Onion flower (Blooming Onion)

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Onion Flower (Blooming Onion)


large onion 3 pcs.
flour 1 grade 1.5 cups
starch 2 tsp
salt 2 tsp
black, red pepper and paprika 1 teaspoon
baking powder 1 tsp
egg 2 pcs.
water (optional) OK. 0.5 stack
rast. butter (in dough) 1 tbsp. the spoon
rast. oil (for frying) 2.5-3 cups

Cooking method

  • Preparation of onions.
  • 1. Peel the onion and cut the roots without damaging the "bottom"!
  • Onion Flower (Blooming Onion)
  • 2. Cut off the top of the onion about 1/4 or more.
  • Important! If this is not done, it will be difficult to cut the onion into segments, and the tips of the "petals" will burn during frying.
  • Important! Make sure the onion rings are in the correct circles. If there are two grown onions inside, then such an onion will not work.
  • Onion Flower (Blooming Onion)
  • 3. Turn the onion so that it is cut down.
  • 4. Make 4 cuts from the "bottom", then four more at an equal distance between the first cuts, and then one more between them - a total of 16 cuts.
  • Important! Step back 0.5 cm from the "bottom" so that the "petals" do not break off during cooking.
  • Onion Flower (Blooming Onion)
  • 5. Turn the onion over and gently separate the petals so the batter can penetrate.
  • Onion Flower (Blooming Onion)
  • Method 1. (basic)
  • 1. Stir all the batter ingredients. Add water at the end to get a pancake-like consistency.
  • Onion Flower (Blooming Onion)
  • 2. Place the onion upside down in a bowl of batter and spoon over it so that all the petals are covered with dough.
  • Onion Flower (Blooming Onion)
  • Important! Never dip an onion in batter, cut down, it will fall apart!
  • 3. Heat the cooking oil.
  • 4. Fry the onion first "bottom" down, "petals" up. In the process, separate the petals with a fork so that they do not stick together and are fried on all sides. Flip over and fry on the other side.
  • Onion Flower (Blooming Onion) Onion Flower (Blooming Onion)
  • 5. Use a slotted spoon to remove the onion flower and place on a paper towel lined plate.
  • Onion Flower (Blooming Onion) Onion Flower (Blooming Onion)
  • Onion Flower (Blooming Onion) Onion Flower (Blooming Onion)
  • 6. Wait at least 5-7 minutes before serving, otherwise the onions in the middle will feel soggy.
  • Method 2.
  • 1. Mix all dry ingredients except salt together.
  • 2. Whisk together eggs, salt and water.
  • 3. Place the prepared onion "bottom" down in a bowl with the flour mixture and sprinkle on top with a spoon, trying to let the flour penetrate between the "petals".
  • 4. Place the onion upside down in the egg mixture. Spoon the onion petals until they are covered with the egg mixture.
  • 5. Repeat step 3 to get "double breading" (flour at the end!)
  • 6. Place the onion in the freezer for a short time so that it cools and the breading sticks better (optional).
  • 7. Fry as described above.

The dish is designed for

6-8 servings

Time for preparing:

30 minutes

Cooking program:

deep-frying or deep-frying


History reference.
The so-called "flowering onion" or "onion flower" is a specially cut flower-shaped and fried in oil onion, which is served in restaurants in the USA.
This dish was invented by New Orleans-based chef Jeff Glovski as an appetizer on the menu at Russell's Marina Grill and was originally known as Onion Mumm.
The dish gained national fame as a "flowering onion" and was served at steak houses. Another of the names of the dish is "Texas Rose".
Serving is accompanied by a dip (thick sauce, most often based on mayonnaise with the addition of ketchup, mustard).
Due to the fact that the dish was included in the menu of most steakhouses, it has also come to be associated with Australian and Argentinean cuisine (countries traditionally engaged in beef farming and producing beef for steaks).

Commercial cooking involves freezing or soaking pre-chopped onions in ice water, similar to preparing fries for frying.
A standard "onion flower" has 2,210 calories and 134 grams of fat, which is mainly concentrated in breading. Including 44 grams of trans fats (meaning a restaurant dish).
In addition to frying, onions are also baked in the oven, which reduces their calorie content.

Batter and breading and spices are a restaurant trade secret, and there are many varieties of cooking (as recipes and tutorials on youtube).

A professional bow cutter makes 22 cuts (take a giant bow). For a simple large onion, 16 cuts are enough.

"Onion Flower" is Spike's favorite dish from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

🔗 Method using batter.
Method with double breading and freezing followed by frying.
A Brazilian chef prepares a giant onion. All the subtleties of "bathing" and breading. And, by the way, he cuts out the middle after frying, like me.

My observations.
I messed up half a dozen onions until I ran this recipe.

My favorite was the batter rather than the breading option that Mauricio from Brazil suggested. I eliminated beer and added baking powder and starch to the dough.

With breading, the method is more troublesome, you need to be much more careful so that the breading does not fly around when frying.

I also enjoyed cutting off the top of the onion. Finished "petals" after frying are a bit like French fries sticks.

Despite the recommendations to fry "petals" downward, empirically, I came to the opposite actions. So less often the "flower" falls apart, and it is more convenient to get rid of excess fat after frying.

Most often, recipes from the Internet advise using the giant sweet onion of the Vidalia variety. On average, this variety weighs about 300 grams.

It is best to serve this dish as an appetizer to barbecue and grilled meat.

Council. Don't throw away the onion trimmings. Prepare onion rings from them and the rest of the batter.

Council. It is better to remove the middle of the "flower" after frying with kitchen scissors. If this is done in advance, then the flower may fall apart.

Council. Use a small glass jam bowl as a sauce bowl. Once I saw an option for serving, when two "flowers" were cut and laid out in the shape of a circle, and a regular round gravy boat was placed in the middle.

Council. When frying, the onion grows greatly in size. It is best to use a saucepan or stewpan instead of a deep fryer.

Very interesting recipe and description. I read it with pleasure Probably very tasty, but the number of calories - No, I'm sorry. I read inattentively, these are not kilocalories, but calories. Well then you can pamper yourself with such beauty
Thank you! Try it. Of course, it is more troublesome than "onion rings", but it is a very interesting serving of the dish. Calorie content - see the source under link # 2. You can sometimes afford it.
Mom Tanya
Very tempting!!! Nice and tasty description !!!
Thanks for your feedback! Practice - and you will be happy.
interesting to try! tempting ..
Shahzoda, stock up on onions (at least 5 pieces). And patience. And free time (so that you are not jerked, you still cannot be distracted with deep fat).
Manufacturing waste can be disposed of in onion soup.
Regina V.
As a spice for sprinkling should be excellent "Chilli" from the Santa Maria firm. And the color will be and a suitable aroma and will not shake off the flower.
Quote: Regina V.
"Chilli" from Santa Maria
Have not tried. Now it became interesting, I will definitely buy it.
Regina V.
there she is 🔗
Regina V. Thank you!

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