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Paul I
Quote: NatalyTeo
i have both kitchen and kenwood 096
They are different?
Actually, Kenwood positions our little ones as "kitchen machines", and the Americans are "KitchenAid Mixers"? That is, not even a food processor?
Although what is the difference between "kitchen machines" and "food processor" do not know.
Paul I, mixer because the main unit is designed for whipping, mixing, etc., with which it copes perfectly. And the huge arsenal of attachments makes it a perfectly functional kitchen machine. The kitchen's combine is completely different, but there is a mini version for the mixer as an attachment. Despite the fact that both appeared at me almost at the same time, I am constantly flattered by kitschen, Kenwood is in the wings when I have to do something a lot or whip at the same time. Kitchen has all the attachments to him ideally, they work perfectly, there is even nothing to complain about. Kenwood is more capricious or something, or I have not yet mastered it, how to really use induction, for example. There was a situation when I whipped something slowly with heating, so then it was necessary to increase the speed, but it was not possible in any way, in the end I switched everything to kitsch and he gladly brought the matter to the end
Quote: NatalyTeo
There was a situation when I whipped something slowly with heating, so then it was necessary to increase the speed, but it was not possible in any way, in the end I switched everything to kitsch and he gladly brought the matter to the end

It was necessary to press the Impulse button and the speed would increase to the one that was needed, and then release it and he would beat at speed)
This is the only way to increase the speed when the bowl is hot.
Paul I
Quote: NatalyTeo
Despite the fact that both appeared at me almost at the same time, I am constantly flattered by kitschen, Kenwood is in the wings when I have to do something a lot or whip at the same time.
Very interesting. We must somehow ask to visit you and see everything "on the ground". Compare an American and a European on the go.
And for starters, could you tell us in more detail what attachments you have for KitchenAid and what ones for Kenwood?
And yet why KitchenAid is more convenient. Maybe easier?
Quote: Matilda_81

Kitchen's theme has the owner of both, and there is a comparison
Paul, here is Nadia Jouravl wrote. Probably, you won't be able to insert a link to a specific message. I do not know how. But I'll try on the page
Message number 594 and then below with more photos.
Paul I, you can arrange a test drive for both, especially since they have the same listing.Of the kitchen nozzles, I have everything except the last sprolizer for kenwood - what was in the kit for 096 and additionally a sieve, a mill and a soufflake. By the way, of the minuses, it was problematic to buy these attachments, any desire disappears to look for them. Rita, I do not scold Kenwood in any way, I really like him, handsome, noble, maybe more stately and delicate. I'm talking about the fact that I don't really know how to use it and use all the possibilities that I probably don't even know about, and that's why I'm afraid. And kitschen is such a workhorse. Somehow I whipped the whites at the same time in both, in about the same time. Kenwood, by the way, is quieter to me, it has such a soft engine noise. And his bowl is more elongated and narrower, which makes it easier to whip something like that.
For some time I rushed between kitchend and kenwood for a long time.
I stopped in my dreams at Kenwood.

I really like kitsch with its retro design.
But I don't like that absolutely everything is extra. attachments are attached to the end of the head. Kenwood has only a meat grinder, a dough sheeter, a pasta dish. Of course, these are personal fears, but if something happened to the nest, you won't attach anything.

In addition, adding everything that I want from add. possibilities other than a kneader, and having counted, I realized that kenwood per circle would become cheaper. Of course, all the desired add. nozzles will not be bought at once, but gradually overgrow with property, but still cheaper.

And yet, perhaps I'm wrong, but the kitchen does not have a multi-chopper nozzle that is very interesting for me with a glass.

But outwardly I like kitsch more, and the possibility of flowers.
And overall, this is a very solid technique, respected, etc.
Throwing between kitschen and kenwood is very understandable.

And here's another, now I followed the link and read the comparisons in the kitschen topic.
I don't know, these are those. data or just an opinion, but this moment.

Quote: Jouravl
Kitchen can work for about 10 minutes under full load, about Kenwood, I was not even interested in driving it too long ..

10 minutes, and the cooking chef 72 hours non-stop, if you believe this (they say in the first minute)

By the way, can anyone benefit from watching the entire presentation. There is a pro to press the impulse during induction to increase the speed they say. And much more. Then someone wrote that he did not understand this moment.

Paul I
Quote: Miranda
Kitchen can work for about 10 minutes under full load,
This is a very bad and therefore a strange indicator. We must look at the details.
The difference between professional and household appliances lies precisely in the load capabilities of the mechanism, the main of which is the possible period of non-stop operation.
Paul I, after June 10 I will be more free, come. About 10 minutes, the girl probably said that she worked so much for her. I have continuously for 30-40 minutes easily, the case may have warmed up a little, there was simply no need for longer,
Quote: Sedne
Natalia, and what to do with kitschen continuously for 30-40 minutes, is it not inductive?
Sedne, for example, I did a lot of marshmallow Belevskaya, then somehow it was necessary to beat eggs according to the recipe
Quote: Masinen

NatalyTeo, Natasha, is it possible for a marshmallow recipe?
Quote: NatalyTeo
Masinen, I answered in HP
Natasha, don't be in HP ... we want it too !!!

