Hello everybody. The holidays are coming and I am very interested in buying a bread machine, so to speak, a beginner in this business. I would like to give the family a worthwhile gift for the New Year. But everywhere there is so much written, and everything is so smooth that I was already confused which one to take. A family of 4 people, we love bread very much. The shop one leaves in about 1.5 days (loaf 400-500 gr.). Now, if you take this little thing, then you need to guess so to speak. I found several models, and I want to know the opinions of professionals so to speak) Advise what to take. You need to have functions of jam, cupcake, etc.) They are currently at a discount, at the same price. The most expensive one that cost the most before the stock is: MOULINEX OW-3025

2.OW-3101 MOULINEX (so far I'm leaning towards this one)
3.ZELMER BM-1000

Hope for help, thanks!
I live in Latvia, and have not yet found Panasonic in any electronics store: (No, sorry, I found it)) For the price, if this is a Panasonic SD 2501 model, but it is very expensive, so it does not fit (
Freken Bock
SooMI think you need to focus on your own feelings. It is advisable to look somewhere at the bread maker in real life. Compare your ideas about it with reality. And choose the one that you like.
Good afternoon, dear members of the forum.

I would like to hear your recommendations for choosing a bread machine. Which one is better to buy?
The budget is not limited.

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