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Wheat flour
(glass volume - 250 ml)
4 tbsp.
Water 1.3 Art.
(320 ml)
Salt 0.5 tsp
Rast. oil
(any oil, fat can be used)
2 tbsp. l.
Egg 1 PC.
Vodka 1 tbsp. l.
While the dough is infused
prepare minced meat:
Meat 700 g
Onion 350 g
Water 0.5 tbsp.
Salt, pepper, spices taste

Cooking method

  • I'm minced for chebureks 1/2 tbsp. I add kefir, that's when the meat gives off its juice.
  • And I make the dough custard.
  • 1. Boil water with salt and oil (oil gives the finished pasties a characteristic "bubbling").
  • 2. Immediately boil 1/2 cup flour in it, trying to stir the lumps, and let it cool (boiling a part of the flour makes the dough soft and plastic).
  • 3. Add the egg and vodka (it is possible without vodka, but in my opinion it is better with vodka) mix (the egg increases the "bubbling" and strength of the dough, somewhat reducing plasticity and softness). Gradually adding the rest of the flour, knead the dough. The dough should not stick to your hands, if it does, add a little more flour. Let it brew for at least 1 hour (or at least 10). In the process of standing, knead once.
  • 1. Pass the meat through a meat grinder. Who does not want to bother skipping the onion and add salt, spices through a meat grinder and go to step 3.
  • 2. Finely chop the onion, mash (beat off with a crush) with salt, pepper and spices. Put in minced meat.
  • 3. Add 0.5-1 glasses of water or 1 glass of kefir, which, in addition to flavoring, has a wonderful property to bind raw minced meat (minced meat does not spread) and give liquid to the finished product. Mix everything well.
  • Fry pasties:
  • 1. Cut the dough into balls the size of a ping pong ball and roll it into a flat cake 1 mm thick. Smooth the minced meat (a little more than the dough) over one half of the flat cake, cover with the other half and press down on the edges, squeezing out the air (otherwise they will swell greatly). Roll along the edge with a special machine or the edge of a saucer and check that there are no gaps or crevices on the seam.
  • 2. Pour 2-3 cm of vegetable oil into a saucepan, and after waiting until the oil is well heated, fry on 2 sides over medium heat, uncovered, until golden brown.
  • You can also just fry in a pan with less oil.
  • After frying, the cheburek will be the size of a medium palm.


I don't remember where I got this recipe from, but since I tried to make it, it became my favorite

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Sorry, have you ever weighed flour? I tried to measure flour with glasses and my HP almost died, kneading the dough, I had to add water and, in the end, stir it with my hands ... But the pasties turned out to be delicious! And what beautiful ones Answer, please, I really want to take the recipe into service - my household adores this dish!
Honestly, I didn't weigh it. But I will definitely weigh it!

I first start kneading in HP with 3 glasses of flour. When the HP mixes a little, I take out the dough and mix the remaining glass of flour by hand, since the dough is very cool.

The dough becomes much softer after that. how it will lie for an hour in a film at room temperature.

I make a lot of this dough, because my pasties are loved not only with meat, but also with cheese, feta cheese.

I also use this dough for lazy mantas in a slow cooker.
And I thumped all at once ... And what consistency should the "tea leaves" be? I had like a very thick semolina porridge
Quote: Alena74

And I thumped all at once ... And what consistency should the "tea leaves" be? I had like a very thick semolina porridge

This is how it should be
Alena74 , thanks for reminding me of pasties.

Today I prepared them specially!

Weighed flour: gone 560g .

But that's how they came out for me.
Edges processed with a fork.

Now, in essence, kneading the dough:
First, it was kneaded in KhP with 3 glasses of flour. After 5 minutes of kneading, a fourth glass was added. My stove (Mulinex) coped with such a load perfectly.
Summer resident
.... and sho do not burst and juice does not flow out?
Quote: Summer resident

.... and sho do not burst and juice does not flow out?

