Vienna Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

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Vienna Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies


butter 190 g
flour 190 g
powdered sugar 75 g
egg white 1 (medium egg)
salt pinch
vanilla powder pinch
cocoa 35 g
fruit puree 130 g
sugar 100 g
egg white 20 g
sugar 200 g
water 70 ml
agar-agar 5 g
candied fruit

Cooking method

  • We present to your attention a very attractive serving of Viennese marshmallow chocolate chip cookies. These cookies can be decorated as a Christmas and New Year gift.
  • The forum has published a recipe for Viennese chocolate chip cookies from Svetlana fomca, so the recipe has already been tried.
  • Vienna Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies
  • Marshmallow recipe is also available from Natalia N @ T @ Many are already familiar with the basics of making marshmallows.
  • The German theme has a recipe for the Vienna saber from Elena Elven... Chocolate is made with the addition of cocoa.
  • Cooking:
  • Mix flour with cocoa. Beat butter, salt, icing sugar until creamy. Add protein and flour. Beat until soft, homogeneous mass is obtained. We put it in a culinary bag with a nozzle (I have a closed star) and put it on baking paper.
  • We bake at 160 ° for about 15-20 minutes. Cool it down.
  • Marshmallow:
  • For this cookie, I used cherry and orange puree. To make cherry ester, you must first prepare the cherry base. Defrost cherries, drain the juice. Put cherries (300 g) and sugar (100 g) in a saucepan. We evaporate the liquid. Then grind the puree cherries with a blender and grind through a sieve. Since cherries contain very little pectin, which plays a significant role in marshmallows, we take 5 g of pectin and mix it with 20 g of sugar. Put the cherry puree in a saucepan. We heat up. Pour in the pectin with sugar and bring to 105 °, stirring continuously. Cool it down.
  • Orange puree is made in the same way. The orange is cleaned from all white partitions, only the "fillet" of the orange is taken and finely grated zest (without white) is added.
  • In this marshmallow we take 65 g of cherry puree and 65 g of applesauce. We heat it to 50 °. Mix with sugar (100 g). Cool it down.
  • Pour agar on 2 tables. l. water.
  • Pour sugar (200 g) into a saucepan, fill with water and put on the stove. When the temperature of the syrup reaches 100 °, pour out the agar-agar and mix well. Bring to 110 °, stirring constantly.
  • Put mashed potatoes and protein in a blender bowl. Beat until fluffy, dense mass with "peaks". Beat at the highest speed of the combine.
  • The syrup has reached 110 °, pour it in a thin stream, along the edge of the bowl, in mashed potatoes with protein, do not reduce the speed of the combine.
  • We prepare in advance bags with attachments, cookies, on which we will spread marshmallows, sheets of baking paper, because a lot of marshmallows are obtained, and it must be deposited quickly so that it does not begin to freeze.
  • Beat until the temperature of the mass reaches 42-45 °. We put it in a bag and set it aside.
  • We prepare orange marshmallows in the same way.
  • You can decorate cookies with candied fruit. I decorated the cherry cookies with dried cherries and decorative sprinkles, and sprinkled the cookies with powdered sugar. The orange cookie was garnished with dried kumquat, a golden food-grade dry color. Cookies can be stored outside the refrigerator, as the filling is marshmallow. It turns out very beautiful and delicious gifts for Christmas and New Year. You can decorate in different ways.
  • Vienna Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies
  • Vienna Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies
  • Vienna Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

nar-din, very interesting!
Will the marshmallow freeze in the air correctly?
And another question:
Put mashed potatoes and protein in a blender bowl. Begin to beat (when the syrup has reached 100 °). You should get a lush, dense mass with "peaks". Beat at the highest speed of the combine.
Does this mean whisk the puree and protein separately?
And then the phrase in brackets confuses a little)
I want to make marshmallows for a long time and I bought agar and my hands will never reach)

And yet, is pectin-sugar special for jam, jamfix?
Masinen, Corrected so as not to confuse everyone))) means that syrup is cooked in parallel and mashed potatoes with protein are whipped))) Cooking marshmallows on the forum, with Svetlana, is sorted out on all issues.
Quote: Masinen
pectin-sugar special for jam, jamfix
I use pure pectin) I think jamfix can also be used, choose the right amount)
Marshmallow hardens in cookies well) dries on the sides, but inside it remains soft, due to moisture from the cookies)
I went and saw the recipe.
I will definitely try to do it, and it seems not so difficult)
Thanks again))
Ella, I love homemade marshmallows
: hi: Ella, just great! VERY beautiful, I can't even imagine that this can be done at home without special training. Delightful.
Quote: lungwort
make at home
Everything is in your hands))) it is accessible and not difficult)))
Oh, zefiiirchik, homey, klaaass, I love it. Tastes like store-bought? The puree is already frozen, okay? And do you need a lope, also 150g?
nar-din, what beauty and invention in decoration !!!!!!!
Oh, what a beauty. How to find time to repeat it all ?!
Quote: Lenny
Tastes like shop
That you, much worse, smells of some kind of fruit ...

Thanks everyone
Quote: nar-din
That you are much worse, you smell like some kind of fruit ...

Now I always smell marshmallows before buying. Fortunately, in supermarkets it is weighed, you apply it yourself, you weigh it yourself, sniff it yourself
If it smells bright to me of chemistry - I do not take it, if moderately or apples - then I take it.
I saw your recipe - and I immediately wanted to do this.
Now I can hardly find time for him
but for the holidays - very likely.

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