Baskets with peaches

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Baskets with peaches


egg 5 pieces
sugar 100 g
chocolate black 175 g
espresso coffee 3 tbsp. l.
cognac (rum, brandy, whiskey) 1 tbsp. l.
flour 150 g
baking powder 1 tsp
peach (canned) 6 halves
cream 200 g
mascarpone 130 g
powdered sugar 2 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • Citizens, this is a bomb !!!
  • But in order ...
  • Separate the yolks from the whites and beat with sugar until a white stable mass (at the maximum mixer speed for at least 10 minutes). Add melted and chilled chocolate, strong freshly brewed espresso and alcohol (I had rum). Mix gently. Sift flour with baking powder and add to the dough, mix thoroughly. You will get a thick chocolate mixture. Beat the whites until peaks and add portions into the dough, stirring very gently from top to bottom.
  • Form (I have "Baskets" Nordic Ware) grease with butter and sprinkle with cocoa or non-stick grease*. Put the dough into molds (just put it out, since the dough turns out to be quite thick, it does not pour out of the bowl itself), smooth with a spatula.
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 170 degrees (165 with convection) for about 25 minutes. Shake out of the mold 10 minutes after readiness, cool.
  • This is what the finished cupcakes look like
  • Baskets with peaches
  • Baskets with peaches
  • I got a lot of "holes", because I was afraid to knock the mold on the table before baking, the biscuit is still ...
  • Pull the peaches into a sieve, removing excess liquid. If whole - cut in half.
  • Place the peach halves in the prepared muffins.
  • Baskets with peaches
  • Whisk the cream (at least 30%) with powdered sugar (the amount of powder can be adjusted to your liking). In another bowl, beat the mascarpone **, combine with the cream, stir with a spatula. DO NOT BEAT, otherwise it will delaminate.
  • Decorate the top of the cupcakes with cream, I did this using a pastry bag.
  • Baskets with peaches

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And now the lyrics

It turns out a divine taste, for lovers of coffee and chocolate - just a feast of the belly

I looked up the recipe for the dough in the LiveJournal of Maria Selyanina. The specified amount of products is too much for "Lukoshek", I got 3 more small cupcakes in silicone ikeevka molds. But if you ask me if I will reduce the ingredients next time, I will firmly answer: "NO!" If it weren't for these three "spare" cupcakes, the decoration would not have come at all

* if the oven is in silicone, there is no need to lubricate
** I used Belarusian Bonfesto. What can I say ... Not a fountain, of course, and far from Italian, but the cream still turned out delicious.

As for the decoration - you can, of course, pour chocolate and sprinkle custard on top - it's a matter of taste!

The only drawback of these baskets is that now I urgently need a second uniform of the same. My connoisseurs uttered, eating the last piece: "6 pieces is not serious!"


Ooty-ways, what beautiful paws Well, very cool!
Another masterpiece in your favorite shapes. Irina, you are just great. I regret not having bought the baskets on time.
Ira, how lovely! Great peach idea! I took it to bookmarks. Thanks for the recipe!
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute !!! Give five, and preferably seven!
Girls, thanks a lot. I hope the recipe comes in handy!

Quote: Lipchanka

Another masterpiece in your favorite shapes. Irina, you are just great. I regret not having bought the baskets on time.

Lyudmila, and I'm sorry If it weren't for Oksana Loksa, then this one would not be. That's where to look for the second now
What a beauty !!! I really want this shape, but the size is too big for me: girl_cray: buying an oven is not included in the plans.
Tanya, she is not big - 36 * 21 (this is taking into account the handles on the sides)
My flowers are not included and the baskets seem to be the same ...
Baskets are smaller than Flowers, I have Baskets (20 cm wide) and Flowers (25.5 cm) standing side by side, and the length difference is about 1.5 cm
So we will want ... Flowers have already been set aside for gifts.
Kara Irina, what a beauty !!!!
Irina bombards with delicious treats! Peach, cream, chocolate - I'm already covered !!!
lettohka ttt
Baskets are super-duper, in combination with peach, it is generally awful !!! Irochka thanks for the recipe idea !!! In the bookmarks, definitely :-) :-) :-)
Karochka, awesome !!!! How delicious and beautiful! Children will be delighted !!!! And if instead of peaches, you put marmalade or a marshmallow (of your own production)?
Very good! The cut and the top look so fancy!
I'll bookmark it, because I don't have "Baskets"! Of course, you can get out somehow, but I want "Baskets"
Mystic! Yesterday I found a jar of peaches in the far corner, and a high-quality glass one, I think we need to use it somehow in a smart way, and not just devoureat, and here is such a gorgeous recipe! Well, I'll think of something!
Cool baskets, Irishka! So many possibilities for different fillings! But where can we buy those baskets now? ... Well, we'll be spinning with other forms, inventing things!
Kara, Irochka, very nice! And undoubtedly delicious!
Thanks for the idea and the recipe!
Girls, my dears, thank you very much So nice
That's what I think. This dessert can be baked in any shape and is perfect without baskets. For example, as one large tart Maria Selyanina gives the amount of ingredients for this dough on a mold with a diameter of 24 cm. So you can bake one short cake, and then everything is the same: top with peaches and cover with cream. I am sure it will turn out even better, and your loved ones will not scold you for the "ridiculous amount"

PS: The sides of baskets carry only a decorative load, because in fact, nothing pours out of nowhere and does not fall out.
Quote: NataliARH

Irina bombards with delicious treats! Peach, cream, chocolate - I'm already covered !!!

Ha, who would say so! I'm so, I shoot slowly, but real bombers with crazy goodies - you and Olya-Rada

Quote: tumanofaaaa

And if instead of peaches, you put marmalade or a marshmallow (of your own production)?

Irisha, I think, will be even tastier! Marmelaaaaadik yum
they are wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Irina Dolars
Kara, cute sweets with peaches!
No, no, Irish, your homemade marshmallow is a very cool option for a replacement!
Irina, how beautiful! how do you like the shape? Good size - Russian, right? And Th was afraid to knock? I fold the terry towel and knock on it. It's better to knock on the table though. Very beautiful! Baking custards in them? Highly recommend.
Oksanochka, the form is super! And I was afraid to knock because the biscuit dough, I was afraid that she would sit down!
Quote: Loksa
Baking custards in them? Highly recommend.
Please tell us how it is to bake custards in this form and what do we get in the end?

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