It happens occasionally.

Today, out of 15 pieces, only one leaked juice

I blind them well, and then for beauty I walk through with a fork
Can you do your bit if Lyulek is not offended?
By using a completely identical recipe for chebureks.
But sometimes I add another touch if time permits. I roll out the entire mass of dough (Lulek's recipe and mine) into a circle about 1-2 cm thick, spill a little vegetable oil and smear it over the entire surface, then roll it all into one tourniquet, roll this tourniquet (like a homemade sausage) into a circle and roll it again to a thickness of 1-2 cm + oil, that is, I repeat this procedure 2 more times. All this gives the dough additional layering and blistering.
And one more VERY IMPORTANT moment. When I roll the dough onto the cheburek, I no longer use flour. I spill a little vegetable oil on the table, spread it on the surface of the table and roll out this ball of dough with a rolling pin also greased with vegetable oil. I have a special rolling pin for chebureks. As a result, when frying pasties, flour does not get into the oil, and you can fry more pasties without changing the oil.
Bon Appetit. The recipe really is. The best, and I have tried many of them, I have not met.
PS The dough should not be very hard after settling (30 min), do not try to tighten it by hand too much. I think that after 1-2 times you will find your sweet spot. Then it keeps very well in the freezer. I immediately cut it into pieces that I need, and then in the evening I take it out of the freezer and leave it on the table (in cellophane). This is if you need to save time in the morning or just too lazy to mess around.
Lyi Thanks for the valuable additions to the recipe!

I will definitely take note!
Lyulek, Thank you so much! Now things will get better! I really liked this recipe, when rolling it is enough just to powder the table with flour, the dough is plastic. And chebureks really don't burst! Juicy! That's just not enough salt for my taste ... However, I salt everything cool.
Quote: Alena74

Lyulek, Thank you so much! Now things will get better! I really liked this recipe, when rolling it is enough just to powder the table with flour, the dough is plastic. And chebureks really do not burst! Juicy! That's just not enough salt for my taste ... However, I salt everything cool.
Alenushka, try not to powder the table with flour, but pour a drop of oil on it, spread it on the table and then roll it out without using flour, since the flour from the pasties, getting into the oil, burns and gives it blackness (see my previous post # 8). Rolling in oil does not complicate, but facilitates the process.
Good luck with your baking!
Lilechka, thank you BAAAlshushie for the recipe! The dough is lovely, it's a pleasure to work with it !!! Yes, and the pets are happy, they said that it turned out very tasty! And here's the result:


Crochet, excellent pasties turned out!

Thank you for appreciating the recipe !!!

I adapted this dough for lazy manti.

That is, with the same composition: both dough and minced meat. I just rolled a piece of dough thinly into a rectangle. Thinly smeared the minced meat on the surface. I turned it into a roll and for 40 minutes in a slow cooker, "Steam" mode.

I roll out the dough on a slightly oiled table.

I like this dough because it allows itself to be rolled out thinly, and does not break at the same time!
Quote: Lyulёk

I like this dough because it allows itself to be rolled thinly, and does not break at the same time!
So for the same thing I fell in love with him from the first rolled out piece of dough !!! Lovely, not dough, I recommend to everyone who has not tried it sooo (read strongly) to do it, and in the very near future!
I tried to cook it, it turned out great !!!
There are no photos (did not have time, they ate instantly!)
I brewed flour in a bread maker at the beginning of the batch, turned off the HP, cooled the mass, turned on the "Dough" again, added an egg, vodka, otalny flour-stove kneaded everything with a bang! She rolled it out with the use of butter - everything rolled out perfectly and fried!
I am grateful for the dough recipe and valuable additions to it !!!
UZhanka, cook with pleasure!

Glad you liked the recipe!
I sit and puzzle: if rolled in oil, how will their edges stick together? All my life I smeared and sealed them with a beaten egg. How about butter?
Quote: Scarecrow

I sit and puzzle: if rolled in oil, how will their edges stick together? All my life I smeared and sealed them with a beaten egg. How about butter?