And I will show you how with the help of our Kesha it is easy to get strawberry souffle!
Strawberry soufflé
Olga VB
Ingushechka, did you have a certificate for the book when you bought KM?
If there was, then it has coordinates where you should contact.
If not, but the CM was purchased in the Russian Federation from the office. suppliers, you can simply visit the website
give the serial number and order the book.
Likewise, through a representative office in the Russian Federation at the office. On the Kenwood website, you can extend the warranty period for your CM up to 5 years.
Here are a few more links you may find useful:





Quote: Paul I
Convince me of the need for induction.
in general, I will say this, there is no need for induction if you have a stove.I’m making a Swiss meringue in it (I somehow had proteins from the freezer, and they didn’t want to whip in the meringue at all, I heated them up and whipped them like Swiss, now I always do that if I’m worried if it’s beating), but I can think about doing it in a water bath. Heated biscuit, you can also use a water bath. Choux dough? so before that they always coped on the stove. Custard, well, a little more difficult on the stove, but you can if you don't want to buy induction. Puree? so, too, you can cook in the old fashioned way and pound-beat with ordinary Kenwood (I think you can).
But I'll tell you what, you can do everything manually, on the stove and not buy induction, but my flexi nozzle broke (the pin flew out), now I can't put it on. And how many times have I already tried to make custard, but without flexi nothing will work, but I don't want to do something manually. And somehow she didn't get ready.
And in general, somehow sad. Under the guarantee, they said they would not change, they gave the address, try asking them about repairs. The husband said that he himself would think about what to put there (I myself did not find the pin, I did not understand where it could fly), but so far I have not come up with anything.
I used the nozzle for cooking only once, I made some stew. If the stove was not gas, I might use it more often, otherwise I can interfere with a spoon. And I cook long porridge in a milk cooker.
I do not regret that I bought the induction. especially since we did not really have an alternative for the price
Quote: Paul I
Good question, is there a similar KitchenAid thread here? It is interesting to compare both cars. Outwardly, I don't like the American, but I have no information on functionality and reliability.
I have not seen Kenwoods in any firm, and there were kitches in two of those where I worked. in the 2 years that he worked with me (before that, another 2 years without me) he was handed over for repair 15 times. And when I went to work on maternity leave, he was tied up on strings with them, because he could not hold on in the raised state, it fell, plus from zero speed immediately to the 5th, it probably cut in, and almost from a slight breath of breeze
Paul I
Quote: Natusichka
but my flexi nozzle broke (the pin flew out), now I can't put it on.

Oksana! And if you buy a new flexi?
It will be curvy.
People have a lot of spare shafts here. Maybe ask someone. Well, instead of a pin, you can drive in a piece of a suitable nail. and bite to size
Quote: adelinalina
here maybe, but not in Estonia, and the nail will not work. The husband said a stronger alloy is needed, the nail will roll, not the first time, but the second time.
And such a handsome man came to me yesterday!
Kenwood Kitchen Machines
Quote: Olga VB

Mankin, take any of your recipes and adapt. Personally, I have been playing your recipes on Kesh for a long time.
I think you will also like, especially, yeast / leavening dough.
Ol, thanks. What do you think, what is the minimum amount of flour he will knead well?
Volume 5 liters.
Quote: Olga VB

I don't know, Manyunya. It also depends on the density / moisture content of the dough.
In addition, if the recipe allows you to mix coarsely at first, so that all the flour is soaked in liquid, and then the dough is rested for 15-20 minutes, then it is easier to knead.
It is better to look at the instructions, there they give recommendations for your bowl volume and machine power.
I have a large bowl and a powerful hook, Kesha has never gone on strike, but I also do not bake for the company.
Also, be careful with proteins: I literally have 5 proteins completely fill the bowl when whipping until dry. I think that you already have 4 climb to the top.
kseniya D
Quote: KLO
I need to ask Masha, Masinen, if I'm not mistaken, she bought hers there (in the EU).
Is it? As far as I remember, she bought it on Avito.
Masha will come and tell

Ol, Manya I asked about the minimum amount. So I was thinking yesterday and fell into a stupor. Now I knead the dough into at least 3 loaves, bake it, and then freeze it.
I joked about bakery recipes, did not knead less than 300 g. It's minimum.
Olga VB
Masha definitely bought on Avito.
As for the warranty, it's better to just try on acc. page of. register this CM site. If the certificate is generated, then thanks, and if not, then call the hotline.
According to experience with other equipment (not Kenwood), they are obliged to officially bought in the bargaining. organizations of any country deliver the equipment both under warranty and take it to the service if it is certified for this part of the world and there are no obvious deviations in operating conditions. But sometimes you have to wrestle with them.

