Shortbread cookies on yolks

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Shortbread cookies on yolks


butter (margarine) 100g
yolks (fresh or thawed) 6pcs
sugar 2/3 cups
flour 1.5 cups
sour cream (mayonnaise is possible) 2 table. spoons
slaked soda vinegar 1/2 tsp
zest of half a lemon, or lemon essence, or almond essence taste
almond petals for decoration optional
faceted glass, 200 gr.

Cooking method

  • Delicate, crumbly, these cookies just melt in your mouth !!!! For me, this is a unique and delicious way to dispose of yolks. They remain permanently after the preparation of the protein-custard cream. I put them in 6 pieces at once in a bag and put them in the freezer. When I make cookies, I take them out, defrost them. I always make with 12 yolks, so there are a lot of liveries, and they are eaten quickly.
  • So, let's begin!!!
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. Beat the yolks with sugar with a mixer until smooth. Then add softened butter (I had it in the refrigerator, so I warmed it up a little in the microwave, but not to a liquid state). After the butter, add sour cream (mayonnaise), quenched soda, lemon zest (almond essence). I don't add anything, we like this without the zest and essence.
  • This is the mass obtained:
  • Shortbread cookies on yolks
  • Knead the dough. It turns out not very cool, but soft and tender. I sometimes add a couple of tablespoons of flour to those given 1.5 glasses. Well, see for yourself, the quality of flour is different for everyone. The dough should not be too steep, otherwise the cookies will not be so tender.
  • Shortbread cookies on yolks
  • Since the dough is not steep, it is therefore more convenient to place it on a baking sheet from a pastry bag, at a distance of several centimeters from each other. If you don't have a piping bag, you can use a file + nozzle. I used to have bagless attachments. I cut a hole in the file, lower the nozzle into it and fix it with ordinary tape.
  • Shortbread cookies on yolks
  • But you can think and just lay out the dough with a regular spoon. It turns out a lot of liverworts, I have as many as 2 baking sheets. We send the first baking sheet to the oven.
  • Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Be guided by the oven. Above, the liver is light, and from the bottom if you raise something golden.
  • And I put the second baking sheet with the cookies in the refrigerator for now.
  • The second batch of cookies bakes faster, so it seemed to me.
  • These are the results if you limit yourself to 1.5 cups of flour. This photo is old, I took it back in November 2012.
  • Shortbread cookies on yolks
  • These are the following, if you add a couple of tablespoons of flour to the main 1.5 glasses, you see a little relief from the nozzle remains:
  • Shortbread cookies on yolks
  • Well, if the dough turns out to be very steep, then such cookies (but it is better not to pour the flour. Otherwise, the cookies are not so tender)
  • Shortbread cookies on yolks
  • The author of the recipe is not me. I came across this recipe when I thought, where to put the yolks from the cream. Recipe author ais20 with forum.good-cook, for which she simply thanks a lot, unreal thanks !!! The author also had almond petals, which she dyed green, and they decorated the liver with them, and apples turned out (held them in green dye for about 15 minutes, dried them on a napkin and attached them to the separated liver)

The dish is designed for

25 pcs

Time for preparing:

30 minutes.


I use a faceted glass, 200 grams. If we weigh, then my glass of flour = 112 g, and a glass of sugar = 180 g.

Another option for attaching yolks is biscuit on yolks from leka.
Also, I really like it.

Elena, thank you so much for this recipe !!
DaNiSa, Alena please !!!! Thank you for your attention to the recipe: a-kiss: Finally I found time to put it in a separate recipe. Easter is coming soon, I hope that the recipe will be useful for adding yolks
Olka I
Alenka83, thanks for the recipe :-) I'm glad that I found the time and designed it so beautifully :-)
Alenka83, Helen, thanks for the recipe, so I love this kind of cookies!
Olka I, Olga, Kokoschka, Lilya, thanks for your attention to the recipe.
Olka I, Ol, I love detailed recipes, and I wanted to take it out in a separate one, then with a fresh photo, so it took a long time. For me, the recipe is like a child, you need to bear it
Kokoschka, Lilya, I like that it turns out very easily and quickly. And there is always in the fridge, the remainder of the oil is 100 grams, well, I collect the yolks and collect them in the freezer - waste-free production
When my dough turned out to be thin, I always added flour, and for some reason the idea did not occur to me to plant the cookies out of the bag. Thanks for the idea, and the cookies are really delicious, I always fly away with a bang.
Alenka83, Helen, and what kind of custard cream?
Kokoschka, this is a cream for decoration. We have a whole temka here on the site

I make for 3 proteins, but the principle is the same - whipped proteins are poured with hot syrup.