They also stick well with butter, if you press the edges well with your fingers, as on dumplings or dumplings.

The main thing: do not overdo it with oil.

Although I should try to overdo it: not a drop, but layering it with butter so well: something tells me that this way the layering will increase, and the taste will be better.

Last year, I tried puff pastry khachapuri in a restaurant with Azerbaijani cuisine. This is something! Incredible yummy!
When lubricated with oil, everything sticks together normally, I confirm!
But if the minced meat gets between the dough, then it's already problematic ...
Lilechka brought a huge plus: girl_love: chebureks are lovely, mine said so. because I stood and fried and they ate without waiting for the process to stop, so there is no photoreport, but there is a huge gratitude
I didn’t dust the table with flour and didn’t grease it, and it didn’t bother me, the dough is very plastic, of all the pasties, maybe a couple of them were just crumbled in a frying pan, the juice flowed, but everything is super (y) Now this is my favorite recipe for cheburek!
Ludmila, ilkva , Thank you for your appreciation!

I am pleased that you liked the recipe for this dough.
Enjoy cooking!
Delicious pasties Brewed and kneaded the dough completely in cotton, added more than 560 g of flour - the oven easily coped (y) I was not even too lazy and rolled out the dough 3 times, smeared it with oil and twisted it with a snail: :) At the same time I tried a roller-wheel-cool thing Of the total number of chebureks, only one spat, and then I then noticed that I pierced it myself with my fingernail when I took it from the table
Lulek thanks for the recipe, and Lyi per twist - twist of dough
nut, I am very glad that I liked the pasties!

So I'm waiting - I can't wait for the wheel
Nut, Bon Appetit! To your health!
Glad I could help!
nut, and what shape did you make pasties with a wheel: square, or classic? It's a pity there are no pictures.
Sorry, did not understand, in a semicircle? Did you roll out the rest of the dough afterwards?
What leftovers I had nothing I rolled out a piece of dough in a circle, put the minced meat in half, closed the other - it turns out a crescent and the waste passed along the edge with a wheel - a thin thread of dough tried to wind up on a wheel One little subtlety - try to walk through the dough with one edge of the wheel (and there are 2 of them in the wheel and in the middle there is a metal plate -knife)
Everything, I realized, I was just slowing down: I did dumplings with a wheel yesterday, so that process remained in my brain. Thank you for your patience.
A wonderful recipe, the pasties turned out super! Thank you very much! The husband is delighted, said the most delicious pasties that he ate !!!
Thank you so much for the dough, it is really wonderful. Knead it twice yesterday (not enough), greased the table with butter, the dough did not stick and rolled out perfectly. First, I glued about six, laid the blanks on the table, having previously greased it with a little oil, and began to fry. While the stuck ones were fried, I rolled and molded new ones. It turned out to be an almost continuous process. Thanks for the kefir in the minced meat too. I've done pasties many times before, but this result is amazing!
I am very glad that I liked the recipe, and the pasties turned out!

Go for it!

Well, you must. I also make dough like that, only without vodka. Well, now I'll try with vodka.
Oh well, new reviews appeared on this recipe and I read it, now I will also try it. Previously, it was made from unleavened choux pastry, but the recipe is slightly different. And I think it is desirable to pour vodka. I pour 1-2 tbsp into all frying products. l., because of this, the dough pulls less fat into itself.
and I really liked the lukewarm ones - tender, tasty. the dough is practically not felt. I got 15 pieces and there are still 5 pieces of dough left. hid in the refrigerator for the time being. a special thank you from my husband!
You have to hide from your husband under the pillow in the bedroom. He will smell and go to the kitchen to look for food. At this moment, it will be possible to calmly sharpen the chebulirls.
Oh youth ... Looks like the first time married ..
Girls, today I spent the whole morning looking for recipes for chebureks in the internet and taking a little bit of recipes of everything, I created this miracle:
this is such delicious food, and the dough is the simplest - flour, water, salt and sugar. butter, pasties are so airy and bubbly
If anyone is interested, I can share the minced meat in them.
Very beautiful chubureks! Share the recipe.
Quote: nut

