Sly schnitzel "If you don't have ...."

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Sly schnitzel If you don't have ...


Meat (beef / pork / chicken) 500gr.
Eggs 3 pcs.
Mayonnaise 3st. l.
Starch 3st. l.
Salt, ground black pepper taste
Favorite spices taste
Grated cheese 50-100gr.

Cooking method

  • As it is sung in the famous song "If you don't have an aunt ...", but in this case "If you don't have a good piece of meat" for a schnitzel, but this schnitzel is as passionate as you want, and you still need to feed a decent number of hungry tovarischev, then this recipe is for you!!!!:)))
  • Everything is simple to disgrace, but this makes it no less tasty.
  • So, let's begin....
  • That's what we need, you see, not so much ...
  • Sly schnitzel If you don't have ...
  • We cut our meat into small cubes, the meat can be anything: pork, beef, chicken, maybe even fish ...
  • Sly schnitzel If you don't have ...
  • Sorry for the photo ...
  • Cooking "marinade":
  • Mix eggs, mayonnaise, starch and spices.
  • Sly schnitzel If you don't have ...
  • Now we mix the meat and marinade.
  • Sly schnitzel If you don't have ...
  • And we send all this beauty, covered with a lid, to the refrigerator for the night.
  • In the morning, or in the afternoon, or in the evening (like me))) the next day, we take out the casserole and add the grated cheese.
  • Sly schnitzel If you don't have ...
  • Mix everything, and fry in the form of "pancakes" in a preheated pan, in oil, until golden, appetizing crust.
  • Like this...
  • Sly schnitzel If you don't have ...
  • Sly schnitzel If you don't have ...
  • FSE, bon appetit!
  • The recipe is simple, versatile and economical !!!!
  • Cook for the joy of yourself and your loved ones!

The dish is designed for

There was no opportunity to count, they ate straight from the frying pan.

Time for preparing:

10 min. preparation + marinating overnight + frying 15-20 minutes.

Cooking program:

Stove, refrigerator.


I hope the recipe comes in handy and you like it!

Ksyusha, of course, the recipe will come in handy, simple and convenient. To bookmarks!
Kirks, Natasha, as the first, choose the most delicious piece.
Thanks for stopping by!
And the recipe is really simple, and there are a lot of Mona people!
Quote: Trishka
Kirks, Natasha, as the first, choose the most delicious piece
Can I have two? I'm sitting at work, hungry.
Here's a pancake as simple and tasty, I will definitely try to cook it, well, a very easy recipe !!! Thank you!!!
Ksyusha, mine are very fond of such cutlets, they only call them delicious smears ... and I am tender cutlets ... it turns out that we always eat two different dishes from the same frying pan
thank you for reminding me ... will need to cook
Quote: Kirks
Can I have two?
I require one at a time on the snout in one hand! : girl_cray: And don't crowd! Grabbed and to the side! We do not create excitement! And you are the author, please hurry up, fry a lot so that everyone has enough

and I, as an assistant in conducting the tasting, put my purse under the table, if anything

Ksyusha, are you luring in here again with deliciousness? And my waist? I have a flea in my closet here, all my clothes took in already two sizes smaller. What an infection! And I thought I was eating a lot, it turns out a flea!
Kirks, Natasha, it's not a pity for a good person

lisa11441, Lyudmil, thanks for stopping by!
To me on "you".

Vinokurova, AlenKa, , Thanks for attention !
My identities love them very much, especially the small one, he says no need to chew, yeshkin cat, like an old grandfather.
Quote: Trishka
as the first, choose the most delicious piece
What is this speed discrimination ?? !! If we barely move our legs, then someone will get more ?! I don’t know anything! All equally!
Great recipe! Tell me, how does schnitzel taste when cold? (or did they not reach the cold ones?) I ask why they would be suitable for lunch? Thank you
tumanofaaaa, Irus, for you at least 10 in one hand.
Come in, otherwise these things will fly away quickly.
You see what kind of a user-friendly animal you've got.
Give it to the incubator, and we will sell it to the "enemies" for big money, it remains for the current name to come up louder.
Thank you my dear for stopping by!
Mikhaska, Irin, don't worry, everyone will get it, there are a lot of them
Thanks for stopping by!

prascovia, Thanks for attention!
They are delicious cold, you can do it with a "hamburger" type of bread.
This recipe can even be used with minced meat. Delicious too! Oh Ksyusha, you still invent for me such a meat schnitzel "If you don't have meat" .... Sooo important before the salary
tumanofaaaa, Ir, yes please, if you don’t have a fish, take a fish.
But with minced meat, I don’t know, the meat is marinuizza, and the mince will be.
Although in our country, for example, good fish is more expensive than meat.
Quote: Trishka
But with minced meat, I don't know, the meat is marinuizza, and the minced meat will be
take my word for it! It will be great.
Quote: Trishka
tumanofaaaa, Ir, yes please, if you don’t have me, take a fish
that's sensible! Such advice and I will distribute for free: teatr: Now you will not find normal fish at an adequate price. Toka carp if, but I don’t eat it even from a big hunger. The current is freshly fried, but the current is if mom cleans and fry. And then, if at this time I am in another area and do not hear even a hint of a smell.
tumanofaaaa, Irin, and I can eat red fish from the current, firstly, there is no good white, I ran into the "kaku" once, and secondly, we do not have a decent one.
And I often don't like the river one ...
What are the polar names)))
I first recognized these cutlets under the name "Ministerial")))
Ksyusha, can I replace starch with flour?
I will make a pig
OlgaGera, Olga, I don't even know, try it, then.
Thanks for stopping by!

