"Bear's paw" yeast brushwood

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Bear's paw yeast brushwood


yeast 30gr
warm water 100gr
sugar 2st l
mayonnaise 150gr
egg 1 PC
tomato paste 1 tsp
vegetable oil for frying

Cooking method

  • Add sugar, tomato paste, yeast to warm water and let stand for 1o minutes, so that the yeast gains strength. Then add egg and mayonnaise and replace the dough, but not very steep. Suck the dough in a warm place. As soon as the dough comes up, cut the blanks out of it - ovals no more than 1.5 cm in height and cut these ovals in the form of fingers. Heat a lot in a frying pan and fry like brushwood. Take it out on a napkin and let it cool a little, otherwise the chocolate with which we draw the claws will spread. Serve with honey, jam, toppings


This dough can be made without an egg, then it is suitable for those who are fasting.

yeast 30g
Which yeast is dry?
Quote: Sana

And which yeast is dry?
Thank you Ritapressed, of course!
very nice!
beautiful .. you need to try))
Girls, did anyone make these paws?

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