Is it possible to somehow fix the coupling? I can't understand how it was attached before and how to fix it back? The knife stops kneading after a couple of minutes of kneading, the coupling flies off and raises the bucket (as far as I understand)The connecting sleeve jumps off
veterxx Alas, at home, in any way, on a new product it is riveted or welded by spot welding.
veterxx The service will tell you to change the bucket, you can try to look for a master with "hands", but in order to rivet the drive into place, you will have to disassemble the entire unit and this is almost impossible without damage
Maybe try cold welding (glue is called that)? There is a more reliable fastening, you still have to change the oven, there is nothing to lose to drill the shaft and press it with a washer, but this is already with the tools
Alim Cold welding from heating will flow. But a bolt with a washer is an option!

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