course. Moreover, the first one baked in silicone, and this one in a cauldron. But, nothing, the middle was baked (I checked it with a wooden skewer). See how tanned they are - I was worried so that they weren't raw!
but I had something that he didn't bake a little in the middle, but it still turned out very tasty, everyone was delighted !!! when kneading, I had to put in more flour, because the dough was very sticky to my hands.
GREAT recipe and design !! I will instruct the dough to knead HP, and then handles, lovingly .... oh and yummy !!!!
Festive intertwined cake
What a COOL I take note of. Thank you
I will repeat this year too. Unchanging and popular with my fans of this muffin. Bake - you won't regret it.
tasha74, Hello! Tell me, please, is this so necessary that there is a difference in the weight of the nut and poppy fillings (more than one and a half times)?
I don't know how it tastes, but aromaaaat ...
thanks to the author! I made these cakes, worried that they had not risen, but did them in low and wide cauldrons, but the taste, as it turned out, was simply amazing! Slightly more troublesome than it is here, but definitely worth it! Thank you!

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