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On the topic "Useful kitchen tools": next to the handsome men, you have a bread bin not made of birch bark? If yes, tell us how bread is stored in it, does it dry quickly ...
Elena Bo
Too fresh, bread just from the oven is not very good for eating: it chews poorly, rolls into lumps that are difficult to soak in digestive juices, which means they are less digestible. Lumps of hot rye bread stuck together are especially harmful; they can even cause indigestion. For people suffering from diseases of the stomach, liver and heart, it is more useful to eat yesterday's or slightly dried bread.

In factories, E-ingredients were added to bread and loaves to extend the lifespan. As a rule, these are leavening agents, which give the loaf fluffiness and do not allow it to harden quickly, and preservatives (lactic or acetic acid) so that it does not spoil. Such additives are mainly used for the production of exotic breads: potato, cheese, corn. They are expensive, therefore, in order not to spoil in two days, they add E-ingredients to the recipe. Thus, the shelf life has increased to seven days. In the usual rye-wheat breads, it is no more than five days.
In addition, the bread is packed in plastic bags. The moisture has nowhere to evaporate - the bread becomes stale more slowly. New technology forcibly cools the bread after baking. He is placed in chambers in which powerful fans drive air. Bread that has cooled down quickly grows moldy more slowly.

The bread becomes stale within a few hours after being taken out of the oven, since the composition of the bread contains starch polysaccharides, which under normal storage conditions quickly pass from a soluble state to an insoluble one. All kinds of additives only slow down this process.
However, when stored properly, it can be kept fresh for several days.

Bread should be stored in sealed containers, in special bread bins - metal, plastic, wooden. The best way is to store in wooden bread bins wrapped in a linen napkin. Polyethylene bags are absolutely unsuitable for this purpose, since the bread in them quickly molds under the influence of moisture. Never put away hot bread, let it cool. You cannot take out hot bread to the cold.

Bread boxes should be sufficiently airtight and have a minimum ventilation area. The bread box should be in a dry, light place, such as on a windowsill. In this case, there will be no mold - it forms faster in the shade.
In this case, certain rules must be observed: remove leftovers and crumbs from the breadbox in time, rinse it with a weak solution of vinegar at least once a week and dry it. Acetic acid eats away at the mold and neutralizes the penicillins it contains, which, when decomposed, release unpleasant odors.
Lemon peel helps to rid the bread basket of mold, as well as from the invasion of domestic ants and cockroaches. Lemon will also eliminate the unpleasant specific smell of stale bread. Vinegar is suitable for the same purpose. Rags soaked in vinegar are placed in the corners of the bread bin.
Bread does not stale so quickly if you put a lump of sugar, a small peeled potato or an apple slice in the bread basket. They absorb excess moisture quite well and help maintain the moisture level at the same level. From time to time they need to be replaced with fresh ones.
A handful of salt placed in a tightly closed bread bin will prevent bread from mold. Salt is a good preservative that inhibits the growth of microorganisms.
From mold, as well as from unpleasant odors, a piece of charcoal wrapped in gauze will help if you put it in a bread bin. Charcoal is excellent at absorbing odors and excess moisture.

Try not to put rye and wheat bread together - otherwise they will quickly become moldy.
Rye bread has a higher moisture content and mold appears earlier. And if you have a breadbox with one section, store rye bread in a plastic bag, with several holes punched, say, with a punch.
In any case, it is better to put white bread separately, because it easily perceives the smell of black bread and loses its taste.

Many people store bread in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. It turns out that bread hardens the fastest at a temperature of +2 degrees. This is exactly the temperature on the top shelf of the refrigerator. For long-term storage of bread, a temperature of -25 degrees is best (at a temperature of -18 degrees, bread can lie for three months). It is better to pre-cut the bread and put it in a bag. As needed, put the frozen bread in the oven for ten minutes, or you can reheat it in the microwave, but in a tightly closed saucepan, and get a fragrant hot bread. And if you don't want to bother with heating, just without removing the plastic bag, put the bread on the table, and in two hours it will be ready to eat. You can freeze bread by cutting it into pieces. Then, when defrosting, you take as many slices of bread as you need.

