Khlebushek Borodinsky "Love from the first crumb" (multicooker Redmond RMS-02)

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Khlebushek Borodinsky Love from the first crumb (multicooker Redmond RMS-02)


Peeled rye flour 200 g
Wheat flour 1 grade 100 -110 g
Live / pressed yeast 6 g
Honey (sugar - optional) 1 tbsp. l
Apple vinegar 1 tbsp. l
Vegetable oil 1 tbsp. l
Fermented dry rye malt 2 tbsp. l
Hot water (for brewing malt) 100 ml
Water at room temperature -depends on flour content 100-120 ml
Coriander 0.5 tbsp. l
Salt 1.5 tsp

Cooking method

  • Khlebushek Borodinsky Love from the first crumb (multicooker Redmond RMS-02)
  • First, I brew the malt with boiling water and leave it to cool under the lid.
  • I knead in a bread maker. I start the bookmark with honey and yeast. At the bottom of the bucket - honey (or sugar), then in honey a cake of yeast crushed with fingers. I take it well. And I leave. In the meantime, I cook and sift the flour. I measure the water and dissolve salt in it, natural apple cider vinegar - I now have 5%.
  • The yeast melted in honey - and I sift the flour over the yeast into a bucket. Then I pour water with salt and vinegar.
  • You can add 0.5 tbsp to the warm malt solution at this stage. l coriander and pour together into a bucket. I add vegetable oil.
  • Kneading on the program Pelmeni.
  • Then I take out the bun with a wet hand (you can grease my fingers with vegetable oil) and "nurse" it a little in my palms, forming a ball!)))
  • We put our Baby in the Multicooker bowl for "warm proofing"! We turn on the Yogurt Program for 1 hour. It may take more time, but this is unlikely ...
  • You need to peek behind the bun in about forty minutes - I had quick yeast and the dough came up quickly ...
  • We set the Baking Program for 35 minutes. Then, with the help of a steamer and "sleight of hand" ... PERFORM a turnover of Bread to the other side and bake for another 20 minutes.
  • After baking, carefully remove the bread on a double boiler - cool it, covering it with a linen napkin.
  • All!
  • You can only sniff for now! ..
  • We can cut it in three or four hours!
  • Khlebushek Borodinsky Love from the first crumb (multicooker Redmond RMS-02)Be patient, my dears!
  • And then FEEL!
  • This is VERY tasty, fragrant Bread - crunchy crust, slightly moist crumb - perforated!)))
  • Khlebushek Borodinsky Love from the first crumb (multicooker Redmond RMS-02)
  • Round little ... joy! Love - From the First Baby!

The dish is designed for

600 g

Time for preparing:

3 hours

Cooking program:

HP, Multicooker


This Bread, I post at the request of the Girls - owners of the Redmond 02 Multicooker, but I also baked it in the Phillips 3060 multicooker - baby, with success!
When baking Bread, you can use Kvass wort liquid (contains fermented malt). I added 2 tbsp. l. in this case, DO NOT FORGET to subtract these 2 spoons from the TOTAL amount of liquid. In the process of kneading the COLUMNS SOFT, STICKY, SMOOTHS ON THE BOTTOM!

Who does not like vinegar in Bread or not natural vinegar - you can use old kefir - I tried - use it in half with water - I was pleased with the result!
Bake to your health.
I would be glad if you like Khlebushek!

Thank you, I will definitely cook it.
And I’m the first for Rituel bread, thank you for putting it in a separate recipe. And it’s very good that I clarified the possibility of replacing malt with wort.
Quote: mamusi
This bread, I spread at the request of the Girls

Added on Friday 17 Jun 2016 10:34 pm

Oops ... It's not the first, but the second ... You may not have time to try
I have a bread program in Redmond M90. 2 hours of proofing and an hour of baking. And in the bread maker the dough program is for an hour and a half. Kneading and proofing hour ... how to combine?
Girls! Thank you, I've gathered my thoughts ... and with the strength and laid it out! The little bread is so delicious!
Sveta, bakes, then you will tell!

