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Cake "Ginger" with different creams

Cake "Ginger" with different creams

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Ginger cake with different creams


Margarine or butter 160 g
Sugar 2 stacks
Flour 5 stacks
Eggs 4 things.
Honey 2 tbsp. spoons
Soda, not slaked with vinegar 2 tsp
Condensed milk cream:
Whipping cream, 33-35% 200 ml
Boiled condensed milk 1 can
Sour cream:
Sour cream 25% 350 ml
Sugar taste
________________________ _____ __________
Faceted glass = 200 ml

Cooking method

  • I really love honey baked goods, I am constantly trying new recipes. Dessert honey cake and mushroom are my favorites. Therefore, as promised, I spread the recipe for camelina. It is very much loved by my family, customers try it once, order it again.
  • The highlight of this saffron milk cap is that, due to the combination of two creams, it turns out to be not cloying, juicy and very tasty. I don't know what the secret of these cakes is, but a delicious cake is made from them with any cream, with any additives: nuts, raisins, prunes.
  • So, I'll say right away that the author is not me, but M_H_B from the "U-Samovar" forum, for which many thanks to her. I write the recipe the way I do it, because any chef, taking a recipe, as if passes it through himself, adjusts for himself.
  • A very large cake is obtained from one volume of dough. Therefore, whoever wants to try the recipe can safely knead half the dough. From a full batch, I get 9 cakes with a diameter of 23 cm, they take just the amount of cream indicated in the ingredients, and if you decorate with cream, you get a cake for 2 kg. By the way, you can get more cakes, it depends on your oven. Mine is now very dry, and it seems to me that the cakes do not rise enough. Three years ago I got 8 rectangular cakes 15 * 21 cm, I put them in two piles of 4 cakes and got a big cake 22 * ​​31 cm.
  • So, COOKING:
  • Dough:
  • Mix all the ingredients of the dough and place in a water bath. The oil is just soft, standing at room temperature. Break the eggs a little with a whisk until smooth. It is very important to mix all the ingredients, put in a bath, and stir constantly with a whisk so that the eggs are not boiled in pieces. I sometimes melt honey, butter, sugar a little and then stirring vigorously add soda and eggs.
  • The mass should become homogeneous, and increase by 2 times. When you get a light foamy mass, remove it from the bath. Add 5 cups of flour to the hot mass and mix well.
  • The dough will turn out to be soft, and will stick to your hands, no need to be afraid !!!! We put it on a table sprinkled with flour, and try to mix it slightly. Knead it from bottom to top inward. Your goal is not to overdo it with flour, but to get a spherical mass that you can hold in your hands, it does not creep.
  • Here, here I want to note that I have been doing this lately. I pour in 5 glasses of flour, knead in a saucepan and do nothing else! I put it in a cup and send it to cool.
  • Ginger cake with different creams
  • Then I add flour when rolling each cake. Notice that this little lumpy dough turns out.
  • Baking cakes.
  • A prerequisite is that the dough must cool well !!! We bake the finished dough. I roll thinly on floured parchment, cut out the desired shape and send it to the oven at 180-200 degrees until golden brown. The cakes are straight tanned like this. When baking, be guided by your oven !!! For example, my mother's oven at 200 fries strongly, I bake at a lower temperature. Turn the finished cake over, remove the parchment and turn it back over. Trim to shape as needed while hot.
  • Here is my cake (I took a photo when I baked a rectangular cake):
  • Ginger cake with different creams
  • Camelina cake is of course darker than dessert honey cake.
  • Cream:
  • I must say right away that the proportions of the cream of a can of boiled water and 200 cream are not fundamental. Because, depending on the weight and size of the cake, I sometimes take 250-300-500 cream per can of boiled milk. Sometimes I take more sour cream, and if there is a cream for 200 cream and a can of boiled milk, then the layers coated with sour cream are a little more in number, and the sides of the cake are already smeared with sour cream before soaking.
  • Sour cream:
  • I just mix sour cream with powdered sugar or sugar. To taste, that would not be very sour. I see no point in whipping 25% sour cream. I just gently mixed it with sugar and that's it.
  • Condensed milk cream1:
  • First, whip the cream. As soon as the cream is whipped, remove the revolutions of the mixer and add the condensed milk and beat the mass well. The cream is ready.
  • Assembly:
  • I coat the cakes, alternating cream. I coat the edges well. If I plan to decorate with mastic, then I wrap the cake with cling film. It will stand for an hour on the table at room temperature, and after sprinkling with crumbs, you can put it in the refrigerator. Night is enough for the cake to be infused.
  • Here I will insert another old photo, the cakes are thicker, but no less tasty:
  • Ginger cake with different creams
  • Here, 9 layers of 23 cm, for 2 kg:
  • Ginger cake with different creams

The dish is designed for

10 people weight 2 kg

Time for preparing:

2 hours

Cooking program:

oven, 180-200 degrees


1) Pay attention, a glass with a capacity of 200 ml, you measure flour and sugar with it. That is, not 200 grams of flour, but as much as a glass will fit into a given volume.
2) The amount of sour cream, cream in the cream may vary depending on the weight of the cake. It happens, for example, I just make more sour cream, leaving the volume of condensed milk unchanged. The amount of cream can also vary from 200 to 500 ml of cream per can of boiled condensed milk. Naturally, when using 200-250 cream, condensed milk will be more pronounced. Here, so to speak, according to your individual taste, you can choose for yourself.

