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So I started a capital cupcake in Polaris to bake on program 15. In the process of kneading, I was confused that the butter remains in pieces and does not mix well enough with the egg and sugar. All this was poured out of the mold and whipped with a mixer.
Question: are you satisfied with the mix in the Polaris for the cake? Do your ingredients mix well enough?
Beaten butter + egg + sugar with a mixer poured back into the mold. Flour has already been added to the cotton. I set the baking time as in recipe 1.10, but got confused with the baking temperature. I put it on 150, according to the principle: in the oven, the temperature is even higher ... But somehow the smell of baking somehow smelled too quickly, and I interrupted the process and already put it on program 13: baking.
Question: at what temperature and for how long is it better to bake muffins in Polaris?

Thank you!

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