About proteins. She exhibited somewhere, however, in a different bowl, but the volume is clear.
Here are 2 at first still under-whipped squirrels, and then quite dense, but not dry, not up to foam:
Kenwood Kitchen Machines Kenwood Kitchen Machines
So 4 of this bowl would definitely come out, and in a large one - just right. I still don’t understand how they recommend whipping 16 proteins, you can only stir it, not whip it, even to soft peaks.
More here see how to beat the whites.

I didn't even think about the minimum amount of flour. It seems to me that this is not a question at all. Somehow a recipe for dough cookies, there generally was at the bottom everything together with all the components, literally, the volume of one handful. I don't remember any problems, everything mixed quickly and smoothly. It seems that K-shkoy interfered.
Natusichka, KLO, julia_bb, Thank you. I hope that Kesha and I will have a long and mutual love.

Quote: Olga VB
Also, be careful with proteins: I literally have 4 proteins completely fill the bowl when whipping until dry. I think that you have already 3 climb to the top.
Ol, Wow!
Beat 3 whites and 180 grams of sugar for 5 minutes, until "glossy". They did not reach the top, the maximum is half a bowl.
Kenwood Kitchen Machines Kenwood Kitchen Machines Kenwood Kitchen Machines

Not the poet's soul endured stood and kneaded the dough in the morning. 400 grams of flour turned out.

Kenwood Kitchen Machines Kenwood Kitchen Machines Kenwood Kitchen Machines Kenwood Kitchen Machines Kenwood Kitchen Machines
Kneading with a hook. By the way, should he (the hook) touch the bottom of the bowl during kneading? I had a gap of a few millimeters.
I kneaded the dough non-sticky, in hp I usually make it softer. It did not want to gather in a ball and strove to smear on the walls. Maybe the dough is too small?

Quote: kseniya D
Now I knead the dough into at least 3 loaves, bake it, and then freeze it.
Ksyusha, and do you freeze immediately or ferment?
Quote: Olga VB
The manufacturer recommends tightening all agitators except the hook.
Manechka, your volume is normal, not small.
Judging by your photos, I would still stir up, and the bun would definitely turn out.
That is, the technology is as follows: flour + liquid - knead for a couple of minutes before simple mixing, then 15-30 minutes of rest for better development of gluten (if this does not contradict the technology according to the recipe), then the main kneading for 12-15 minutes at 1-2 speeds , depending on the density of the dough.
However, a bun is not always needed. For me, for example, even if the dough is quite liquid, that is, when the KM is stopped, it spreads along the bottom of the bowl, then during the kneading process it still gathers into a single mass, and the walls are clean. Such dough can then be collected with oily hands using a spatula into a kind of kolobok and sent for proofing.
I rarely freeze the dough, but if I do it, then immediately after the main kneading.
kseniya D
Man, I freeze the finished bread. After complete cooling, I cut into slices and several pieces into bags.
And I rarely freeze the dough. But yesterday, in the subject at Chuchelka with her cabbage pies, I saw that her dough should be frozen immediately after kneading. Yesterday, by the way, I left this dough in the refrigerator for a day, then for an hour it lay at room temperature and soooo well rose. These are delicious rolls! Gorgeous dough.
The hook should not touch the bottom.
Quote: Sonadora
It did not want to gather in a ball and strove to smear on the walls.
And how long and at what speed did you knead?
Girls, thanks. I feel like a first grader. Nothing is clear, but horror how interesting.

Quote: kseniya D
And how long and at what speed did you knead?
Quote: Olga VB
then the main kneading for 12-15 minutes at 1-2 speeds, depending on the density of the dough.
Semyon Semyonitch! And I did the main batch for 4-5.

Quote: Olga VB
Judging by your photos, I would still stir up, and the bun would definitely turn out.
Thank you, Ol... Next time I will. I was embarrassed that the dough is constantly smeared on the walls.

Quote: kseniya D
freeze ready-made bread
Ksyusha, sorry Please. Inattentively I read your previous message.