The first time I read the recipe from Rufin, she, in turn, referred to Irina Kutova, but in her recipe I did not read a word about citric acid, and without her the cream is very cloying. But unlike a number of other options, I was interested in a small amount of protein - not 6, not 4, but-3.
In general, there are many variations of cooking, and I DO NOT APPLY FOR AUTHORITY !!! I just want to tell you, with photos and additions, how I prepare this cream. In addition, it is much easier to refer to a specific recipe, and not to write every time when asked about the cream, a whole post with a link and separate additions.
So, the composition: 3 proteins, 200 grams of sugar, 100 ml of water, 2 tables. tablespoons of powdered sugar, half a teaspoon of citric acid.
Bring the water with sugar to a boil, and cook over low heat, about 45 minutes until the "hard ball" syrup is sampled. When the syrup boils, I put a glass (or bowl) of cold water in the freezer. Cold water is needed to determine this very sample. As some authors write, pour a spoonful of syrup into ice water, roll the ball with your fingers, remove it from the water. The ball should retain its shape when pressed. Only other authors call the ball soft. As I understood for myself, the main thing is to get exactly the ball that holds its shape in the fingers. The first 30 minutes I don't worry, I just stir it. Then I take out a glass from the freezer and drip from a spoon into the water, dip my fingers and try to collect the ball.
When it is more or less going, but still weakly keeps its shape, I begin to beat the whites. I add half a teaspoon of citric acid. When the whites beat up, add 2 tablespoons. tablespoons of powdered sugar. Less acid. In this volume, the cream produces a kind of slight sourness, barely perceptible.
When the whites are whipped into a strong foam, collected in a whisk, you can pour in the syrup in a thin stream. Beat well. Here, of course, the ideal option is to put a bowl of cream in a bowl of cold water and beat until it cools completely. But I don't have a hand mixer. Therefore, I beat in a combiner, periodically leaning a towel dipped in ice water against the bowl.
The cream is beautifully dyed, I even dyed with red beet juice.
My findings on the cream:
1) Under this cream, you can level the cake with a small cream, biscuit crumbs. Just lightly grease the sides with the cream itself, and apply the patterns. BUT if the cake is doused with chocolate or simply smeared with ordinary custard (smeared inside is okay, the main thing is not lined with it and thickly coated), then our protein-custard will simply slide off the sides.
2) I had an incident, I look, and the syrup was boiled, and already sugar crumbs, not syrup, I was not confused, poured water, then when the "sugar stones" dissolved, it boiled a little, and poured it into the proteins! AMAZING BUT THE CREAM HAS BEEN GENERATED! And it seems to me that the syrup boiled quickly, because I poured red beet juice into the syrup for coloring. But I repeat, you can paint the finished cream with it !!! Apparently, the juice contains something that enhances the speed of boiling and the readiness of the syrup.
This is what Tanushechka wrote to me about this when she made a cream according to this description "I cooked this cream again yesterday, so when I tried the syrup for readiness, when I was almost ready, I began to beat the whites, and removed the syrup from the heat, and then before pouring into the cream back on the fire, boiled, tried it on a ball and quickly into a protein mass, everything turned out great ... "
Advantages, than I like this cream:
It is convenient for me, still a small amount. It is enough for me when I bake small cakes for the family at home. In addition, they can also be used to stuff a custard cake, for example, or any others. I like to make custard cakes in the form of swans, and stuffing with this cream, the wings are snow-white, and the filling, as for eclairs, is not at all greasy.
This is how it looks in my cakes:
Shortbread cookies on yolks
Alenka83, how delicious! And it's not difficult! Thank you very much for the recipe!
Quote: Alenka83
this is a cream for decoration
Helen and you can ask to lay out the cream in a separate recipe. Then you can bookmark it. And so it will be lost ...
Helen, I agree with Irochka, such a cream deserves a separate recipe! And I will print it out for myself so as not to forget! Thank you!
Quote: Alenka83
It is convenient for me, still a small amount. It is enough for me when I bake small cakes for the family at home. In addition, they can also be used to stuff a custard cake, for example, or any others. I like to make custard cakes in the form of swans, and stuffing with this cream, the wings are snow-white, and the filling, as for eclairs, is not at all greasy.
This is how it looks in my cakes:

