The girls really need help choosing a bread maker. I've already read a lot, I've seen enough that I'm completely confused. I choose between several models Binatone BM-2169 W, Gorenje BM1200BK and LG HB-1002CJ I'm really looking forward to your answers. Thank you in advance
Nataliya, I can say that there is practically no Binaton anywhere at a reasonable price (I wanted to buy it myself). In Vasco. ru they were gone before the New Year.
In order to advise you something, you need to know WHAT do you expect from the stove ...
I need to bake bread every day for my family. Mine are still very fond of sweet pastries. Perhaps for kneading dough for dumplings, buns, etc. Our family is 4 people
Natalia2202, Bread makers Panasonic SD-2500, SD-2501, SD-2502
Please help with advice.
I want to buy a bread maker with a multicooker function. So far I have found such only at Binaton and Weishauf. I tend more towards the latter, but there is not even a theme for it. Can you tell me what other options are there?
First of all, it is the baking of bread that interests - white, multi-grain, rye, Borodino, dough for sweet pastries and dumplings. Well, on the catch is the function of a multicooker and so that yogurt is a must.
Thanks in advance everyone

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