Grape paste
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any grapes I have
Cooking method

I just washed everything
separated the vineyards from the twigs
interrupted with a blender and rubbed through a sieve
added apples or banana to candy trays or paper
if dried at 68 grams for 1 night it will dry
but I dry at 46 grams overnight the dryer works the day is worth resting the second night works in the morning I take off
very tasty to add seeds I buy in a supermarket now the price in our brand is 19.99 UAH per kg
so I make grape kazinaki
I store it in the refrigerator because there is no heat treatment, but enzymes and vitamins are preserved in a canfetka (this is what my fellow calls a marshmallow). There are photos, but it was not possible to display the Internet at the dacha very memeddlelennny.
Yulia, please write the proportion for fruits. Is it all raw? Don't add sugar at all?
Julia, how do you remove grape seeds?
Vyacheslav, the bones remain on the sieve.
Dear happy owners of dryers, please write, did someone else make grape marshmallow?
Quote: SlavaS
interrupted with a blender and rubbed through a sieve

rubbed through a sieve
Girls, who, in addition to the TS, has experience in making marshmallows from raw grapes, please share the details / subtleties).

I met in recipes that to stabilize the marshmallow, it is good to add a little honey (1 tablespoon per 400 g of grapes).

A lot of kg fell on me. small dark grapes (with seeds), similar to Isabella).

I don’t know where it is).

Jam and others like him by. Don't eat.

I don’t want to freeze, last year’s almost all intact).

In addition to marshmallow, nothing has been invented yet)).
I did apple and grape, it turns out very well
Lenochka, and the proportions?

How many grapes, how many apples?

Sweetening with something?
I do, in the topic about marshmallow I reported.Pastila - how to cook? # 509
I'll show you here.Pastila - how to cook? # 505
Here is a grape like Lydia
Grape paste
Here's a marshmallow turns out, only grapes, no additives.
Grape pasteGrape paste
When making any pastille, I get two products: first I extract a little juice, and then I rub the remaining pulp on the pastille, so it dries for 12-15 hours, no more.
Crochet, but by eye ... well, not 1 to 1, och it will be liquid, maybe 200 juice per liter of apple puree, if you sweeten it a little, your sugar increases from shrinkage.
Quote: Krosh
In addition to marshmallow, nothing has been invented yet)).
Would you like to make vinegar? It will be a very useful thing!
Merri, but the blender does not grind the bones? Something confuses me.
I just have one sieve, I sow flour through it.

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