Helen is just a fairy tale, not an otvyazochka now I wanted to see the swans so badly ...
Mikhaska, Ira, thanks
tumanofaaaa Ira, Kokoschka Lilya, I will try to make the girls a separate recipe later. The photo must be found saved.
lettohka ttt
What nice cookies !!! Lenochka thanks for the recipe, took it to your bookmarks !!!
lettohka ttt, Natasha, I will only be glad if the recipe comes in handy !!! Thank you for your attention to the recipe
Alenka83, There is also a recipe for yolks, but I haven't done it for a long time! Cookies on them are so crumbly! Thank you for reminding me, I will make it according to your recipe! Very nice cookies !!!!
Yes, I myself did not expect that the cookies would turn out so crumbly when I tried the recipe. These are now our all-time favorite cookies.
Alenka83, and I already baked three times) You laid out the recipe in another Temka, I also have a lot of yolks left, an excellent option to attach them. Only I put flour according to the recipe, there was no relief on the cookies, now I will pour more) Thank you!
Cixlida, Natasha, I am very glad that the biscuits were to your taste !!!!
Well, without relief, they seem to me softer and more of them are obtained. It's just that the girl somehow wrote to me, like it makes no sense, put a pastry bag through a bag, you still can't see the relief. And when I was cooking, I overdid it with a bit of flour, as a result, the relief was obtained experimentally. In general, the recipe provides the basis for experiments
Thanks for the cookie recipe! Much needed! I think it's delicious! I'll try, the yolks are also in the freezer ...
Lyudmila23, Lyudmila, I will be glad if the recipe comes in handy !!!! Thank you for your attention to the recipe
Alenka83Thank you again !!!
I froze the yolks in trays under ice. One yolk is divided into several cells. Now I don’t know how many ice cubes to take? Tell me, how much do 6 yolks weigh?
I take 1 yolk = 20 grams (this is for eggs of category c0 - 60 grams each, the weight of one egg without shell, 40 grams of protein, 20-yolk)
iris. ka, I didn't weigh ...
Parallel, Gulechka, thanks for the answer
Thank you so much for the recipe!
Today is Halloween, and I baked your bone-shaped cookies to please my daughter))
ElizabethII, I'm very glad that the recipe came in handy Thank you for using it !!!!!
Super tasty cookies turned out! Simply and easily. And the child was given the opportunity to participate, happiness knew no bounds.
Corp, Galina is very glad that the recipe came in handy
Alenka83 Elena, thank you for the cookies. Delicious !!!!
Shortbread cookies on yolks
notka_notka, Natasha, What deliciousness in the photo !!! Thank you for reporting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very glad that I liked the cookies!
Lena, here's a double serving. The first was baked, the second was in a pastry bag in the refrigerator. It was very difficult to put it through the bag, the relief was gorgeous ... But in the oven it blurred and there was almost no relief left. Not critical, it didn't affect the taste in any way. Thank you again. Tasty
Kneaded in Thermomix. I wrung out through the pastry bag (the kid swam) Suuuuuper the pics turned out
Quote: Yelenium
Suuuuuper pichenyushki turned out
I'm glad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I carry my thanks. A very tasty recipe, but the view is certainly not festive. And so, homemade for tea, the very thing
Alenka83, Elena, baked cookies today, they turned out delicious but blurred in the oven, so there is no photo. But to me it looks more like biscuit cookies, very tender, maybe I beat the yolks a lot. I will try it again, but I will add more flour, I will find a convenient amount for myself.
Thanks for the recipe.

Added on Tuesday 07 Jun 2016 9:04 pm

notka_notkaNatasha, how much flour did you take? You have beautiful cookies.
Shyrshunchik, Tanyush, who will remember that now ??? In general, I always try not to deviate from the recipes, but here I don't even remember
elena88, I'm glad it was delicious !!!!
Shyrshunchik, Tanya, I think the flour is not enough, so it blurred and it turned out like a biscuit. In different regions, the quality of flour is different. The dough should not be very steep and not very soft. Easy to drop out of the bag. In case it turns out to be very cool, you can add a little sour cream to the desired consistency.
Alenka83, Elena, thank you, I will still do it and select the amount of flour along the way. Mom really liked it, says the soft.
thanks for the recipe! It turned out very tasty!

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