Olga, try to bake it, you won't regret it! Yes, I've already baked with malt and leavened wort! And it works well with kefir and vinegar!
Our baby is Radish well done!
Caprice, and I have 20 minutes kneading in Panasonic, then I take it out and immediately transfer it to Multiu, I distribute it already there. And uvas Kames, apparently includes Proofing ... since it's so long ...? Can you interrupt the program after 15 minutes? ...
Or, as an option, let the dough come up in the HP, and then carefully remove it, form a ball, put it in a MULTI ... SPACE A LITTLE ... and bake!
Thanks for stopping by.
S * lena
mamusi, Rita, thanks! And what is the name of your bread! I want to try it right away. Tomorrow we'll start .... Only I don't have vinegar, there will be kefirchik. I will bake in Filipka according to the principle of your wheat-based rye sourdough. Wait for the report! I love Borodino bread, I'll be very glad if it works!
Ritual what a handsome man you have turned out!
S * lena, Lena, yes, I also baked it in Filka, The result is excellent :-) :-) :-)
lira3003, Rituel, thank you, come on, do not lag behind, baked bread in Filechka, or do you only bake with Sourdough?
And I would be interested in your opinion!
mamusi, The ritual of bread is a feast for the eyes ..., thanks for putting it in a separate recipe, now it will definitely not be lost ...
Ritual I bake with leaven. And recently on Liquid Yeast
lira3003, Rituel and I started them twice and nothing happened ...
Galinawhy? I kind of succeeded. I've already baked bread several times.
Rituel, forgive us for the railway
lira3003, I don’t know, they just got slippery and I had to throw everything away ... I didn't put it anymore ...
Girls, communicate! Communicate, I am "FOR"
And where are we GIRLS STILL to discuss our bread problems? :-) :-) :-)
I too ... have now switched ONLY to compressed yeast. I am resting ... from the leaven ... I lived with Eternal for a long time !!!)))
I baked my rye bread ... and then in one MIG ... suddenly RAAAZ! ... and I got tired ... I retired ...
Still, I'll start it again for winter ... And I also want to try Hmelevaya ... let's see ...
But on the pressed ones I really like Bread!

Added Saturday 18 Jun 2016 00:17

marlanca, Gal, but of course! I dreamed about it! And we HOLD the word!
Gal, bake, try it, suddenly you like it !? :-) :-) :-) :-)
lettohka ttt
Critical bread !! !!!
Thank you, Natasha, he is such a ... bun-bun, I WILL EAT you !!!
lettohka ttt
Quote: mamusi
he is such a ... bun-bun, I WILL EAT you !!!

Khlebushek Borodinsky Love from the first crumb (multicooker Redmond RMS-02)

oooh ... Margot !!!!! The bread is royal !!!
Thank you dear, I hope that I will get exactly the same charm!
I have a Panasonic multicooker and a Cuckoo with a pressure cooker, which one is right, how do you think?
Thank you very much!
How about a bread machine?
lu_estrada, Lyudmila, thank you! I'm glad I liked Khlebushek!
I think you can bake it in any small multicooker. OUR Redmond 02 is only 1.6 liters.
This Khlebushek is possible to bake and HP, but the laying of products is very small here. The bread will be small ...
After Kneading, you just need to leave it to go to the HP, turning it off, if you can, after increasing the dough by 1.5 times, you can put baked goods!)))
Margarita, THANK YOU, firstly for the NATURAL recipe without any panifarins, etc., and secondly, for taking the risk of baking it so wonderfully in Rev.02
In short, for the awesome bread.
Special thanks for the algorithm for placing products and yeast in HP
brendabaker, Oksan, that NIMA IS FOR SHO !!
I would be glad, very ~ very, if you cook it!
Thank you dear!
Margarita, mamusiI've been looking forward to this recipe!
And if I don't have malt, can I replace it with dry kvass ??
I would like to quickly try !!
mamusi, the bread is wonderful !!! I want to try, But! I have a cartoon for 5 liters, do I need to double the products? And yet, there is no bread machine, I will knead with my hands. It turns out, after kneading, immediately put on proofing or let the dough rise, then knead and proof? Tell me please.
olechka99you can double the products ...
And you can also knead with a dough mixer with hooks, rye bread can be done this way, I do it sometimes, but then I don't have to do it with my hands, but it sticks to my palms ... :-) :-) :-) It is necessary with OIL HANDS, then it still needs to be crushed- to nurse and put the formed kolobok in a cartoon - one racking is enough for him ...Before an increase of one and a half - two times! It may take 1-1.5 hours, if the distribution is WARM, watch out ...
And then bake, I think about an hour will be enough for you ...

