Cupcakes "Strawberry Christmas trees"

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Cupcakes Strawberry Christmas trees


For the test:
Wheat flour 130 g
Oil sl. 120 g
Condensed milk. 100 g
Vanilla sugar 1-2 tsp
Eggs 2 pcs
Baking powder 1 tsp
Cocoa 1 tbsp. l.
For the cream:
Oil sl. 150 g
Condensed milk. 100 g
Powdered sugar 2 tbsp. l.
Vanilla sugar. 1 tsp
Food coloring green
Strawberry 12 pcs
Sprinkling confectionery

Cooking method

  • Surely everyone has already seen very beautiful photos of such cakes, which have been walking on the Internet for a couple of years. I'm no pastry chef, but I really wanted to cook them. I didn’t find any strict recipe for making them, so I’m improvising. First I baked the muffins. Beat butter with condensed milk and vanilla sugar, add eggs, cocoa and flour mixed with baking powder. I put them in tins by 1/4 of the height - the cupcakes need low ones so that they serve only as a base. For the cream, I also whipped up all its ingredients. I applied a little cream to the center of each cake, set the berry, cut off the base with the herbs and glued the twigs from the bottom up in a spiral with a pastry syringe.
  • Cupcakes Strawberry Christmas trees
  • I have no doubt that you will get more beautiful and no less tasty!

The dish is designed for


Let this Christmas tree
During the holiday hour
With every needle
Pleases us!

Oh, Sens, how great! Thank you so much !
Class! Very original! And it seems not difficult!
My kids would love it! Thank you!
Christmas trees! .. I mean, Christmas trees, sticks! Another New Year's masterpiece!
A masterpiece is not a masterpiece, but great tokak !!! And the main thing with a twist! with strawberries!
No, Ilona is right, the masterpiece is far away. Well, we don’t eat cakes with butter cream, I almost never make them, and that’s the skill of the netti. Here's an idea - yeah, good, but not mine. My only recipe and execution. But thanks!
Larissa, the Christmas trees are so wonderful!
Handsomely !
Instead of butter cream, you can use protein - it's lighter!
Do not give a plus sign for the recipe.
Quote: Rita

Handsomely !
Instead of butter cream, you can use protein - it's lighter!
Well yes. But pickled cucumber tastes better anyway! We are not a sweet tooth. I cook sweet only for guests.
Handsomely. When I read the name, I think why strawberry then ??? There are no strawberries in the photo, and then I saw it in a cut.
And pickled cucumber and praaaavda tastier
And the cakes are very beautiful

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