Girls, I have one more question. What does "Automatic mode" mean? The speed is manually selected.
Quote: Olga VB
Manyun, according to the instructions for your model, look at what speed they recommend, since I did not use your model, I tell you how I do it in mine. And the modes may differ.
I don’t know about the automatic mode, I don’t have that in 080. And what does your manual write about this?
Yeah, Ol, I found it. For yeast dough, a minimum or 1 kneading speed is recommended.
It's not clear about the automatic mode. It is in the video review, but there is nothing in the instructions. : -

The first bread, mixed in Kesh, was baked. And then Kesha thought: "Shaw? Will there be more ?!"
Kenwood Kitchen Machines
Quote: Olga VB
Manyun, how did you like it yourself? Is there a difference in the sensations of the dough and bread compared to HP?
The braid is very cute!
It feels like next time you weave it a little less tightly bush
And I bought the device profitably. And why is it in positions lowered the price?
Sedne, Miranda, Thank you.
Olga VB, Ol, did not understand yet. The bread maker kneads ordinary dough perfectly, so today I did not feel much difference. I wanted a kneader for a different test: for brioche, panetone and Easter cakes. I have Adriano Continisio's recipe in mind, so I'll try it on it.
Quote: Olga VB

And I bought the device profitably. And why is it in positions lowered the price?
It was bought in an online store and immediately, a new one, was handed over for repair: the automatic mode and 3-4 speeds did not work. Plus, they messed up something in the store and on the window it turned out to be for 22,500, instead of 37,000 (friends checked in the general database of Eldorado). When the purchase was made, the invoice was issued at 18500 (the additional 15% discount was over at that time), but then I got stuck and demanded to sell for 11249, at the public offer price.

Added Wednesday 21 Sep 2016 02:12

Girls, How long does it take for yeast dough to knead in Kesh, at least approximately? And then I mix ..., mix .... 40 minutes (at 2-3 speeds). I can’t adapt to it. Every time I struggle with the desire to shift the dough into hp.
"The mice cried, injected, but they continued to eat the cactus" - this is about me and Kesha.
kseniya D
Man, I have a final batch of 12-15 minutes at 2 speeds.
Quote: KLO

Sonadora,! Admin has the theme "Kneading Wheat Bread Dough in a Combine Harvester". Everything is described in great detail.
Quote: Sonadora
Ksyushaand the sides of the bowl are clean and the dough is smooth?
Not always. If I make loaves, then yes, the walls are clean and the bun is smooth. If molded, then the dough is slightly smears, but rather smooth. If you take it with oiled hands, it will gather in a bun. After proofing, it no longer sticks to your hands.
I always use the same flour and have adapted to the recipes with it. When I take another flour, for example, I almost always have to add more.
Kind members of the forum, I urgently need to clarify, because there is a good option.

080 is a complete set, right?
Is there a difference between 080 and 086?
In 096 the blender is different - I know that.

In 080, there is also a food processor and a blender. But suddenly they are not.
Googling says different things, but more that there is no difference.

Sedne, 084 and 094 - base.
But 080 seems to be with.

For example
Quote: Olga VB

080 and 086 are the same. This is absolutely certain!
084 - naked (base).
But! Some sellers call it all names, as God puts it on their souls.
So if "080/086" is written on the box, and this is exactly what mine was written with a slash, then everything should be complete.
Quote: Angel with horns

080 is definitely not naked, apparently this is a marking for Europe, I bought mine in Finland, completely = 086.
Well, here I am at home and I can tell you how Everest was conquered by deviceogolism and forumomania. I think this is the peak of a career on the forum!

Here's an adventure that came out for me.
I went to pick up a small order at Technosila. Well, I decided to walk around the store, take a look at different things. Stopped at the shelf with the Kenwoods, the video was playing, the new Sens was small, and other models.

As always, the consultant is right there - buy something what to show, tell. I say - thanks, nothing is needed, I don’t want these little ones, but you don’t have induction. And he answers - yes, it is not in the window, but it seems that I saw it in the database, etc.the last one, then at a good price, etc. He left, looked at something on the computer, came back and confirmed the presence of 080. And the price is such that my mommy - grab and run.

I rushed home, because on the card, which was not enough with me, and the card with more money at home. I ran, managed to ask here and ran back.

Once again I asked if he had confused, and he shows the product page - 🔗 so that I can see what exactly the 080 model is.

Maybe they have bonuses from this or something. But he began to persuade me for some of their service program - a year or two or three. They say that even a surge in voltage they have a warranty case, etc. And so I wanted to persuade that I offered the MGX400 cubicle attachment as a gift. She went as a gift to Sens. I don’t know if I would have gone to 080, it’s not on the website, not in the window. Maybe he did, it's hard to say. I still feel like a winner

On Friday they will bring, and I will probably write anything else here

Olga VB
Miranda, you take Kesha at a very good price.
How much does a cube cost now?
I looked, the cube is now 8990 at the office. website, it means that somewhere else you can find it a little cheaper.
It's just that you already have 5 years of service completely free of charge, but now you were not actually given a gift, but sold a cube for 8700 rubles, that is, for its actual price.
You still have time to think it over until Friday, you have the right to refuse this unobtrusive service.
Miranda, Kenwood gives 5 years of service to their cars, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, specialists go home, if necessary, they will pick up the car and bring it back, this is included in the terms of service. For other cities, it is discussed on a case-by-case basis.
Olga VB
This service will be activated after a year, when you have another 4 years manufacturer's warranty. Refuse and don't think. This is a scam.
Moreover, it will not depend at all on whether your car will be brought to you, but only on its actual availability.
By the way, find out if this is a showcase sample and if it has been repaired, otherwise the explanations about the last copy sound dumb for me, especially against the background of all the other noodles that this product hung for you.
This is where she could lie so late at such a sweet price, considering how long it has been out of print?
Olga VB,

