Buns Knysh from puff pastry

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Buns Knysh from puff pastry


Puff pastry 0.5KG
Mashed potatoes as required.
Traditional dough for Knysh buns
Wheat flour 2.5 stack
Vegetable oil 0.5 stack
Egg 1 PC
Salt 0.5 tsp
Vinegar (9%) 1 tsp
Water 0.5 stack
Baking powder 1 tsp

Cooking method

  • I really like the shaping of these buns, quick, convenient and easy. I make them from different planks, I even use such a molding for a couple.
  • The buns are very interesting, it is difficult to tell how I make the molding, so you will see it in the video.
  • I used mashed potatoes in the filling. You can use whatever you like.
  • In ancient times, buckwheat porridge with mushrooms was used in the filling.
  • I often do it with mashed potatoes or minced chicken.


It's delicious and fast.

Tanya, you changed your image, you look super, and thanks for the interesting molding of the buns, I will definitely try to mold it like that
I changed the image again, here is an outdated version, but I really love the molding
Cool molding! : bravo: Tan, thank you very much, I didn’t know this!
Tanyusha, thanks for the chubby, I really liked the molding!
I took it to, I love this fast and delicious!
Olecha, Ksyusha! Thank you.
I like doing things quickly. Lenka Timka has a type of such a big pie! But a big infection with me more often breaks, and once or twice, and you're done
TanyulyaThe burgers are delicious! The molding is simple, but you have to see it.
I haven’t seen this!
Tatyana, the buns are superb! I have a question, is the puff pastry not yeast dough?
Bona fide
Tanyulya, Tatiana, Buns are just lovely! And special thanks for the molding! So original and beautiful, I will definitely try. I'm taking it to bookmarks. Thanks for the wonderful recipe with magic words
Quote: Tanyulya
It's delicious and fast.

Tanyulyawhat interesting buns! And how I love - fast and tasty! Thanks for the recipe and the interesting shaping!
Antonina, Natalia, Elena, Anna, thanks girls.
Natalia, I don't remember what kind of dough I have here: girl_red: I do it with anyone.
Tanyulya, as always, very interesting video Thank you for the idea! The day before, I baked from puff commercial yeast and yeast-free dough, balls rose from yeast faster and as a result turned out to be slightly more yeast-free in size, the filling was potatoes with fried onions. Koloboks turned out to be airy, gentle !!! It's so delicious !!!!! The main thing is fast, interesting molding and no problems The recipe is bookmarked, now I will often bake with different fillings
Tanyulya, add to bookmarks. I've seen this shape, only slightly different from yours. The dough is also rolled out, put the filling, then squeezed in the places of the cut and twisted again, and then cut or tear off. The knobs are closed on both sides. Then we push through the middle. All right, I seduced, but I still could not dare. Store dough in the fridge

Here's my report is still hot

Buns Knysh from puff pastry
Insanely beautiful and delicious buns! The molding just fascinated! Tanya is nice to see you and I love your recipes!
ANDRosechka. thank you, my dear.
Ludmila, I'm sorry, I didn't see your buns. Beautiful. I baked the same the other day, I like that quick and convenient molding, and I still like roses ...
Tanyulya, the main thing is that I saw the recipe and I really liked these knyshiki
Class !!! I will also do these, my husband will be delighted ... than baking pies in fat, it is better to have such beauty ...I looked at the avka and the video, you look great ..
Elena, Thank you . Bake with pleasure!

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