And some more old tips for storing bread and slowing down its hardening.
Start cutting a whole loaf or loaf not from the edge, but from the middle. Having cut the loaf in half, cut off the required number of slices from the middle, and fold the remaining parts in slices tightly to each other and store that way. Place the loaf cut in the same way vertically. So it is possible to combine the slices more tightly. The bread remains protected on both sides and does not stale longer.

But if, nevertheless, the bread has become stale, it is not difficult to restore it. Experts say that even stale bread does not lose its taste and aroma. So, we save the bread!
1. Dried bread sprinkled with water, or better yet wrapped in wet paper, place in the oven. Please note that this method is not suitable for sprinkled rich varieties.
2. Put the dried bread in a saucepan, close the lid tightly and place in the oven at 120-130 degrees for 20 minutes.
3. In a large pot of water, place the smaller pot on the stand. Put bread in it, cover with a lid and keep on low heat until the smell of fresh bread appears. This is the easiest and most reliable way, as it does not allow the bread to burn if you forget about it, and you will get the bread as from a bakery - fresh and aromatic.
However, the product "revitalized" in this way is desirable to eat immediately, as it quickly loses its softness.

And, finally, you can always dry crackers from stale bread, which can then be used with broth, soup, etc. Store crackers in clean linen bags, and you can always use them for breading, making jelly, casseroles and kvass. In general, a few words of praise should be said about breadcrumbs. Firstly, it is a good alternative to bread for first courses. Crackers have a fairly low moisture content (8-12%), which prevents the formation of mold fungi and other microorganisms. Secondly, crackers are hygroscopic, easily absorb moisture and gastric juice, and therefore are easily absorbed by the body. Thirdly, there is little coarse fiber in breadcrumbs, which is difficult for assimilation, and in wheat bread crumbs the acidity is much lower than that of bread. Therefore, they are used in dietary food for gastrointestinal diseases.

And besides, crackers never get bored, and you can cook various, original and delicious dishes with them.

I keep my bread wrapped in foil. I buy an inexpensive Polish one, it is thin. This foil is enough for 2-3 bread. It is very convenient, the bread is stored for a long time and does not change its taste.This method, by the way, is recommended in the instructions for my bread maker.
I store bread in a birch bark box. Doesn't get stale for 3 days. True, I have one box for white and black bread. Thinking about buying a second one. The forum has already raised the topic of who keeps bread. From there I learned about birchbark bread bins. The cheapest place in Moscow is to buy them at Izmailovsky Vernissage on weekdays, when there is a sale at wholesale prices.
On the RITTER website I saw this built-in ceramic box for storing bread:

A certain humidity and temperature is specially maintained in it so that the bread does not stale. The box weighs about 10 kg.
Found on the Internet a few more photos of ceramic containers for bread

Bread boxes, bags for storing bread

Bread boxes, bags for storing bread

Bread boxes, bags for storing bread

I think a ceramic box is the best choice for storing bread.
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I also bought a birch bark box at the All-Russian Exhibition Center, but did not find any special properties of this bread box.

“Birch bark is not just an environmentally friendly material, it is an excellent antiseptic, it has a powerful antitumor activity and astringent properties, as well as antifungal, antiviral and bactericidal action. Therefore, bread bins, toes, plates, mugs, candy bowls, napkin holders, rusks, baskets, sets for spices made of birch bark will not only decorate your kitchen, but also reliably protect your food. Products made from birch bark are durable, convenient and even washable. "

I found a good replacement for a linen napkin - in a birch bark box I put 2 wicker coasters under the hot birch bark 15x15 (there are other sizes). They are very soft, easy to clean, and with them the bread does not dry much longer!
And I myself made a two-section bread bin from wood (pine) a few years ago
I wanted a two-section one to replace the old metal enameled bread bin that had become unusable .. But for some reason, there were wooden ones on sale with only one section.
I had to buy pine boards on the market and make them according to my own sketch. The outside of the bread bin is varnished. The section for white bread is slightly larger than for black bread.