When I called about the service to find out, I asked a question.
The explanation is that there are old models that are no longer purchased, the leftovers (most often 1-2 pieces) are not displayed due to the complexity of logistics, introduction to the database, etc. Such leftovers are sold directly from the warehouse and the sellers know about this option and should offer them. The longer the item is in stock, the lower the price. And if I and no one bought this car, in a month it would be even cheaper.

And the refurbished must be sold only in the store where it was originally purchased, marked with a markdown and a reason. They say, they have no right to hide the fact of repair, because a matter of jurisdiction.
This is the explanation.
Oh Tomorrow I'll tell you how everything went with the refusal.
My husband read something, he also phoned to ask his questions and for refusal and return of cubes, if necessary.

About the gift, by the way, the hotline said that it didn’t see whether the gift was coming. goods from the base, but this is solely at the discretion of the sellers. They have the right to leave, they have the right to pick up.
Olga VBBy the way, they told me on the phone that in their system the last fixed price of 080, when it was guaranteed both on the website and in stores, was a promotional price of 62 thousand. And they discount the rest based on the purchase cost + time.
Olga VB
And then insist that they leave the gift, otherwise promise them good fame for the whole tyrnet and an official complaint to the office. Kenwood dealership for cheating - selling you a guarantee for a lot of money, which Kenwood gives completely free of charge, and, moreover, for a much longer period.
I think that if they try to take away the die, it makes sense to fight for it - make some noise as it should.
By the way, have you contributed money? What's on the check or invoice? How much and for what did you pay for items?
If there are no conditions that the gift is for extra. guarantee, they generally do not have the right to take away.
Julia, yes, but why not try it? Moreover, the percentage of Kesh breakdowns is very low.
Sveta, I mainly use a cube only in the summer-autumn period of harvesting - I ice vegetables not only grated, but also in cubes, but even for such a rare use it is very necessary.
And thanks to the dough sheeter, I suddenly fell in love with making dumplings, dumplings, and now I'm getting to the ravioli. One problem - there are few eaters, you have to freeze. If not for Kesha, I would never have undertaken to knead yeast dough with my hands. And the biscuits got better thanks to the machine.
Was in the store. For about an hour they were not allowed to write a statement, they tried to tell what good I was refusing. And then, they said dryly, to the question of what to write, the answer - what you want, only clearly. Now ten days will be considered. The question was not raised about the cube, maybe for the time being.

There are no conclusions about the store, they persuade them to do different things in each, but the obsession has strained.

Well, we are waiting for tomorrow and the decision.

About the cube. I have it in Boshik. Not often, but those who have had a die will no longer refuse such an option.

The technique is very motivating for cooking. Now I bake bread and sausage, cook cheese. Biscuit, various dishes that I didn’t make, and now I don’t look into the recipe. And for some time now I want to continue and more.

By the way, thanks to the noodle cutter, there are also dumplings, dumplings, noodles, lasagna.

Good helpers are awesome!
Miranda, I had no code. And not all girls had it.
Everything is packed there to the conscience, do not worry, there will be a lot of boxes and foam. Check the number of nozzles with the data on the box, try turning on Kesha. Something else does not come to mind.
Belka13, and here is the question about inclusion.

Just without plugs into the outlet and see how it turns? What adjustments should I put? I seem to be reading the instructions now, but from excitement I somehow think badly.

Make sure the temperature is not turned on and just the first speed, right? Spin left or right?

Olga VB
Miranda, and to the left, and to the right, and put the bowl and try to turn on the temperature to see if it is warming up. Carefully look at everything with a magnifying glass, the case, under the lid at the top, count all the nozzles, carefully examine so that there are no chips or scratches. Bowl so that it is new, unscratched, check the handles so that they are intact.
Do everything calmly, slowly. If the forwarder hurries and pulls - zero attention. Everything is detailed, sequentially, in a magnifying glass.
Must be included! Whatever they say to you.
Don't sign anything until you've verified it. It's a pity that the money has already been given, but it's too late to wave fists.
Of course, it is better to take it together, so that someone will insure.
I took my Kesha for about 40 minutes, stupidly, consistently, step by step according to the description.
Check the package of books in the box, the warranty card. Don't look for the code, the main thing is that there is a nameplate with a number and product details on the bottom of the case.
Prepare the hotline telephone number in advance.
Miranda, you can put only a bowl, any attachment - a hook or a whisk, turn the knob to the right - you can go to 1st, 2nd speed. The nozzle will move in a circular motion. To check the induction, you need to put on a protective transparent cap on the top of the machine, otherwise Kesha will not heat up and will start giving an error. As you put on, the handle will need to be turned to the left, counterclockwise - there are three different types of stirring. You will see the temperature on the display. True, it is not known who will bring you a typewriter - they may just be loaders, they will say that you can only check for mechanical damage, and for everything else, two weeks are given to check.
Oh, while I was writing, they already answered.
Here I am

They brought me a typewriter, and I checked it for about 30 minutes, everything works.

