Tell me how to use the ready-made mixture for baking English bread multiseid brad from BAKELS? I tried it in a bread maker just with the addition of water and sunflower mala. Gingerbread man does not work. It turns out some kind of putty. Do I need to add yeast and wheat flour?
Is there no instruction on the packaging?

Posted on Friday 25 Mar 2016 11:31 am

A recipe for a bread machine.

Wheat flour, premium grade - 0.250 kg.

Mix "Multiseed" - 0.250 kg.

Dry yeast - 0.008 kg.

Water - 0.250 kg.

Wholemeal bread baking program

I found it from the Internet.
Packing 20 kg !!! There is only composition on the bag. Now we will eat this bread for a very long time, if the mixture should also be half and half with flour. How to save it from all sorts of bugs Thank you very much for the recipe

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