Marinated tomatoes with marigolds (black-haired)

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Marinated tomatoes with marigolds (black-haired)


salt 1 tbsp. l.
sugar 2 tbsp. l.
water 1 liter
vinegar 9% 1 tbsp. l.
or vinegar essence 0.5 tsp

Cooking method

  • Prepare medium-sized, dense tomatoes. We will also need flowers of black-shaved, or marigolds, or scientifically Tagetes. In my dacha, various types of marigolds grow, seen in the photo.
  • Marinated tomatoes with marigolds (black-haired)
  • Only flowers with an intense orange color and undersized flowers should be used in this recipe, they are on the left in the photo. In Georgia, dried petals of these flowers are called "Imeretian saffron".
  • Put 2 marigold flowers and 2 branches with leaves on the bottom in jars with a capacity of 1 liter.
  • We don't use any other spices!
  • Fill the jar with tomatoes to the top. Pour boiling water over, let stand for 15-20 minutes, drain the water, boil again and pour over for 10 minutes.
  • Next, we prepare the fill from the drained water.
  • For every 1 liter of water, add 1 tbsp. l. salt and 2 tbsp. l. Sahara.
  • Fill the jars with boiling brine, add 1 tbsp to each (liter) jar. l. vinegar 9% or 0.5 tsp. vinegar essence, roll up, turn over, wrap until it cools.
  • You don't need to add any garlic or pepper with other spices to this marinade. The taste is extraordinary due to the marigolds.

The dish is designed for

2 liter cans

Time for preparing:

30 minutes

Cooking program:

stove, handles


After reading recipes with marigolds from Lena-Kubanochki, I remembered about my preservation recipe with these wonderful flowers. I love marigolds very much, in Ukraine they are affectionately called black-haired. I really like their spicy scent, I like to rub their petals with my fingers and smell. At the dacha I plant different varieties, here is the Hawaii variety - tall handsome! (I wanted to insert a photo, but the dacha Internet does not give it)
But they are not suitable for spices; undersized dark-colored varieties are needed.
Tomatoes according to this recipe get an unusual spicy taste, it is impossible to describe it, you must try. When I first ate such a tomato, at first there was bewilderment, which was replaced by interest, and then delight. A very interesting unusual taste, it leaves no one indifferent, everyone likes it, and they definitely take the recipe! Try to make a couple of jars, you won't regret it! And flowers can be discreetly peeled off in a flower bed.

svettawhat a timely recipe, thanks. This year, for the first time in my life, I planted a plot with marigolds and just undersized. I will definitely try this recipe. Just try to replace vinegar with citric acid (do you happen to have the proportions of such a replacement?). I was so interested that now I will be surfing the Internet with information about marigolds in cooking.
svettaDo I understand correctly that if the brine is made not on the drained water, the taste will be wrong? Just usually, I just drain the water from the first fillings, and prepare the brine on a new one and don't bother collecting and measuring the amount drained. But your recipe is so interesting that I want to try
svetta, Svetulya! I will definitely cook according to your recipe. We have some kind of marigold season this year))))) Thank you for the option of using marigolds!
svetta, WOW!)))) Bookmarks, I will definitely) it seems to me that this option resembles the taste like with carrot tops, but I love that)
Very interesting! Sveta, thanks! We'll have to rip off the flowers from the medical center.
Gata, Anechka, happy birthday! I wish you happiness and love!
Yes, in this recipe I would still be a little fiddled and not pour out the drained water from the cans so as not to lose the aroma of the flowers. A liter of water is enough for two liter jars, which contains about 400 ml of brine.

Girls, I advise you to make a couple of liter cans and then you will understand whether you need to do more or not. I did not eat tomatoes with carrot tops, there were simply no tops, this year I will try (carrots grow their own gorgeous). But I think that the option with flowers is similar.

Pavla, I did not replace vinegar with citric acid, but I will use it with pleasure if you share the information you find.
Nda, it’s better to plant marigolds! Or where to pick a thread of a flower bed
I love new recipes so for now bookmark ....
Quote: svetta
I did not replace vinegar with citric acid, but I will gladly use it if you share the information I found.
I don’t like cucumbers with lemon, but I like canning tomatoes. And she always did so on the basis of a 3-liter bottle of even cucumbers, even a tomato: a 100-gram stack is one finger less than vinegar or 1 tsp. vinegar essence, or 1 tsp. lemons.
svetta, Sveta, okay, I'll put it together, from a couple of cans it's not so critical, I assumed that part of the taste-aroma would go away, but suddenly I guess incorrectly and asked

Thank you very much for the congratulations

I haven't tried it with tops either - I dry it this way and use it as a seasoning in winter, we like it. It is necessary to close at least one jar with it.
Svetochka, thanks for the recipe! This year I am without marigolds, but I hope that my friends will help out, so I will definitely try! Such a bright and even healthy option for harvesting my favorite tomatoes!
For me today, opening after opening And marinating marigolds and closing tomatoes with them ... I didn't know what these flowers are used for food.
We plant marigolds along the perimeter of the beds, they scare away harmful insects with their smell.

Thanks for the recipe! I will definitely try to marinate tomatoes with them.
Last year I marinated with carrot tops for the first time, I liked it.
Pavla, I make tomatoes in 1 liter of water 5 tbsp. l sugar 1 tbsp. l salt and 1 tsp lemon. I also make baby cucumbers with lemon
alba et atra
Quote: Gata

Just usually, I just drain the water from the first fillings, and I prepare the brine on a new one and do not bother collecting and measuring the amount drained.

Anya, I am preparing the brine based on the required number of jars. I pour only vinegar into each jar at the last pour and immediately twist it.
I fill the jars with boiling brine, and as the tomatoes warm up, I pour out the same brine (I put a special lid on the jar and drain it), boil it and pour it back into the jars. This way all the aromas are preserved. Try it the same way, you may like it and seem convenient.
Olga, thanks, I'll take note.
alba et atra, well, I just describe this method in the recipe. Perhaps in slightly different words, but the essence is the same.
svetta, thanks for the recipe. Delicious tomatoes. And the aroma of marigolds is awesome. Only I have other proportions of salt and sugar, but the whole point is in marigolds!
alba et atra
Sveta, your recipe was published in the magazine!

Marinated tomatoes with marigolds (black-haired)

alba et atra, Lena, what a surprise, thanks for the photo! I had already forgotten that they once asked permission. Pleasantly!
Tusya Tasya
Sveta, congratulations. A recipe worthy of promulgation and distribution.

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