Soup "Vegetable song" (multicooker Redmond RMC-02)

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Soup Vegetable song (multicooker Redmond RMC-02)


Chinese cabbage
Green peas (canned)
Fresh parsley
Fresh dill
Hochland Processed Cheese
Four Pepper Blend
Italian Herbs Blend
Spices for Kotanyi borscht
Bay leaf
Vegetable oil

Cooking method

  • Remember Julian Tuwim's poems translated by Sergei Mikhalkov (and the song, of course, too):
  • "The hostess once came from the bazaar,
  • The hostess brought home from the market:
  • Potatoes,
  • Cabbage,
  • Carrots,
  • Peas,
  • Parsley and beets.
  • Oh! ... "
  • I made one change to the recipe of this hostess: I replaced the beets with onions (it seemed to me that this would be better for my taste).
  • Cut the onion into cubes, three carrots on a medium grater, cut the white and juicy parts of Peking cabbage into cubes. Put vegetables in the multicooker bowl, add vegetable oil. Install the Baking program. Fry vegetables for ten minutes under a closed lid. After 10 minutes add salt, a mixture of "Four peppers", fry for another 5 minutes with the lid open, stirring occasionally.
  • Installing the program “Extinguishing. Soup". Pour boiling water from a kettle into the bowl of the multicooker, put potatoes, soft green parts of Peking cabbage, small broccoli inflorescences, green peas. Add the seasoning "For Ukrainian borscht" Kotanyi, a mixture of "Italian herbs" Kotanyi, one allspice pea, one tiny bay leaf, a little salt.
  • After 25 minutes taste, add salt and spices if necessary. Add garlic chopped in a press, chopped parsley and dill, Hochland melted cheese. Cook, focusing on the readiness of the potatoes.
  • "... and the vegetable soup turned out to be quite good."
  • The result is a tender, very light summer soup.
  • For lovers of "spicy" soup we serve with olives.
  • Bon Appetit!


Did not indicate the number of products, as they can be arbitrary.
There are many recipes for vegetable soups on the forum, I did not find one (maybe I was looking badly), if anything, please indicate the link ...

Cheese soups are our passion !!!! I somehow always buy domestic cheese curds for soup and add 2 per liter)) very sincerely !!
The beauty)))

even in Asian ones I add a couple of curd cheeses to coconut milk - a song ...

I also love it very much, especially in pureed soups (I don't even cook without them)
Well, at night, looking so delicious. Thank you so much.
Please, Marina! You can wait until tomorrow)))
Thank you
A very free version was cooked. In Polaris. I attached everything that required an attachment, that's why such liberty.
• Poured water. Prog - "Soup" 1 hour.
• Threw in carrots, onions, potatoes, lavrushka, stems-roots-seasonings.
• After 40 minutes, add the hard part of Peking, the peas in the beans and the peas of the shoulder (both - frozen).
• After another 10 minutes, I threw in the soft part of Peking, freezing (broccoli + colored) and grated hard cheese.
• Cooked until the end of the program (10 minutes).
• Gave it to brew, threw out the stems and roots.
• Greens added when serving.
The soup is light but satisfying. Very fresh.
Thank you!
Soup Vegetable song (multicooker Redmond RMC-02)
IvaNovaIrina, please, I'm glad that you liked the soup.

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