Cottage cheese casserole

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Cottage cheese casserole


dietary cottage cheese 500g
egg 2 pcs
condensed milk 1 can
butter cookies 100-150g

Cooking method

  • Stir cottage cheese, eggs and condensed milk well. It is better to take diet cottage cheese, packed in tubes. Put chopped cookies on the bottom of a small (20cm diameter) detachable form with a non-stick coating, morn it, put the curd mass on top. Bake for 40 minutes at 180-200 degrees, depending on the stove.
  • A very simple, quick and tasty casserole.
  • It is assumed that the form should not be lubricated with anything. In fact, while cooling down, the curd leaves the walls of the mold. But next time I will grease her a little, just a little)))
  • And here's another, I got a little bit of cookies. I remember that they recommended me what to do, so that the base would hold thoroughly))). But I could not find a recommendation. But now I found:
  • I saw how our pastry chefs make this base (I work in a restaurant), they grind cookies with soft butter (not melted), put them in a mold, but then they bake them at a high temperature of 250-300 degrees for about four minutes. and only then, on the cooled crust, spread the cheese mixture. I tried it myself, I did it, and it worked three times))))) Although I reworked their recipe, it is very difficult to distinguish. The cake stood on the table for a day and a half and nothing happened to it

Tan, what a smooth, even pie turned out - there is nothing to complain about

Great !!!

And a can of condensed milk! Super sweet ?!
Tanyusha, Thank you!
I also thought it would be sweet, but no, okay Well, at least for me
Quote: celfh

Well anyway for me

Believe it! Language is a purely personal phenomenon! And the pie is very good!
Zoya Grishina
I love curd casseroles very much. I'll take it to your bookmarks. I will definitely try.
Tanya, casserole is just super! Such a beautiful cut! So it begs in the mouth
I'll bookmark it.
I make such a casserole with and without boiled condensed milk, though I have never done it with cookies, I must try.
Tanyusha, thank you
Girls, thank you Try it, very tasty, fast and simple
and flour, semolina, starch - nothing goes into the cottage cheese?
Quote: Sandiya
and flour, semolina, starch - nothing goes into the cottage cheese?
I make it according to a similar recipe, but without cookies: 3 eggs, a can of condensed milk, 500 g of cottage cheese. And nothing else - no flour, no semolina, nothing! It turns out very tasty.

Now, thanks to Tatiana, I will try a new recipe - with cookies.
now I will try. But I will add raisins, mine are very fond of
Girls, this is SO TASTY !!! I decided not to add anything and try the original recipe, it's great !!!! The husband said it was cheesecake. Thanks to the author !!!
celfh - Thank you for the recipe !!! done very simple and it turns out delicious!!!
Cottage cheese casserole
Anya! to your health!
Tanyusha, thank you for a simple and delicious recipe !!!

Everyone has such beautiful casseroles I'm just ashamed to show my own, but I will show it anyway, it is unique

For the casserole itself, I mixed everything, as written in the recipe. But I have a different basis. There were no butter cookies in the house, but a variant of the experiment began to spin in my head.

I recently took a test and was given an allergen - wheat. I'm trying to reduce its content in my diet.

Cheesecake recipes mention Jubilee Cookies. Honestly, I do not remember what it is, but I thought that the sand
I baked a shortbread with rice and corn flour. I cooled it, weighed it, broke it into a blender, added more butter (half the weight of the cake itself) and ground it. I put it in a mold, tamped it down. Then I baked it in the oven for exactly 5 minutes (I have a maximum with convection and 230 * C, equating to an electric oven - it's 250 * C).
For some reason it swelled up, became lush and soft Or should it be?
It cooled down, poured the curd mixture and baked at 160 * C. Towards the end of baking, the casserole began to swell on one side. I decided to trim it, unfolded it, but it didn’t understand what shape at all. In general, I baked it, waited until it was all evened out

Well, okay I baked it in the evening, tried it at lunch the next day. My daughter is wrong again
And my husband and I LIKED the Curd casserole VERY LIKED !!!
The next day, the base was already soaked from the curd layer. Everything was amazingly juicy

Cottage cheese casserole Cottage cheese casserole

I baked it again I love cottage cheese pastries, but here everything is so wonderful

Today I have a mixed casserole
A jar of low-fat cottage cheese, a jar of mascarpone. There were proteins, well, I had about 90 grams of proteins in a casserole. With 1 can of condensed milk, it's very sweet for me, so I poured only about 300 gr. It turned out remarkably tender, tasty, moderately sweet And without flour I baked it again at random

Tan, you just don't show my "masterpiece" to anyone, okay

Cottage cheese casserole

I didn't make a cookie from below. She bothers me here I like pure taste

Tanyush, thanks for the wonderful recipe !!! I use it periodically
Quote: Waist
I baked it again
And good luck, Natalia!))))
And in the cartoon, no one baked this recipe?
I wonder what temperature and time is better to set?
Tanyush, Hi!
I'm talking about her again, your casserole

I also bake it from low-fat cottage cheese with Mascarpone. I read my post today, refreshed my memory ...
Today I added one egg to the casserole and I had proteins, about 2 eggs and pulled.
I added the remains of condensed milk, it turned out only 260 grams, so I added 40 grams of invert syrup
And in the process of choosing a recipe for today, a mention of cranberries flashed through. It decorates curd casseroles like this. Here is a handful of cranberries in the same place

Baked for exactly 40 minutes. I didn't "jump" around, anyway the oven will do as it wants
I pulled it out, the edges were twice as high as the middle, cooling down - they practically leveled off.

Knowing that IT is tastier the next day, I left it just to stand to cool and insist.And then suddenly, running past, I pulled me to try it ........ In general, only that which does not fit during dinner will survive until breakfast

Tanechka, thanks for the recipe!
Natalia, and now I have no one to feed with casseroles, I completely forgot about her)) A very pleasant reminder))
Once again - to your health !!!
I love cottage cheese baked goods !!!
I need one of this portion for 2-3 times, and I don't need to feed

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