IMG_4968 (Medium) .JPG
Bread boxes, bags for storing bread
IMG_4967 (Medium) .JPG
Bread boxes, bags for storing bread
IMG_4969 (Medium) .JPG
Bread boxes, bags for storing bread
I store my bread in plastic bags. It lies perfectly, 3-4 days is not a period.
I store in the same ceramic tins with lids that I use to bake my bread in the oven. The clue was on the box from this shape, they wrote that it could be used as a bread bin. Before covering, pat with a paper kitchen towel. I put a few lumps of sugar inside. I read somewhere that it helps to keep bread. I change sugar periodically.
Quote: Alexandra

I put a few lumps of sugar inside. I read somewhere that it helps to keep bread. I change sugar periodically.
I store ordinary bread in a bag in the refrigerator. But in sweet pastries such as Easter cake, muffin - I put a piece of fresh apple in a bag. I also read somewhere that it helps baked goods to keep their fresh taste and softness. I keep it for 2-3 days.
Uncle Sam
From the site of Radio Mayak

Cinnamon oil can help keep bread fresh

Spanish scientists have developed a new type of wrapping paper that will help keep bread fresh for 10 days. It is made with cinnamon oil.

The authors of the study note that they tried to use a variety of methods to combat mold: ultraviolet radiation, sterile packaging and various chemicals. However, the best turned out to be "active packaging", which itself "attacks" the fungus.

... and I kept thinking why sprinkle cinnamon on the pastries ...
so that the poor fungus does not get
And I also store it in the refrigerator in a plastic bag. And then I cut off as much as necessary, and in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. It will turn out magnificently and fluffy)
dopleta, we have such bags for bread - Bread boxes, bags for storing breadBread boxes, bags for storing bread...

And I'm wondering which bread bin is better for bread - wooden or stainless steel?
After all, if it grows moldy in wooden bread, then how to get rid of the mold later? And how is bread stored in a stainless steel?

Here I saw one breadbasket on cooking, I was very impressed, it has a wooden bottom, the top is made of linen fabric, the sides are glass. The man says that it is very well stored in such bread. I will transfer the photo here from there
Bread boxes, bags for storing bread
And the topic itself is here 🔗
In principle, with a strong desire, you can make such a bread box yourself.
I came to brag. Here is such a miracle in my kitchen now! Birch bark cart.
Bread boxes, bags for storing bread
And I bought a "Smart Breadbasket" in Tapervar (or what is their correct name?). It is made of plastic.
The smell of black and white does not mix, and the bread is stored for 3 days with practically no loss of freshness. Black on the 5th day begins to grow moldy, if not eaten, there is more moisture in it.
I keep the bread wrapped in a towel (set aside for this purpose) and a plastic bag. It does not stale and moldy for a long time. She didn't hold it for more than a week, but nothing happened to him in a week.
At first, I kept the bread wrapped in a waffle towel. But the bread dried up in 3 days. Now I keep the bread in a towel and a bag on top. It is perfectly stored for a week without changing its properties. And I also saw how bread was stored in linen bags with ties ...
Bread is perfectly stored in vacuum bins

🔗 🔗

I have been storing it in a plastic bag for a long time, it turned out that this is the most practical option of all I have tried. Package - T-shirt for products. I put cold, cooled bread, tie the bag, but leave a small hole for air to enter.
Homemade bread is stored calmly for 3-5 days boldly

Girls, let's go here and read the topic Drying and stale bread - how, where and how much bread can be stored ?! https://Mcooker-en.icdself.com/index.php@option=com_smf&topic=144383.0 - informative
Quote: Krosh

So I, too, am interested in stainless steel ... I liked the stainless steel breadbox too much ... So I think: take, don't take?
I had .. until recently stainless steel. It was purely for beauty, because inside (if without a package), the bread was dried. Ncha sent her to the dacha, so I can't take a picture. Kroshik, will you wait until summer? Now I store bread in a vacuum container. I don't even always pump out the air. I like it so far.
Quote: Tochechka

I have a bamboo bread bin, I'm very happy with it

And mine. Once I accidentally saw and realized that I only want her.

