In order to switch to the right bread instead of the store one, I try to pick up a bread maker.

Will mainly be used for eternal or purchased sourdough rye breads, as appropriate.

I would like a bread maker, if possible, the least troublesome in operation.
And of course, first of all, the one that has already been tried many times for rye sourdough bread on this forum.

I read the forum, my head is already swelling.
There are similar topics on the forum, but I could not find an answer ...

I plan to choose from popular models:
Moulinex OW110130
Panasonic SD-2500WTS
Panasonic SD-2501WTS
Kenwood BM260
Panasonic SD-ZB2502BTS
Bork X500

I sincerely believe that if I take a higher price, there will be a program for rye, and the bucket will scratch less and, in general, the device will be better thought out. And what really is unknown ...

Dear members of the forum, who bakes sourdough rye bread, please give a couple of tips on choosing!
On a machine based on yeast culture, only Zojirushi Breadmaker BB-CEC20 will bake Well, maybe still DeLonghi EOB 2071 on the floor by hand the rest are only in manual mode. In this case, any HP will do.

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