Portion Fitness Bread Mix (Brownie Maker Tristar)

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Portion Fitness Bread Bread (Brownie Maker Tristar)


Mixture 500 g
Vegetable oil 30 g
Sour cream 20% 100 g
Serum 400 g
Soda 1h l.

Cooking method

  • Mix everything, bake for 20 minutes.
  • I forgot the spatula for taking out at home, so I adapted just such a wooden one. It turned out to be very convenient.
  • Portion Fitness Bread Bread (Brownie Maker Tristar)
  • A very convenient thing, as it turned out, for a summer residence. Stir, load, turn on the timer and mind your own business. I liked the taste very much !!!!! Ate instead of buns with tea.

The dish is designed for

16 pcs.



Portion Fitness Bread Bread (Brownie Maker Tristar)

This is what Moscow means, Moscow region. I have never seen such a beast here. How is this mixture? Is there a recipe on the package too? Here is a teapot as I will buy and will burst with spoons from the box.
Ira, the package contains instructions. Yeast is included in the mix in a separate bag.
Thanks for the idea! Just did not understand what they baked in? What kind of device?

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