But I have a suspicion that the copy is still showcase.

It looks like this.

1. Brand new, crunches already:
- blender, it is clear that they did not take out, did not collect
- food processor, shredding discs with sealed knives
- attachments: hook, whisk, flexi and rubber bands to it, mixer
- paddles and rug and brush
- two protective covers
- the adjustment key is sealed with the same strips as the knives on the shredding discs, in a film

2. That obviously got it.
- there is not enough foam on the top for the entire area of ​​the box
- the car was not in the package
- installed K-shaped nozzle
- the steamer had to be inside the bowl, it is separate (a piece of iron and a plastic rim)

It can be seen that they did not cook in the bowl, there is a booklet on a chain on the handle. All documents are assembled, there is a coupon for the book, the serial number on the bottom of the car matches the box.

In general, the car is without scratches, chips, etc. A round about 5 years of iron guarantee is glued on the body, below there is a yellow-orange strip about "attention 20-140 degrees". Everything works, turns. The nozzle slots were clearly not used.
From all this I conclude that the machine is a display case.
I accepted the goods (store slang), but I detailed all this in the delivery report.

I called Technosila, they told me that since I indicated all these circumstances, I can demand a replacement for a new one at the same price, or simply pass it in tech. 14 days. But there are not a single copy in the warehouses. for replacement.
Basically, I am not afraid of display cases. But I still sit and think - to leave the display case 080 for 51,299 rubles. or think.
PS, to be honest, I've already embraced him, I don't want to give it away.

There is no news about Service + yet, well, they said that they are considering up to 10 days. Therefore, I do not know the fate of the cube attachment;
Service + was not imposed because it was a showcase, they were imposing it on everyone. When I was writing a statement yesterday, I saw how a man buying a refrigerator was ironed on his ears about the profitability of Service +. They sell it to everyone.

Rituslya, Thank you so much!
Belka13, he's sooooo handsome!
I sit thinking which recipe to grab first
Oh, I'm afraid, in the coming days, especially since they are days off and promise rains, there will be a lot of me here. But I will try on business!

About styrofoam.
I had two tabs open with the unpacking video, and I looked at them 5-10 times, while I was waiting, they called in an hour. Here I am guided by the video, I will remove it under the spoiler.

I can hardly find such a price even on a used market.
And I will also fight for the cube, I now have a trump card - a showcase copy. but they promised a new one. And if I still have it, then the + cube is not a real price at all, some kind of price miracle.
By the way, a glass of water boiled to 100 degrees in less than 3 minutes. Now I don't remember exactly the time, but it was less than 3 minutes.

And here's another question.
I am very afraid to open and close. For some reason, it doesn’t work out right away, I don’t remember in which direction, then in one slightly turf, then in the other.
Is there something to press, to press?

igel _el
Quote: Miranda
I am very afraid to open and close. For some reason, it doesn’t work out right away, I don’t remember in which direction, then in one slightly turf, then in the other.

Is there something to press, to press?
Slightly press the "head" when opening and slightly raise the "head" with your hand to lower it and, at the same time, turn the lever clockwise with your right hand.
It works with only two hands - a precaution

Olga VB
Miranda, Congratulations! It's okay. Do not refuse in any way - nothing that is showcase. The main thing is not used. We assumed so, otherwise, where is such a price.
And well done, that is determined to compete for the cube.
Probably, you even need to call and demand, they say, where is my promised gift? Not only did you, tram-ta-ra-ram, brought me a showcase copy without warning about it during the sale, but also the promised gift cube was cheating!
And do not even mention the butt because of the extra. warranty.
Like, it shouldn't be connected in any way. A gift, it is a gift!
By the way, is this cube mentioned in the check? in pre-order? When you received it, wrote on the receipt that the promised cube was not delivered?
Quote: Belka13
At first, everything will work a little tough - either out of habit, or out of fear of breaking. And then everything will go smoothly.
Oh yes, I tiptoe around.
She put on the attachment very slowly - she looked bent over to see if everything was correct, checked the instructions.

Quote: Belka13
fight for the cube, there is a chance to get it - the gift is provided by Kenwood, and not by the store from its own stock, and given for buying a car, not service
You know, when I came home after the purchase the day before yesterday, I was delighted that I had bought and all that, foggy. And already here they put my brains in place.