Bread boxes, bags for storing bread
but I looked closely 🔗
Hello everyone, I have this Bread boxes, bags for storing bread Bread boxes, bags for storing bread beautiful, of course, but the bread dries in it, if you just put it, I put it on a metal stand (it just fits perfectly in shape and size) and loosely tie a polyethylene bag "T-shirt" so that the bread does not suffocate. I've noticed that even though it dries and hardens, it does not grow moldy. probably all the same birch bark possesses anti-fungal properties.
Girls, maybe someone will need an idea. I have an aquarium right in my drawer ...
Bread is perfectly stored in it, it is very simple to take care of this "bread box" - shake out the crumbs and put them in the dishwasher.
True, now instead of "sliced" bread, I began to bake my own bread, it is too big for my "bread box". It's time to go to the "birdie" for a new aquarium)))

Bread boxes, bags for storing bread Bread boxes, bags for storing bread
This aquarium was sold with a lid, there are holes in the lid.
Bread is stored better than in polyethylene, for two or three days without problems. A couple of times they put Borodinsky in a bag in it, it bloomed, but on the fourth day ... In our store, even a cut can be bought in half, so we do not store it for a long time))

Now I observe the behavior of homemade bread, but since it is new to us now, it does not have time to grow stale or moldy)))

Recently I bought a birch bark bread bin and a large wooden cedar bread bin. He kept the breadbox made of wood for himself, and gave it to his mother for his birthday from birch bark. Mom's admiration knew no bounds! She really liked the breadbox for its beauty and quality of work. From storage experience I can say that bread stays fresh in a wooden bread bin for two days, then it is better to finish it faster. In a birchbark breadbasket, bread stays fresh for 2-3 days - then the bread dries up, but does not become moldy! If anyone is interested, I bought bread boxes in this online store. 🔗
# _Natashka_ #
If it weren't bastard, but not birch bark, the peasant would have crumbled. (Saying)

We also weave from birch bark, I keep tea, coffee, dry mushrooms in tueski - a nice thing. Now here's another dry grass, which I will dry on the "iza", I will also pour there. And inside I have such wooden spoons, lose heart.
Quote: breadmaster
If anyone is interested, I bought bread boxes in this online store. 🔗
Here breadbins are 2 times cheaper
But you need to gain up to 5000 rubles. I have already offered to unite, if anyone else wants. My order will be about 2 thousand rubles. If anyone decides to join, I will be glad.
I have already ordered a Tupper bread bin, but for sweet pastries I still need more than one. That's just how I'll try birch bark
Quote: Admin

I have been storing it in a plastic bag for a long time, it turned out that this is the most practical option of all I have tried. Package - T-shirt for products. I put cold, cooled bread, tie the bag, but leave a small hole for air to enter.
Homemade bread is stored calmly for 3-5 days boldly
Once I brought freshly baked bread to work (a white loaf and a custard roll), I baked it right in the morning, I brought it in, and as I wrapped it in a towel, they left what was left after dinner there, I started spinning, then I left, a couple days I was not at work, the boys worked without raising their heads, the bread lay. A total of three days of bread in a towel. We open absolutely normal, slightly dried bread, without mold and the like, and, according to the general opinion, the custard has become even better. Then one employee conducted an experiment, pieces of bread were in a towel and in a bag. Neither one nor the other bloomed or became moldy, just a little blackened, and uncritically. Only now their days were enough for five in total, then they ate and callous.
Quote: Leska
Products made from birch bark are durable, convenient and even washable.

Yeah, so you can still wash ...

I bought myself a nice little birch bark for honey, but here's how to take care of it ...

The seller assured that you can wash ...

And I was somehow afraid to spoil him ... he was so pretty ...

Well, I'll go wash and start using it already !!!
Inna, "fry" in the sun
Albinochka, Thank you so much !!!

And does "frying" give something in addition or just a well-dried tin?
I'll get in ...
It seems that the sun disinfects with its ultraviolet light no worse than washing. You just need a "live" sun, not through glass. As before, pots were fried on a wattle fence in the summer ...
While she was at work Marina already answered
Girls, that is, you don't need to wash, right?
Nope, Innus! Hang on the fence in your village, fry and everything is OK!
Inna, I would wipe it a little with a damp cloth and put it on so that the inner side is processed and cooked by the sun.
Albinochka, thanks again !!!

