Refreshing honey drink from Daria Zvek

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Refreshing honey drink by Daria Zvek


Water 1 liter
Lemon 1 PC.
Flower honey (not buckwheat) 100 g
sparkling water

Cooking method

  • Dilute honey in warm water, cool it, add the juice of one lemon, pour half a drink into a glass, add carbonated water and a piece of food ice. On the edge of the glass we hook a half of a lemon.


In the heat, what is best is a blooming garden and a crystal spring.

There is a blooming garden - this year, with a belated spring, everything blooms abundantly and at the same time. There is also ice-cold, delicious water from your well.

But I wanted a tasty, at the same time non-spoiled drink.

And I have - the long-awaited a gift from Lena - a book by Daria Tsvek... In her I found this simple recipe.

Refreshing honey drink by Daria Zvek

The table setting is a faceted Mukhinsky glass very beloved in our family, "lipstick", undeservedly forgotten.

Irina F
Olyawhat a wonderful refreshing drink !!!! And useful
And what a drop on the lemon, just bewitched me!
Thank you! And it's very easy to do.
Olya, in the heat you can think of nothing better - fast, tasty, cool! Sometimes I do this, but without soda.

And I have a faceted glass of a new sample - the edges are inside the glass (only another size - about 150 ml).

Olya, the drink is excellent! We drink it all year round. Sometimes, according to my mood and desire, I add a sprig of mint or lemon balm there.
There is nothing better, tastier and healthier for the summer.
And it's easier not to cook! These products are probably always at home!
ABOUT! I would wash down your green tea!
Yes, Ira? Well, pour!

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