Hello my dear hostesses !!! Christ is Risen!!!
My name is Marina.
Previously, I sometimes wanted to buy a bread maker for myself, but my desire was not so strong. And recently I decided to sell my yoghurt maker, I bought it for my little son, and when my son grew up and the need for it was gone. So it was this event that prompted me to think that there are people who, like me, may have an unnecessary bread maker. Having rummaged through the slando, I found several decent options for 250 UAH. I even agreed for one stove, but for a couple of days the woof caught with an advance payment and the stove went to another hostess. I missed another one too. Looking for another, I found a very budgetary option on the website of the Eldorado store ( 🔗) .
BAKERY ELENBERG XBM 1028 Programs 12, everything is basic, and the price is 399 UAH !!!!! almost for nothing.
A long time ago I bought myself a microwave, went to the store with the thought: I will buy either the most ordinary or the most sophisticated. As a result, I bought a fancy LG with a Russian cook, with a double boiler, with a grill. In general, I could not even dream of more. The main argument for me was the steamer. Over the years, I realized that no one needs all these bells and whistles !!! I use everything: heating, defrosting, and reduced micros for raising yeast dough. So this is what I mean - after this expensive purchase, I stopped buying branded, expensive and super sophisticated equipment.
When I bought this oven, I was guided by the following principles: low price, sweet bread, quick bread and whole grain. In this sense, everything suited me. Yes, and having counted on the money, if I had bought a used one, I would have benefited. 250 UAH for the stove and for the transfer of 60 hryvnia probably gave. And here I ordered on the Internet, and in our city in the store my mother-in-law took and brought me home, for which many thanks to her. By the way, you will have to see how much it costs in the store. So last year I bought my nephew for his birthday a styling device only in comfy. I ordered it on the website for 105 UAH, came to the store, and there it is on the counter for 195 UAH. I said the order number gave 105 UAH and saved 90 UAH !!! so be sure to check the price in the store.
So I'll get back to my bread maker.
1. White bread
2. French
3. Whole grain
4. Fast
5. Sweet
6. Very fast -1
7. Very fast-2
8. Dough
9. Jam
10. Cupcake
11. Sandwich
12. Baking
3 crust colors, 2 loaf sizes, delay start, keep warm for 1 hour, and program memory for 10 minutes.
In general, everything is fine, only recipe books are NOT included. And there is no dry yeast either. I would like to ask experienced bakers for a recipe for a simple bread with live yeast (I bought them yesterday for yeast pancakes).
I will say in advance that I scoured the site for half an hour, I found it, but it turned out to be with kefir, and we rarely buy it, we love fermented baked milk more. So if it's not difficult for someone, tell me the recipe with which to start. And then my husband wants to eat instead of a new bread, he is very unbearable.
Thanks to everyone who will respond in advance. I promise to post a photo of my beginnings.
I'll try this recipe for now, and without understanding the site I found it on another
White bread recipe


Wheat flour - 400 g,
Salt - 1 tsp,
Granulated sugar - 2 tbsp. spoons,
Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. the spoon,
Water - 260 ml,
Natural yeast - 15 g (or dry quick - 2 tsp).
Place all the ingredients according to the instructions for your bread maker. If the yeast is natural, then it must first be dissolved in a small amount of water.Select a mode suitable for your baking, for example Basic or Main Menu, select a crust color, press the Start button.
Thank you Admin! Yesterday I tried the recipe I wrote and it worked very well. I did not even expect that the bread would taste so classic, we bake a similar one in our bakery. I loved the recipe and your tips for beginners are very smart. You probably studied or worked as a baker because you describe everything with such knowledge of the process and processes. Thank you very much, of course I will not immediately dare to experiment, at first I will cheat with this recipe, and when I click everything like nuts, I will probably start studying tricky ones.
I forgot to say that in the recipe I increased the vegetable oil. As it is not serious 1 tbsp. l. I put 2.5 tbsp. l. but in general it would probably increase up to 3.
Quote: ELENBERG XBM 1028

I forgot to say that in the recipe I increased the vegetable oil. As it is not serious 1 tbsp. l. I put 2.5 tbsp. l. but in general it would probably increase up to 3.

That is why I recommend reading the theory, in order to know what and how much to add to the dough in order to get high-quality bread.
You can, of course, fill cones from your own experience, or you can safely go through the stage of starting baking and get delicious bread - there is enough information on the forum.

I have no special education in bread, I have an oven and I learned from books to understand "what is bread and how to bake it"

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