Thanks, I dragged it into the recipes for the weekend I will try!
Mom Tanya
ABOUT! Alena posted a new recipe !!! Well done!
very tasty cake, I confirm) I used to constantly bake it.
I will burst from bookmarks! Lena, thanks for the recipe!
InnaVega, to your health !!!
Mom Tanya, Tanyush, old. It's just now a post, my main customers are fasting, there are no orders, so I set up while there is time at the request of those who wish, my two honeymoons
Parallel, Gulya, thanks !!! If they ask for a honey cake, then this is a mushroom. I tried a bunch of all sorts of different recipes, but I remain true to him - for me it is the most delicious. The husband's sister adds more cherries to the composition. But I don't like it with cherries. Sometimes I add chocolate, prunes or nuts, although without additives it is self-sufficient.
Kizya, I picked up the bookmarks myself
Olka I
Alain, thanks for the recipe, but if you just have sour cream without boiled water? is it possible? We ordered a honey cake for Friday, we can dare to try yours :-)
Olka I, Olya, it is possible with sour cream. It is possible with sour cream custard. These cakes go well with any cream. I even smeared it with tafita. Only if you add something with sour cream, nuts, raisins or prunes.
Olka I
Alenka83, I realized thanks
Quote: Kizya
I will burst from bookmarks!
I just don't even have time to view
Elena, wonderful recipe
Albina, Thank you
Elena, please tell me how long you can keep the dough in the refrigerator, if I make the dough in the evening and put it in the refrigerator overnight, can that be?
AkhataN, Natalia, of course you can.
The dough will cool down well overnight. It happens to me most often, I mix and it turns out that I bake the next day.
Alenka83, thanks, so tonight I will make the dough, and tomorrow I will bake the cakes.
Tell me please. To decorate with mastic - what kind of cream to smear on the top layer?
You write what to wrap in foil and let it soak. And what and how then? How to level it out when it is all so saturated?

don_bigYou better get through here There are all the answers to your questions. Here the recipe is just laid out, and how to pack any cake in mastic "clothes" is described there.There you can also ask questions regarding the mastic design.
don_bigalign as usual. I remove the excess cream with a knife, and first level out the crumb + butter, then the chocolate + butter.Ilona, thanks For a long time I haven't looked into my mail, And I don’t know that there are messages here
Alenka83, please tell me, is it possible to freeze the finished cake dough?
firuza83, Yasmina, yes, I freeze. It even seems to me that after lying in the freezer it becomes even better. I even freeze ready-made cakes - this does not affect the taste in any way. You can and even need to visit me
Alenka83, thank you Lenochka!
Yesterday I made this cake, it turned out 11 cakes. I fiddled with the cream - the cream was brought in, or condensed milk, he stratified. I smeared the cakes with this slurry, some even tried to save them with gelatin, only it got worse - the cream did not want to smear and stubbornly followed the spoon.In general, she did not let people into the cake (my husband ordered it for my colleagues at work for today), for them it was urgently-faint baked VNK (+ Charlotte). And we eat Ryzhik ourselves, delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

Ginger cake with different creams
Baker, just saw the message. It is a pity that the cream did not work out. In general, as much as I do, there were no "punctures" with the cream, it always worked out.
In general, butter creams tend to exfoliate. From the temperature difference. Maybe your cream is whipped into butter ...
I take the cream from the fridge when I whip it. Condensed milk after the refrigerator I give 2 hours to stand on the table.
Thanks for the recipe, I liked the cake.
Baked 160 degrees with conversion.
Ginger cake with different creams
Ginger cake with different creams
kvoka, Glad that you liked it Thank you for such a delicious photo report !!!!!
Helen, I would like to thank you very much for your one more wonderful honey cake
I've been staring at him for a long time - in vain, I had to bake right away))) your recipes are accurate and very tasty !!
Here is my piece, it turned out to be plump cakes, but they themselves are very delicate, I used 4 tablespoons of cream on a layer, everything was perfectly soaked. 11 cakes of 20 cm came out of one portion. But you can roll thinner, they rise perfectly. Collected 2 cakes))
Ginger cake with different creams
Baked cakes in the Princess - also very quickly))
NataST, Natasha, How glad I am that you liked it. Thank you for such a delicious report. Yes, cakes of any thickness are well nourished and spread in thickness.

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