Fotina, Svetlan, and I saw them on TV 20 years ago, there they were called "Lazy Schnitzel".
Trishka, Ksyusha, excellent recipe !!! I drag it to the bins of the Motherland ...
A.lenka, Len, please always!
The recipe is really simple and easy, and does not take much time, and the result is always.
Thanks for stopping by.
Ksyusha, thanks, good recipe! Not expensive and tasty!
Nikusya, Ilona, always please!
Try it, really delicious!
Thank you sho came,.
And why don't you go for a tasty treat, he is a people, they are rowing them with a lot! And what, will I quietly look at the STE? Yeah, you can't wait!
Nikusya, and hosh I'll ship the "car" to you, a good man does not mind anything.
Quote: Trishka
The recipe is simple, versatile and economical !!!!
We are so nuno
lettohka ttt
It is very necessary :-) :-) thanks for the recipe, bookmarked !!! :
Ksyusha, delicious
Replaced starch with flour. Quite normal, but I don't know how with starch. Swept away with a salad.
The recipe is very convenient. Marinated in the evening, cooked in the afternoon
Albina, lettohka ttt, girls thanks for stopping by!
Hope the recipe comes in handy!

OlgaGera, Olya, I’ve already cooked it!
I'm very glad that I liked it, it's so nice when the recipe "went to the people".
As for starch, I think maybe they are not so "pancake", although I honestly don’t know how much starch changes the taste, in contrast to flour.
But it's great that I liked it with flour too, maybe someone will come in handy.
Ksyusha, I will mortgage! husband will be glad) thank you!
lettohka ttt
Quote: OlgaGera

Ksyusha, can I replace starch with flour?
I will make a pig
You can replace it, but with starch it is better, softer :-)
NataliARHthanks for stopping by!
Yes, my guys love that too!
Try it, it's really delicious!

lettohka ttt, Natasha, yes with starch it turns out more tender, there is no such "pancake" taste.
k @ wka
The starch combines these small pieces of meat into a single cake. Especially after standing in the refrigerator.
I have been cooking them for a very long time, but I know them under the name "French cutlets". I like that you can cook minced meat in advance and store it indefinitely in the refrigerator (I had more than a week). And when you need to quickly bungle the thread - oops !!! and done
k @ wka, Galina, thanks for the explanation!
And the fact that they can stand for a week, I did not know!
There’s meat, there’s nothing terrible?
Quote: Trishka

tumanofaaaa, Ir, yes please, if you don’t have a fish, take a fish.
Today, having become impoverished before the weekend, I made from tuna in ss. Only in the minced meat I added fried onions, well, I did not marinate in the refrigerator, I immediately fried it.
And all your recipe inspired. Thank you.
kolobashka, Varyusha, I have not "become impoverished", tuna, we have it like an airplane wing.
I see the recipe went to the people
Thanks for your feedback!
Yes, this is canned food, they have been lying in the refrigerator for a hundred years. Just for such a case when everything is over or there is no time for something serious.
Quote: Tumanchik

This recipe can even be used with minced meat. Delicious too! Oh Ksyusha, you still invent for me such a meat schnitzel "If you don't have meat" .... Sooo important before the salary

Maaaat, I did not recognize thee in the makeup

Trishka, Ksyushenka, as always, simple, fast and insanely appetizing. Ksyusha, tell me, is there no starch in the finished schnitzel? My little one, who is no longer small, if he smells, take out all the saints
Kara, Irin, I don't feel it.
Thank you sho came!
Try not to cook a lot, so to speak for "trial".
Yes, I Irishka Tumanyan, if I didn't see it in the "acquaintance", I didn't recognize it either
Trishka, Ksyusha, thanks for the recipe. I make such schnitzels from chicken fillet. Mine really like it. Now I will try other meat as well. And yes, I confirm, they are much tastier with starch.
LipchankaThank you Lyudmil for your attention!
Cook not health!
Yes, this recipe is good because you can use any meat, fish and chicken.
Trishka, Ksyusha, thanks for the recipe for the magic wand! The marinated meat stood on the table for about 30 minutes, I don’t know how after a night in the refrigerator, it will probably turn out even better, but it was very tasty and fast. Made from pork. Thank you )))
xoxotyshka, Galina, to your health!
I am very glad that I liked it!

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