Then I went yesterday to write a statement. And it was unpleasant for me how they persuaded me, for a long time they did not give the application form, and when I still insisted, they immediately began to communicate dryly, dismissively. And they switched to pouring oil to the man with the refrigerator. Well, I googled reviews about this Service +. Correctly refused.

And today I received a display copy. instead of the promised new one.
As a result, I no longer have the moral inconvenience to compete for the cube.

I will tell you later how it ended.
Quote: Olga VB
Congratulations! It's okay. Do not refuse in any way - nothing that is showcase. The main thing is not used. We assumed so, otherwise, where is such a price.
Thank you!

I think so too. Not used 100%, otherwise there would be no booklet on a chain on the handle of the bowl, and the attachments would be all ... how to say ... not so glossy squeaky, it would be seen. All sharp stickers, the key is glued.Kenwood Kitchen Machines
Quote: Olga VB
By the way, is this cube mentioned in the check? in pre-order? When you received it, wrote on the receipt that the promised cube was not delivered?

- car
- nozzle cube with a price! 8990 rub
- service +
- cartridge replaceable Barrier 3pcs / package
- delivery 390 rbl
- and a funny line - a bonus card of the Common Sense Club - RUB 100

And then underlining and a discount - 9480 rubles. (cube + delivery + card)

You will laugh, but while I got home, I lost a box with filter cartridges somewhere. I have this box of 3pcs. for 549 rubles. I bought them so that they punched me a card, they give it for the purchase and bonuses from the second purchase, well, so that the bonuses for the car go. They said that it was necessary, they said - any little thing for at least 50 rubles. Well, I bought something useful, but I just dropped it somewhere or lost it or forgot it.

And so they gave me the nozzle and cartridges right away, back on Wednesday.
In the check they wrote in a pen opposite them - V. And the couriers today in front of the typewriter and delivery also signed with a pen.

Added on Tuesday 27 Sep 2016 07:17 PM

Kenya himself is not big, and does not take up much space.
But the nozzles, the hooks have been shifting for two hours, changing, but the place has not been determined yet. Especially protective covers. Just put the food processor in the back.

By the way, I was sure that the paddles were silicone, and they were plastic. Feels like they are not very strong, but I could be wrong, we will check it in labor.

My precious! I can't believe it!

Kenwood Kitchen Machines

igel _el
Handsome !!!
The cap that protects the head is always worn. I only shoot if I use a low speed jack. The bowl lid is also always on or raised.
The paddles are very comfortable! I use it often, although I have a large choice - approx. 10 blades and approx. 15 scrapers (this disease for another topic ...)
Olga VB
It is now you have it "my darling" (or do you have it? I have it - a canary), and then it will become just a workhorse. And it is right! But after.
And as for the spatula - I love it! I would buy 3 more of these! She is my most irreplaceable, and not only for Kesha.
Quote: proshka

What are the blades, white plastic? Today I was looking for a pusher for AT340 and saw one for 300 rubles, I wanted to buy it, my mother burned it - left it hot in a frying pan. And now I don't remember which store ...
I have a gray one, now it seems like the white ones are coming, but I haven't felt it (the white one) alive, so I can't tell you anything about it.
Quote: igel _el
The cap that protects the head is always worn. I only shoot if I use a low speed jack. The bowl lid is also always on or raised.

I think I can also wear a protective one?
How so up? I don’t understand yet.

By the way, the window for the bay of different things rises and falls with a click. Is that so necessary?

Quote: proshka
Dreams come true sometimes ...

Come true! Exactly!
I've been hovering around 096 for 76 thousand at the office. site. I thought until May 31 a discount, but still there is.

Then, on Ozone with a deformed box, for some reason, I grabbed 086 for 68-something, but they've been delivering it to me since May 24, they won't deliver it, although they promised it on May 27-28, I don't believe its existence anymore. But I didn't pay in advance, thank God, because I was still thinking, I wanted to see what kind of deformation of the box was, and I doubted everything, I doubted. And it's nice that they didn't deliver. Not mine means.

Well, the last thing you know
As if my angels slipped it on me, tired of my thoughts and throwing, and at the price that is comfortable for me psychologically and financially. Or in contrast to 76 and 68 it seems so.

Quote: Olga VB
and then become just a workhorse. And it is right! But after.

Yes, that's always the case, I know.
Even the usual new thing is big - a computer or a reflex camera (I have a collection of about 20 cameras of different, film, shaft type, 6x6, panoramic, digital, film, I myself develop films, even colored ones, but this is offtopic) - and then the first days ah-ah. Yes, even in a new handbag when you shift everything from the old one, you enjoy the pockets like a child. And then Kenwood! Wow!

