Chicken Terrine with Carrots and Peppers (Redmond RMC 01)

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Chicken Terrine with Carrots and Peppers (Redmond RMC 01)


minced chicken 500 g
zucchini (small) 1/2 pc
carrot 1 PC
bell pepper (large) 1 PC
onion 1 PC
salt 1 tsp
ground black pepper

Cooking method

  • Pre-cook peppers and carrots. Cut them into thin longitudinal plates, and bake until half cooked in the oven.
  • Prepare the minced chicken. I have chicken breast fillet (1pc) and skinless thigh fillet (3pc).
  • Pass the meat through a meat grinder along with onions and zucchini. Knead well, add salt and pepper. Better if the minced meat is juicy.
  • Divide the minced meat into three parts.
  • Grease the multicooker bowl with oil. Put one part of minced chicken on the bottom, put carrots on top.
  • Add another part of the minced meat and distribute the pepper evenly.
  • Leftover minced meat on top of the pepper.
  • If the minced meat is not juicy enough, then each layer can be spilled 1 tbsp. l. broth.
  • Cook on Baking mode for about 1 hour. It may take less time.
  • After cooking, there may be a lot of liquid in the pan, it must be carefully drained, the terrine is turned onto a plate and cooled slightly.
  • Chicken Terrine with Carrots and Peppers (Redmond RMC 01)

Time for preparing:

1 hour

Cooking program:

Bakery products

Class: The recipe is hooked, if I'm not too lazy tomorrow evening after work and I'll cook it. You
Olya, thanks! I recommend it, it's delicious
What a beautiful dish !!!!!!
Elena Tim
How cute! Straight cake! I drag it to bookmarks. I love these things and will definitely cook them. Thank you, Galina!
Girls, thanks for your attention to the recipe! I highly recommend it - a thing of the most delicate taste!
Galina, does he keep his shape well? After all, without eggs ...
Zhen keeps its shape perfectly. In general, I never add eggs to minced meat, it only becomes rougher from this. My mince turned out to be very succulent in terms of juiciness (chicken breast fillet and thigh fillet) and be sure to add zucchini.
What a charm! : wow: I was also interested in the recipe! In general, I love meat and fish cakes ... Thanks for the recipe, I have no doubt that it is very tasty!
Check mark, came across your recipe. It looks very juicy and tasty. Please tell me, I don't have Radik. From my own experience, can you recommend the regime for Steba to make such a terrine?

Thank you
Sveta, I didn’t bake in Shteba Probably, STEADY mode, 1300From about 40 minutes. In the process, you can decide on the time, periodically looking at the Headquarters, it will be clear there.

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