Plum marmalade

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Plum marmalade


plum 2 Kg
apples 1 kg
sugar 1.5-2 kg
cinnamon 1-2 tsp

Cooking method

  • For this marmalade, it is necessary to remove the bones from 2 kg of ripe plums-CORNER (I have a small, but TASTY !!!) at my dacha. Cut any 1 kg apples into 6-8 pieces without a core (you can use a scavenger). In a pan NOT ENAMELED (I have a thick aluminum one) put plums and apples in layers, sprinkle with sugar 1.5-2 kg (depending on the acid of plums and apples). Put on medium heat. As it starts up the juice and begins to boil, you can stir it. It is necessary to stir thoroughly, since the mass, when thickened, has a bad manner of sticking to the bottom. On medium heat, without a lid, it is necessary to boil it down to such a state that a trail remains behind a spoon drawn along the bottom, which was immediately covered with a mass. While not necessary, I've never gotten to that. Then add 1-2 tsp to this mass. cinnamon, stir. Arrange hot marmalade in sterilized jars, roll up.
  • It can last for years.

Time for preparing:

2-3 hours

Cooking program:



For many years I have been cooking this marmalade, using it for filling in grated pie, bagels, pies, etc., etc. It turns out to be very thick, you can cut it with a knife (well, almost), so it does not flow out of the products.

And I will add more. When thickened, the mass begins to "spit", so it is necessary to regulate the heating and take a deep pan right away. And then somehow I washed the kitchen for a long time!

You can also cook from a yellow plum, there will be light marmalade.

Photo Olka44

I understand that you can use overripe plums here?
Quote: Albina

I understand that you can use overripe plums here?

Yes, all sorts of things will go here, if only pitted.
svetta, thanks for the detailed description) And if the plums from the freezer, you get a marmalade? I just need your Grated pie)))
Olya, thanks for finding my recipe, somehow it got lost.
Yes, you can take ice cream, why not. And even now, the girls have learned to cook a small portion of jam in the microwave, in general, beauty. But I didn't cook anything like that in the microwave, so I don't know. I am responsible for the stove, but not for the microwave.
Quote: svetta
Olya, thanks for finding my recipe, somehow it got lost.
yeah, I was looking for plum marmalade for your grated pie, the recipe for which I spied in "... playfully")))
and accidentally found your marmalade.
Thank you, I'll try to boil it on gas.
Olya, good luck! Tell me later how it happened.
Here, I captured a spoonful of marmalade for a photo shoot, everything worked out! for a long time, of course, it all gurgled on the smallest fire, well, I did it in between times, I came to stir it, it seemed to cook itself). Yellow plum marmalade (from the freezer).
Plum marmalade

Sveta, thank you, now you can make a cake too

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