"Asia" salad (multicooker Redmond RMC-02)

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Asia salad (multicooker Redmond RMC-02)


Carrots (large) 1 PC
Onion (small head) 1 PC
Red bell pepper (small) 1 PC
Eggplant (small) 0.5 pcs
Pickled champignons, can be fresh 0.5 cans
Salt taste
Cinnamon taste
Carnation taste
Vinegar 5% 1 tbsp. the spoon
Sugar 0.5 tsp
Mix of Asian cuisine taste
Soy sauce taste
Vegetable oil on demand

Cooking method

  • Carrots, sweet red peppers, pickled mushrooms, eggplant, grate with a grater for Korean carrots (in my combine), cut the onion into thin rings (in my combine). Cut fresh mushrooms into cubes (otherwise they will crumble). Peppers can also be diced.
  • Install the Baking program. Put the vegetable mixture in the multicooker bowl. Add vegetable oil (do not be greedy, this salad should have a sufficient amount of oil). Fry for 7 minutes with the lid closed, 3 minutes with the lid open. Vegetables should not be soft, they should be crunchy.
  • We transfer the mixture to any suitable container with a lid. Add vinegar (I have white wine vinegar), soy sauce (I have light KIKKOMAN sauce), sugar, salt, cinnamon, cloves. We focus exclusively on our taste. We mix. Add dry mix "Asian cuisine" from KOTANYI (ingredients: garlic, coriander, cilantro, chili, lemongrass, fenugreek, turmeric, cumin). We focus on your taste. Garlic can be added if desired (I did not add).
  • Mix the mixture thoroughly. Cool to room temperature. We send it to the refrigerator for 6 hours. Vegetables should be soaked in oil and spices.
  • Bon Appetit!
  • Asia salad (multicooker Redmond RMC-02)
  • It is clear that this salad can be prepared in any dish on the gas hob.


I have always made this salad with fresh champignons. But today I decided to do it with pickled ones (it was just an open jar in the refrigerator). It turned out delicious too. You can combine fresh and pickled mushrooms.
If you do not have a mixture of "Asian cuisine", then you can prepare a salad without it (I used to do without it completely, it just recently appeared on sale). You can put red hot peppers in the salad to taste. Or even replace it with a mixture for Korean carrots.
You can put more eggplants, I just didn't have them today.

Following in the footsteps of discussing the recipe with Ksyusha (Trishka): peppers and mushrooms can be simply cut into cubes (large pieces will even decorate the salad). It is still better to cut the eggplants and carrots "in Korean style", and the onions are definitely cut into thin rings.

thanks, very interesting and tasty composition, I will try !!!
kavmins, of course try it! The main thing here is to focus on the desired degree of "sharpness"
Well, again, something incredibly tasty. I'm waiting for my cartoon, I can't wait. Thank you for such a tasty treat.
Marina, thank you for your kind words))) Yes, there is nothing special in this salad, but it is so rather "spicy", rather "tasty". Sometimes you want something like that)))
mirtatvik, Tanyush is interesting and I can't think of that delicious recipe!
Thank you!

Now tell me how you grate mushrooms, eggplants and peppers on a grater, I have a Berner grater, so I can only grate carrots / beets on it, the rest in dust, or do you have it larger?
Maybe you can use thin straws?
Ksyusha, I have a special attachment in the combine.Carrots, peppers and eggplants are rubbed with chic straws, pickled mushrooms are very neat, but small "tubes" (you cannot rub fresh mushrooms on this grater). Mushrooms can be simply cut into cubes (I did this before). I made it with pickled mushrooms for the first time today. By the way, it is better to fry fresh mushrooms separately, and then combine them with everything else, it will work out faster (there will be a lot of liquid in them).
Ksyusha, you can just cut it into thin strips, after all, I cut it in the combine solely because of laziness
By the way, you can put more eggplants, they go very well with these spices. And I like fresh mushrooms, but with pickled ones the taste is somehow "brighter". You need to experiment to your liking.
Aha, of course, thank you!
I also have a Boshik combine, but I can't try it, there seem to be graters there ..
Ksyusha, this attachment was not included in the kit, I bought it separately (and also for fries). I like my harvester, but I have to wash it every time (I really do it in my car). Boshiks are all different, I have an old one, he is already ten years old. Now there are probably more functional models.
Ksyusha, I once put squid in this salad instead of mushrooms, you know, it was very good)))
Tatiana, delicious salad. I love Korean salads (although you can't have a lot) That's just too lazy to bother with frying. I remember at one time a popular salad with fried vegetables and liver was delicious, but fatty. Dragged to bookmarks.
Olya, it's not greasy if you don't pour a lot of oil. But it is imperative to fry, at least a little. Otherwise, it won't turn out so tender. By the way, it is quickly fried in a cartoon ...
This salad also goes well with meat, you can even use it sometimes as a side dish.

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