Added Saturday 18 Jun 2016 09:31 AM

yudinel, Helen, YES!
Steam your kvass with boiling water and GO!
Quote: mamusi
Steam your kvass with boiling water and GO
Fine! This means that you can add both wort and dry kvass! And then the presence of fermented malt in recipes always drove me into anguish - well, it is not sold here ... And I did not come across in Ashany either. Now I will definitely bake
Margarita, and the proportions are the same, 2 tbsp. l. dry kvass and 100 ml of boiling water?
yudinel, Helen, I think yes, you need to try :-) :-) :-)
follow the kolobok there, I'll bake right now too ... Khlebushek Borodinsky Love from the first crumb (multicooker Redmond RMS-02)
I still have this, a thick odorous liquid, I think you can get it by diluting your kvass with boiling water
mamusi, thanks) and can vinegar 9% apple cider? or is it obligatory 5%?
GIRLS! Attention, if you pour a liquid kvass wort, as in the photo, then DO NOT FORGET TO REDUCE THE LIQUID! I forgot and poured all the water 220 ml and plus 2 tablespoons of wort, and now I had to add flour ... 2 tablespoons with a slide! :-)
Elena Tim
Quote: mamusi
I dreamed about it! And we HOLD the word!
Like me.
Ritus, bread for sore eyes!
As soon as I get ready for the Borodino stove, I will try your recipe too. Thank you!
Elena Tim, Lenusik ... We are trying ... With we create the mood! ©

Thank you, Len, come back often!
And I'll try ...
Lena, try to bake, but please pay attention to the bell - it will smear slightly along the bottom ... soft, but not liquid. Everyone has different flour ... I wish you good luck!
Regarding the liquid components, I made some UPDATES in the first Post in the Notes.
Quote: mamusi

Lena, try to bake, but please pay attention to the bell - it will smear slightly along the bottom ... soft, but not liquid. Everyone has different flour ... I wish you good luck!
Regarding the liquid components, I made some UPDATES in the first Post in the Notes.
Thank you!
What a uhtyshka! I don’t go into the topic, I didn’t even know that bread can be baked in a baby.
I will definitely try, bookmarked the recipe.
Margarita, 🔗
I'll bookmark it and share it with my student son. He bakes himself wheat bread. Maybe he wants to bake rye.
Fotina, Svetlana, I will be glad if you like the bread!)))) Our baby bakes great!

Albina, that's great! Let the bread come in handy and fall in love, you can also bake it without Nothing (for lack of malt, vinegar or coriander from the student))). It will be just rye Khlebushk. Let him bake for health.
mamusi, Margarita, thanks for the recipe! Baked! Cool down, have already taken a sample. Delicious bread! Baked in a little Panasonic.
I'll cook some more bread. Margarita, and the honey was measured with a spoon from a bread machine or an ordinary tablespoon?

Khlebushek Borodinsky Love from the first crumb (multicooker Redmond RMS-02)

Khlebushek Borodinsky Love from the first crumb (multicooker Redmond RMS-02)
Helena, Oh, thanks for the wonderful photos and kind words!
Bake your health!)))
I even can't measure honey with a HP-spoon ... I usually measure it ... something like this ...
And everything else .. measured from HP ...
mamusi, Margarita, I asked why, if you measure with a xn-spoon in it, about 17-20 grams of honey is placed, and in a regular st. spoon 30-35 grams (I have it). I put about 35 grams in bread (I used to weigh everything on the scales).
Helena, I think the HP-SPOON has such a shape precisely so that we cannot gain MORE than necessary ... to cut off its edges - and that's it!
And ordinary tablespoons are different for everyone, in addition, they scoop up the product "with a slide", it would not be accurate to measure with them ...
35 g of honey is too much for this small bun ... I put so much on a large bun (where 500-600 g of flour). And in my bread you have to try to collect a spoon "without a slide"
mamusi, Margarita, thank you understood everything! I'll put less honey next time. Thanks again for a simple recipe for a delicious bread!
Quote: Biryusa
the presence of fermented malt in recipes always drove me into depression - well, it is not sold here

Olenkaand the store Attack you do not have ?

In our Attack Pudoff malt always available ...
Quote: Krosh
Olenka, do you have an Attack store?
We always have Pudoff malt in our Attack
Crochet, Inna, we do not have Attack, but we often go to Naro-Fominsk, and there are already two of them. But I crawled through all the shelves where there is flour and everything for baking - I didn't find it. Okay, I'll try with leavened wort.
By the way, yesterday I bought dry kvass, and there is yeast in it. Isn't that something you can add to the dough?
Biryusa, Olenka, well, the yeast is NOT THAT ...
Ol, and you do it for the first time WITHOUT malt AT ALL .... well, just RYE! FILL YOUR HAND AND IT IS POSSIBLE ONLY WITH A CORIANDER 0.5 SPOONS, and before, when I could not buy malt, I added dry Chicory ... we sell it in Magnets, soluble ... it gives a pleasant taste ...Khlebushek Borodinsky Love from the first crumb (multicooker Redmond RMS-02)
mamusi, Rituel, thanks! I will try
Another thing I wanted to ask (you may have already talked about this, but I missed it):
Rita, what are you kneading a small portion of dough in? In a bread maker? With your hands? Mixer hooks?

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