Dried fruit compote with rose hips

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Dried fruit compote with rose hips


rose hip handful
dried fruits taste
sugar taste
dried ginger, cinnamon taste
water up to the mark

Cooking method

  • Dried fruit compote with rose hipsDried fruit compote with rose hips
  • We wash the rosehip with boiling water, cut it in half with a knife. Rinse dried fruit well.
  • We put everything in a bowl and add a couple of tea beds of sugar, fill it with boiling water, cook under pressure for 5 minutes, turn it off at the end, cover it with a towel and release the pressure forcibly if you need a drink quickly! I let it down .... add the rest of the sugar to taste .... this time it was cooked without rose hips, only with dried fruits, the color will be darker ...

Time for preparing:

15 minutes

Cooking program:

pressure cooker

Natalya, why cut the rosehip? It will boil well anyway, and all the seeds will spill out of the cut seeds.
Natasha, it was you who came up with a good idea of ​​adding rosehips to compote, otherwise I usually put rosehips in a thermos, compote in a saucepan.
Next time, try not to cut the rosehip, but press it down slightly with nut cracking tongs so that the berry just cracks and remains intact. Then everything will boil out of it at once.
I cut the rose hips so that he gives even more of his vitamins, they are also in the seeds and inside the berries, and so they come out, then everything floats at the bottom ... my head is full of holes, but the compote is mostly poured into a glass immediately with fruit , we drink the compote itself separately, and the dried fruits stand separately in the bowl, so the rosehip does not bother us)))) so if you do not cut it, then you need to increase the cooking time by a couple of minutes or let the pressure drop by itself
forgot to write one more reason for cutting the rose hips before cooking! 1-2 berries with blackening mold come across a handful of rose hips, but you can see it only when cutting

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