Pickled cucumbers with curry

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Curry pickled cucumbers


cucumbers 1-1.2kg
bulb onions 2 pcs
greens (dill, parsley) 2 sprigs per jar
mustard seeds 2h l
water 1,5L
vinegar 150ml
sugar 3st. l
salt 2st. l
curry powder 1.5 st. l
Bay leaf 2 pcs.

Cooking method

  • An interesting recipe for canned cucumbers in an oriental style. I closed it like that for the first time, but they assure you that it is very tasty! The number of ingredients is calculated for 2 1L. banks.
  • Wash jars and lids well (you do not need to sterilize). Arrange the onions in jars (cut into rings or into sectors), sprigs of herbs and pour in 1 tsp. mustard grains. Cut the cucumbers into washers and place in jars.
  • I cut the onions and cucumbers on the Waffle grater, removing the protective insert. On cucumbers (for beauty), I preliminarily made grooves with a triangular steel peeler with a steel loop.
  • Curry pickled cucumbers
  • Cooking the marinade.
  • Boil water with sugar and salt. When the water begins to boil, add lavrushka, curry and vinegar. Boil for a couple of minutes and pour into jars. Cover the jars and sterilize for 10 minutes (I sterilized for 7 minutes).
  • Roll up, turn over and wrap up.


I found this recipe and decided to try it. But since I had 1.8 kg of cucumbers, I made 3 jars of 1 liter for the sample. I took 1.5 servings of the ingredients. But I immediately began to doubt the proportions of water given in the recipe and therefore I did not increase the water. And it's good that I did it. The proportion given in the recipe for 2 1L cans was poured into 3 1L cans and the brine still remained.
I can tell the taste only in winter, but the smell was awesome ... the aroma of oriental cuisine is still in my kitchen. In the photo, just rolled cucumbers.
I took the recipe here))

I was also tempted by 4 jars of 0.5l.
Lantana, quickly!
Let's take a sample together in winter!I wanted to insert a new smiley but it turned out to be kefir, then this one!
The jars look nice outwardly, the brine has a beautiful color (and the cucumber slices are transparent, I peeled off the skin, today I loaded overgrown cucumbers in Korean
Summer resident
Probably I will be tempted by this recipe too. Passion like I love curry.
Summer resident, very nice for your attention to this recipe! Hope we like it. I'm thinking of making a couple more cans, just change the curry. I thought of making these cucumbers without planning, but there was only a pack of soft ekov curry available, well, I poured it out.
Summer resident
Think spicy curry is more suitable here?
Yes, I want to try with spicy curry, and then compare.
And to me for you ... please!
but I just wanted to ask about dill, umbrellas or ordinary?
I put an umbrella on the bottom of the jars, and today I filled a jar of pepper with the remaining marinade
londar, I put sprigs of green, but I chose plump sprigs. The recipe says greens.
Lantana, I also have a little marinade left while I put it in the refrigerator, because there is nothing to close yet. I'm waiting for the cucumbers to grow up ... such unimportant things in the garden this year! Did you pour the sweet pepper?
Girls, thanks for the promptness! Tomorrow I'll roll up and report on the work done
Girls who have already tried this recipe, report on the taste!
I pickled cucumbers (for a meal now), there was no complete "bouquet", I added a mixture of hops-suneli once, the second-curry.
Normal to taste, I prefer these mixtures in everything, maybe because.
Quote: Tsakhes
Girls who have already tried this recipe, report on the taste!
I really liked these cucumbers, oddly enough, but the curry is not felt at all, the cucumbers are delicious, spicy and crunchy
What an interesting recipe!
I took it to the bookmarks - I will make a couple of jars for my husband to try, because the husband loves everything related to curry. How to find normal cucumbers, roll up and write about the result.

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