Cottage cheese roll

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Curd roll


dry yeast 4 g
wheat flour c. from. 370-380 g
milk 80 g
pasty cottage cheese 175 g
egg (weight without shell) 60 g
salt 4
sugar 60 g
butter 50 g
vegetable oil 10 g
yolk 1 PC
milk 1 tsp

Cooking method

  • Mix yeast with 330 grams of flour, add warm milk, salt, sugar, egg and cottage cheese at room temperature.
  • Knead for 10 minutes.
  • Add softened butter, vegetable oil, and remaining flour. Knead a soft, non-sticky dough.
  • Curd roll
  • Leave to ferment at room temperature.
  • Curd roll
  • After 45 minutes knead the dough, roll into a ball.
  • Curd roll
  • Leave to rise for another 45 minutes.
  • Curd roll
  • Put the finished dough on the table. Crumple, divide into six equal parts. Roll each of the parts into bundles.
  • Curd roll
  • Move the far right harness (No. 1) to the left.
  • Curd roll
  • Move the far left harness (No. 2) to the right.
  • Curd roll
  • This order of bundles (two at the top and four at the bottom) must be maintained throughout the braiding process.
  • We take the harness number 1 and put it in the middle.
  • Curd roll
  • Take the far right harness (No. 3) and move it up to the left.
  • Curd roll
  • Plait No. 2 is laid in the middle.
  • Curd roll
  • We move the tourniquet No. 4 up, to the right.
  • Curd roll
  • Then, according to the same scheme, we transfer the tourniquet No. 3 to the center, and in its place we put the tourniquet No. 5
  • Curd roll
  • We continue to get such a braid:
  • Curd roll
  • We transfer the dough piece to a baking sheet covered with baking paper, cover with foil. Proofing - 60 minutes.
  • Before planting in the oven, grease the film with a mash of yolk and milk, sprinkle with sesame seeds (I have a mixture of sesame seeds and flax).
  • Curd roll
  • We bake in an oven preheated to 220C (convection 200C) degrees with steam for the first 10 minutes, then lower the temperature to 190C (convection 170C) degrees and bring the bread to readiness.
  • Put the finished bread on the wire rack.
  • Curd roll
  • Curd roll
  • Curd roll
  • Curd roll
  • Curd roll


Challah weaving from six strands (the second method).

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Hala Chernivtska (Sonadora)

Curd roll

Manechka,: bravo: one molding is worth it
Teen Angela, girls, thanks for stopping by. I would be glad if you try.

Quote: V-tina
one molding of which only costs
Tina, it's actually pretty simple.
Manechka, thanks for the weaving workshop! Excellent braided bun!
Svetlana, Thank you. I hope she explained more or less clearly how to weave.
Quote: ang-kay
I also wanted to say the same, the current is decent
Man, well, just go nuts!
Sonadora, Manechka, again brought a tasty braid, and even with detailed weaving. Thank you dear. I love braids, but I will make half a portion, my mom and I will have enough for a few days, and my child turns up her nose, give him the simplest flour, water and salt. Here is a problem, so a problem, you want to bake, but there is no one to eat.
Sonadorawhat a bun! Bookmarked it! If not the recipe itself, then I will definitely try the weaving
Lord, such goodies for the night !!! Beauty and yummy !!! You will lose weight here, perhaps ... Just pasty cottage cheese has been unclaimed for a week in the refrigerator ... Probably I'll bake it tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe!
Sonadora, How lovely!!!
Manka, all your recipes are worthy of attention 🔗 Wonderful master class 🔗
Manechka, the braid is gorgeous. There is nothing more to say, but because there are no words. Some enthusiastic sighs, oohs, oohs. In a word, BEAUTY!
Irene Malysheva
Gorgeous braid, how are they so perfect, they all come out, Marusya, training is needed)))
I brought my own sausage! Today I baked this wonderful bun, though I twisted it like a regular braid. A tiny piece remained from the huge roll. Have a bang! I didn’t have time to take a picture of it.
Curd roll
But I had to add flour, somehow the very thin dough turned out differently. Smeared with sour cream before the oven. The loaf is fantastically tasty !!! Sorry for the photo, I'm still that photographer
Irina, Tatyana, Natasha, Marina, Elena, Albina, Marina, Ira, girls, thank you very much for the praise. I would be glad if the recipe is useful to you.
Ahtuba, Marin, luxurious braid! Apparently, the crumb was very tender and airy.
Quote: Ahtuba
But I had to add flour, somehow the very batter turned out differently
Marina, she did the right thing in adding. Apparently, my flour is very dry, although it's not winter already in the yard (yesterday I took 200 g of water for 300 g of flour, it turned out to be not enough, I had to add). And the cottage cheese, although pasty, is also different in consistency and in fat content. I had 0.1% fat-free valio.
Sonadora, the crumb was luxurious !!! And my cottage cheese was very liquid, so I had to add flour. Thank you for your kind words))) I will bake again, it’s very tasty !!!
Marina, if the cottage cheese is liquid, you can take a little less milk, 50 grams.
Sonadora, Manechka! I did weave it. At first I thought that I couldn't weave it out of 6 bundles. But, as they say, the eyes are afraid - the hands are doing. Thanks for the master class. Everything was clear.

Curd roll

There was frozen 5% cottage cheese, which, when defrosting, became nasty hard grains, but this does not frighten us, I blended it, added sugar + salt + eggs, blended it again, everything turned out uniformly.

There was still a little dough left, it turned out to be a small bun, so I tried it. While the taste of sugar is not enough, let's look later in the whole image when the challahs cool down and ripen. Yes, I did double the rate.
And again today I bake this wonderful recipe! The remains of the cottage cheese, so to speak, I dispose of))) True, I have not yet dared to weave from 6 bundles, I do everything in the old way out of 3.
OxanaSh, how beautiful it turned out !!! Next time I must decide on such an interweaving!
Ahtuba, Marishka, don't be afraid! There, in the video, everything is sooo clear. When I wove from 4 plaits, I was already proud of myself, then from 5, and from 6 it seems to me generally simple. All will be
OxanaSh, Oksana, you can endlessly admire your braids, before they are neat and beautiful.
Thank you very much for trying. I am very glad that I liked it.

Ahtuba, Marina, weaving from six strands is no more difficult than from three, do not be afraid. The main thing is to remember the principle. The first time I looked in the video while weaving, the second - everything turned out by itself.
lettohka ttt
Manechka, gorgeous molding, and the recipe, like everyone else !!! Thank you :-) :-)
Natasha, thank you! I would be glad if you like it
Irishka CH
I woven it! Aha! Without even looking here. That's how long it took to "prepare" - I studied the pictures, watched the video. Sonadora, but I won't show my bun. There is no beautiful photo, but I don't want to expose a bad one. But it turned out very tasty and beautiful, too. Soft, straight airy such a bun - mmmmmm!
Manechka, thanks for MK!
Irinka, thanks for trying. I am very glad that everything worked out and the result pleased me.

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