That would be more about the harmful effect of water, if such is observed, of course, to listen to products made of birch bark ...

I have a stainless steel breadbox, but I didn't even think about storing bread in it without a bag. Honestly. I am a lover of things in the kitchen that can be washed bleach and bricks in the dishwasher, boiling water, dish gels, etc.))). Birch bark is not for me. She gets dirty and I am completely reluctant to jump with her careful washing ...

I found it on the internet:

Caring for birch bark products is simple: if necessary, it is recommended to wipe them outside and inside with a damp cloth, and only outside with vegetable oil or wax. Ventilate products in which food is stored. The birch bark is moisture resistant, the products can be washed, but it is not recommended to leave them in water for a long time.

Birch is a noble and valuable tree. Birch does not grow in ecologically and energetically unfavorable places. From a bioenergy point of view, birch is a donor.

If the product gets dirty during use, it can be washed under running water using any liquid detergent. To avoid the fragility of birch bark, it must be periodically treated with vegetable oil.

Storage of products in birch bark boxes, bread bins and dishes

The birch bark breadbox, reviews of which are purely positive, has a number of advantages over wooden products.Birch bark, that is, the top layer of birch bark, absolutely does not absorb surrounding odors and does not interrupt the aroma of bakery products with specific resinous-woody notes, which is characteristic of maple, oak, pine and other tree species.

In Russia, birch bark was respectfully called "white gold" and was used everywhere: in buildings, decoration of dwellings, for making dishes and household utensils. The crowns of log cabins were wrapped with birch bark, since it perfectly protects the tree from decay. With birch boxes not only went to pick mushrooms, they kept cereals, salt, flour, honey, milk, soaked berries, from birch bark mugs they drank kvass and other cold drinks.

Bread in a birchbark bread bin can be stored for 3 to 5 days, while remaining fresh, soft and not covered with mold. The whole secret lies in the amazing properties of birch bark, natural, plastic, not subject to decay and surprisingly beautiful ornamental material. The birch bark contains silver ions, which prevent the reproduction of bacteria, and thanks to the peculiar "windows" (these are the same black stripes on the birch bark), birch bark breathes, playing the role of a natural membrane

Caring for a birch bark bread bin and storage rules for bakery products

It is recommended to ventilate the birchbark bread bin periodically, leaving it open for a couple of hours. It is not worth washing it with special means, just shake out the crumbs and wipe it with a damp cloth or cloth dipped in a vinegar solution.

If you don't like to store black, rye and white bread together, use a double bread bin or paper or linen bags for each type. So the aromas of rolls, sweet pastries and rye loaves will not mix and interrupt each other.

To maintain the softness of baked goods that are more than three days old, it is recommended to store a small salt shaker with a little salt in the bread bin (it will also help prevent mold), an apple slice or raw potato. Excess moisture can be removed with a sugar cube or lemon peel.
Bread boxes, bags for storing bread
My birchbark bread box has lived for 6 years. I am very pleased with her. Washes perfectly, dries quickly. Holds its shape, is not deformed at all. For prophylaxis (against mold), from time to time I wipe the inside with vinegar. I love her dearly.
Quote: Scarecrow
I have a stainless steel bread bin

And I, and I, just like you, store bread in it only in bags, otherwise it’s not possible ...

Of course I love crackers, but not in the same amount and no one will refuse soft / fresh slice / other ...

Tanechka, you are our forum's magic wand, you always appear at the right moment, with no less necessary information !!!

Quote: olaola1
Washes perfectly

Olenka, Do you bathe your beauty in warm water, with detergent)?
Yes, that's right, under running water with Garden detergent.
Olga, your breadbox is just a beauty! I want the same.
Maybe look in online stores. for example 🔗... And I bought mine in Luga, when I was resting in a boarding house. I saw it in the Pskov region, but I didn't really like it there.

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