About the shoulder blades.
I believe! For some reason, I was sure from the videos and pictures that it was silicone. But there is no Teflon.

In the video presentation, they were praised very much, they say, for all the bends, everything is especially convenient, incredibly convenient. I'll check tomorrow

Added on Friday 10 Jun 2016 10:11 PM

My shoulder blades are gray.

igel _el
Sorry !!! The photo is flipped Several times I tried to upload it with different spreads - fig you! If in your power - turn it over please

Kenwood Kitchen Machines

The lid stands like this. Holds well even if you raise your head. (Spied on some video)

Added on Friday 23 Sep 2016 05:20 PM

Quote: Miranda
I haven't seen this
Go to qvc.de and search for Kenwood Cooking Chef
Quote: proshka
What are the blades, white plastic? ... I saw this for 300 rubles, I wanted to buy ...
Girls, with white shoulder blades, be careful (specify the size). I ordered 2 pieces, in spare parts for the Major, and they turned out to be shovels from the chefs, the cat. too short for a large bowl.
Quote: Miranda
I'll use a whisk of course.
And when will I add cottage cheese to leave a whisk or K-shaped is better?
If rubbed, then you can leave the whisk. I even beat mashed potatoes for them)
Miranda, I am generally amazed at the kesha whisk! This is some kind of miracle! He whips everything up.
I whipped honeysuckle for them instead of rubbing or blender, purely for experiment .... delicious !!!!!
I need to learn how to beautifully plant the choux pastry.
Forgives me only that I did it for the first time in my life
Kenwood Kitchen Machines
I really liked working with the machine, the feeling of lightness and that everything is fast - once and again, what to do there. And I’m not doing it, I’m just throwing it up. When she looked at the dough curiously, she did not leave, but went to wash the dishes on the cream.

I will still edit the nozzles, I just don’t understand how to tighten them or ok.

Everyone knows that the 90 series differs from the 80 only in the new blender. Rather, with a knife and a stirring stick, the glass and shape are the same. Someone here even posted a video of a stirring stick, but I only read about knives, but did not see. Maybe I missed it or I don't remember.

I wandered around the Internet, looked at different recipes, and saw a photo of a new 90-series blender knife. Maybe someone who is not in the 90th episode will be interested.

This photographed the 80th knife.

Kenwood Kitchen Machines
And this is a knife from the 90th series.
It is serrated and one blade (which is upward) is curved.
Kenwood Kitchen Machines
Well, a mixer
Kenwood Kitchen Machines

igel _el
Quote: Miranda
She folded the paper 8 times, laid it down, lowered her head. Outwardly, it seems like nothing.
I will quote myself
... here they write everywhere about a sheet of paper folded 8 times. In German instructions, they simply write about a piece of paper. The paper should be pressed down with a whisk, but not tear when pulled. I did so. One protein is whipped with a bang
Olga VB, I saw a stirrer in the store, there was a blender on the exhibition Sense, but I did not take it off, so I did not consider the knives. And I twisted the stirrer, it easily walks over the knives, you can interfere with it in the process. This is probably convenient.

The knife in the picture is more functional.
To be honest, I am somehow not used to the glass blender, in Boshik it is.I know that people are there and pates, etc., but somehow I have already established a process with a submerged one. From time to time I try to read some recipes for a glass to expand my possibilities. If anyone has any interesting manuals / recipes for a glass blender, I will be grateful.
Quote: Miranda
I only managed to make an omelet.
Well, in the sense of an omelette multicooker, but whipped up a machine

The secret of the omelet is that the eggs do not need to be beaten, but only slightly beaten with a whisk (by hand) or just with a fork. I don't do this in Cash. It always turns out just exceptionally!
Here's what I get in the cartoon:
Kenwood Kitchen Machines

Well, I forgot the most important thing !!!!
Miranda! I sincerely congratulate you on purchasing such an assistant! I just love it! I am sure that now you will not be able to live without it! I made a cake on the DR for my daughter, almost everything was done by my Keshenka (I have a girl!), Keshulya! Dough for biscuit, 2 creams, chopped nuts !!!
I'll even show you what I did:
Kenwood Kitchen Machines
the cake was very even, the photo was slightly distorted ...
Kenwood Kitchen Machines

And in a blender I do a lot of things: milk cocktails, fruit cocktails, mashed soups, Bechamel sauce (just a bomb !!!) and much, much more!
But a few days ago, Haripurkh taught me how to make mayonnaise in a blender, it just worked out super !!!! Thank her very much for that!

This cake is very light! Even my dotsya does it. Yes, and I'm not an ace in baking, but I am happy to make this cake!

An omelet for 6 eggs (I have a Panasonic 18 model), but here, in the photo, only a piece is visible. The omelet is just awesome !!!
And Dotsi Panasonic has 10, she does 4 eggs, sometimes 3.

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