If anyone is interested, I can share the minced meat in them.
Of course interesting. The more recipes, the more choice.
Irin, the recipe for such beauty is in the studio!
I am already writing a glass-250ml.
3st. flour
1 st. gas. water
1h l. salt
2st. l. sub. oils
2.5 Art. Sift flour with a slide, salt, make a hole, gradually pour water and oil, start kneading the dough and at the end add the remaining half a glass of flour. Continue kneading for 10-15 minutes until a smooth bun. Wrap the finished bun with cling film and leave alone for 30-40 minutes. During this time, we make minced meat: I had a piece of lean pork and a piece of undercap, weight about 800g. On a board that you do not mind chopping the meat into small pieces with two hatchets (I bought them specially for this)
finely chop the onion (about half of the meat), lightly salt it and shake it well with your hand, add to the meat, salt, add your favorite spices and pour in about 1 tbsp. ice water, water can be replaced with kefir (I poured water) and knead the minced meat well. Then we take the dough, divide it into 2 parts. We take one part and roll it into a rectangle and start folding like this:
then like this:
we put the workpiece aside under the bowl so that it does not get weathered and do the same with the second half. this kind of rolling should be done 3-4 times (I did it 3 times). This is done quickly with a conveyor belt. Then we take the first part of the dough, after 3 times rolling and folding, roll it into a rectangle with a thickness of + - 3mm and roll it into a roll, divide it into 8 parts, and roll each piece into a thin cake, put the minced meat, cover it with half the dough, press it a little with your palm so that squeeze out the air and fasten the edge with your finger. We take a rolling pin and go along the edge with a rolling pin, it turns out almost a welded seam, then you can walk along the edge with a wheel for beauty. We heat the oil on the stove until a barely visible haze appears and fry the pasties. My hob has a gradation from 0 to 9. I heat the oil to 9, then switch to 7.5 and start frying pasties. Outwardly, they do not burn and the filling has time to fry. Eat very carefully - we use the juice inside the sea We use flour only when kneading the dough, dusting the table with flour or moistening with butter DO NOT NECESSARY during rolling - the dough does not stick anywhere That seems to have written everything, if anything - ask
To speed up the process, cut the squares of a piece of paper and roll the cakes, folding them on pieces of paper in a pile - a cake / piece of paper, etc., so they will not get weathered and it will go very quickly, while the first pasties are fried, the next ones will be ready. Writing by God takes longer than cooking them
Class !!!! I went to do it.
Do Yar you will not regret And then show the result I would be glad if someone likes the recipe
Ira, thank you very much for the recipe for such delicious pasties: rose: The whole family was just delighted with their taste, up to the daughter (6 years old). These are how they turned out:Chebureks THANK YOU
Alena, I am very glad that you and your family liked the chebureks: flowers: You have turned out very beautiful and bubbly. In my family this recipe is now the main one - other chebureks no longer want my fussy
Believe it or not, there are only 2 things left and require more I feel that we will also have this favorite recipe
The recipe is just super! I made pasties for the first time (we are going to the dacha, I made them for freezing). I fried 5 pieces for testing, they ate it instantly. Delicious. Thanks to the Author
I wanted to show my pasties, it turns out that there is already a recipe. I have a little different, but the result is excellent
Tanyush, so even:

Quote: celfh

slightly different

can give a completely different result !!!

Be a friend, please post your recipe in a separate temka, eh?

We have a lot of different cheburek recipes on the forum, and believe me, yours also has the right to a separate living space topic !!!

P.S. Chebureks are just freaky !!! Xahhchuuu recipe !!!

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