Bread on dough from Gandalf for the oven

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Kitchen: Russian
Bread on dough from Gandalf for the oven


Hop sourdough 100 g
Peeled rye bakery 110 g
Water 150 gr.
Opara completely
Wheat flour, premium 310 gr.
Powdered milk 10 gr.
Maltose molasses 45 gr.
Vegetable oil 15 gr.
Salt 9 gr.
Water 120 g

Cooking method

  • A jar of leaven.
  • Bread on dough from Gandalf for the oven
  • Make a leaven. How to do it is described here.
  • Prepare dough until doubled (≈ 3.5 - 7 hours).
  • To prepare the dough, add everything else to the dough.
  • Kneading in HP - 16 min.
  • Proofing - 50 min.
  • Warm-up - 2 minutes
  • Proofing ≈ 3 - 10 hours.
  • Next, bake in a cold oven, covered for 30 minutes. at 225 ° C.
  • Then 30 min., Without a lid, at 190 ° C.
  • Bread on dough from Gandalf for the oven
  • Bread on dough from Gandalf for the oven
  • Energy value - 214.7 kcal.

The dish is designed for

780 gr.

Time for preparing:

≈ 9 - 20 hours

Cooking program:

manual mode.

Oh! What a beautiful bread!
Yuri, Thank you!
Galina, Thank you!
This is my first sourdough hop bread. Cooked it late last night.
It's probably time for me to start baking sourdough bread. Until now, I have not dared to rise above dry yeast.
YuriWhat a fine fellow you are. Khlebushek is beautiful and useful.
And I have not yet got hold of the hops. I will be on vacation to look for him I did not find
Yuri, very nice bread! I can imagine what a scent! My great-grandmother baked bread on hop sourdough, very tasty and fragrant, but all my hands do not reach. It will still be necessary to get together and bake.
Olga VB
Yuri, very beautiful uniformly porous cut!
The bread is just exemplary! Hopefully delicious too.
What did mom say, praise?
Bread and recipe, photos are admirable! You can go crazy from such a crust!
lettohka ttt
What bread !!!! And you crumb. Yuri respect !!!!!
Albina, notglass, Olga VB, Rada-dms, lettohka ttt, Thank you! Thank you!
Olga, the taste of the bread is unusual - hop. We liked it!

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