Plum dumplings (Zwetschkenknoedel)

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Plum dumplings (Zwetschkenknoedel)


Potatoes 500gr
Flour 150gr
Semolina 50gr
Egg yolk 2 pcs
Butter 30gr + 50gr
Plums 10 pieces
Salt, sugar
Powdered sugar

Cooking method

  • Boil the potatoes, peel, immediately crush. Add flour, semolina, yolks, oil and salt to the potatoes. Knead the dough quickly. Let it brew. Form cakes 5-7mm thick from the dough.
  • Wash the plums, dry, cut and remove the pit. Put some sugar inside the fruit, wrap it in dough and cook the dumplings in salted water until tender (10-15 minutes).
  • Melt butter and sugar in a frying pan, fry the breadcrumbs. Serve the bread dumplings. You can sprinkle with icing sugar on top.
  • Source: Austrian cuisine. The best recipes for popular dishes. Vienna, Hubert Crenn 2006

The dish is designed for

10 pieces

Very cool!
You should definitely try.
How appetizing to Bookmark
Really curious ! and what does the taste of the dough look like? I'll try to do it.
As always, I forgot the "Campliman" - it looks very beautiful and appetizing!
Loksa, in fact, the dough turns out to be dense and I would say heavy on the stomach. But I don't like Czech-Austrian-German cuisine and sometimes I spoil myself. The taste is similar to dumplings, but denser and taking into account the presence of potatoes.
Here this dish is considered Transcarpathian, it is called "gambOvtsy" and it is made exclusively by my husband. True, the recipe is slightly different - he does not add semolina to the dough, he fries crackers in vegetable oil, and makes them not with plums, but with thick plum jam inside / lekvar /.

We also have 2 varieties: large Gambovtsy - with jam inside, and small Gambovtsy, this is simply sliced ​​dough like into lazy dumplings, cooked, sprinkled with breadcrumbs, and the pieces are dipped into plum jam when they are already eating.

The dish is very satisfying, unusual, despite the unusual ingredients it is very tasty, especially the croutons / rusks he also makes himself and they are more like the size of cereals /. Small Gambovtsy for some reason tastes better than big ones.
The recipe came to us from my husband's grandmother, who lived for a long time in Transcarpathia.

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