Cake "Caramel-apple Charlotte"

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Caramel-apple cake Charlotte


For the biscuit:
Wheat flour 35 g
Corn starch 25 g
Eggs 200 g (4 pcs.)
yolk 1 PC.
Sugar 115 g
salt pinch
jam or jam 200 g
apple component:
fresh apples 500 g
water 350 g
sugar 50 g
apple cider, calvadome or brandy 30 g
freshly squeezed lemon juice 10 g
Apple Caramel Custard:
Apple syrup 250 g
Granular gelatin 1 tbsp. l.
Yolks 5 pieces. (95 g)
Sugar 100g
Water 30 g
Salt pinch
Swiss meringue:
Protein 2pcs (60 g)
Sugar 65 g
lemon acid pinch
Bavarian cream filling:
Chilled cream at least 33% fat 230 g
Apple caramel ustard whole
swiss meringue all
apple cider, calvados or brandy 30 g
Apple decor
Apple syrup 60 ml
Agar-agar (fortress 1200) 1/8 tsp

Cooking method

  • Well, the birthday has passed .. And I was incredibly pleased with the amount of congratulations and warmth I received from you, my dears!
  • Thank you very much for your congratulations! I appreciate it very much!
  • Now I want to share my birthday cake recipe. I put a lot of effort into it, but I was also pleased with the result.
  • And the taste and presentation qualities were appreciated by relatives.
  • About the cake itself: Even at one glance at this cake, it has a mesmerizing effect - beautiful striped sides, and a multi-petal apple flower on top!
  • But its taste produces a simply stunning effect: a delicate caramel-apple filling combined with a light and sweet biscuit. And then there is a completely different structure - a fresh slightly crispy apple.
  • Complete harmony in taste combined with an incomparable presentation ...
  • 1Caramel-apple cake CharlotteBreak 4 eggs and 1 yolk into the mixer bowl, add sugar and vanilla.
  • 2Caramel-apple cake Charlotte Beat for 3 minutes at high speed. Switch to medium speed and beat for 10 minutes. We will get a very airy and stable mass.
  • 3Caramel-apple cake CharlotteSift flour, starch and salt into a separate bowl. Pour half of the sifted mixture onto the whipped mass. Gently stir in, pour out the other half and stir in just as carefully, trying not to sediment the mixture.
  • 4Caramel-apple cake CharlotteWe line the baking sheet (from the oven) with parchment and pour out and level our mass.
  • 5Caramel-apple cake CharlotteBake at 200C for 12-15 minutes until deep brown.
  • 6Caramel-apple cake CharlotteAs soon as the cake is taken out of the oven, we immediately relax the edges and put the biscuit on the wire rack. Cool down, remove the paper. Leave on the wire rack, crust up.
  • 7Caramel-apple cake CharlotteCaramel-apple cake CharlotteNext, we will cut our biscuit into blanks. To do this, draw a circle with a diameter of 20 cm in the upper left corner (for this we use the bottom of the split form). We divide the rest of the space into strips of equal height. Strip height = 10 cm. We place our blanks in a tight-fitting container.
  • Apple component.
  • 8Caramel-apple cake CharlottePeel the apples, carefully remove the core and halve them. If using red apples, save the skin.
  • 9Caramel-apple cake CharlotteCaramel-apple cake CharlottePour water, cider, lemon juice, sugar and vanilla in a saucepan that will fit all the apples in one layer. If there is a red rind, then add it to the pan. It will give the syrup a nice pink color. We put apples in it. Bring to a boil and cook under a closed lid over low heat for 3 minutes, then turn the apples over to the other side and cook for another 3 minutes. We put the apples in a colander, keeping the syrup. We need 250 g. If it is less, add water to it; if more, then boil down to the specified weight. Let it cool completely.
  • Apple caramel custard.
  • 10Caramel-apple cake CharlotteSoak gelatin in 2 tbsp. l.(30 ml) apple syrup (from retained apple syrup).
  • 11Caramel-apple cake Charlotte Divide the remaining apple syrup into 2 parts 160 ml and 60 ml (60 ml is required for the final icing of the flower).
  • 12Caramel-apple cake CharlottePour sugar and water into a separate saucepan. Stir until sugar is completely wetted.
  • 13Caramel-apple cake CharlotteBring to a boil and cook until caramel forms. The syrup should turn dark amber and reach a temperature of 188C.
  • 14Caramel-apple cake CharlotteWhen the syrup reaches the specified temperature, immediately remove it from the heat, slowly pour in 160 ml of hot apple syrup and stir. Return to fire and stir until smooth. As soon as the mixture becomes homogeneous, remove from heat.
  • 15Caramel-apple cake CharlotteAdd yolks, salt, swollen gelatin to the caramel-apple syrup and mix until smooth.
  • 16Caramel-apple cake CharlotteWe return to low heat and bring it to 80C. Remove from heat immediately, filter the mixture through a sieve and cool to room temperature.
  • Swiss meringue.
  • 17Caramel-apple cake CharlottePut all the ingredients in a perfectly clean bowl. I do it right in the bowl from the combine. We place the bowl on the steam bath. The bottom must not touch the bottom! Beat the whites with a clean whisk.
  • 18Caramel-apple cake CharlotteWhen the temperature reaches 65C (it burns quite a lot), we move it to the combine, turn it on at medium-high speed and beat for 10 minutes. The whites should fit snugly on the whisk.
  • Bavarian cream filling:
  • 19Caramel-apple cake CharlotteIn a chilled bowl, beat the cold cream until crisp.
  • 20Caramel-apple cake CharlottePour the cider into the chilled cream and stir until smooth. Gently add caramel-apple custard and meringue. For this I use a soufflé attachment. The mass should become homogeneous and in no case fall off.
  • Assembling the cake.
  • It is advisable to start working with the biscuit part before preparing the caramel-apple custard.
  • 21Caramel-apple cake CharlottePut a split ring from a mold with a diameter of 20 cm on a serving dish. Put a round biscuit base on the bottom.
  • 22Caramel-apple cake CharlotteLet's start working with stripes - our future boards. To do this, coat each strip with jam and cover with the next strip. The crust should look up! So we form a stack. We send it to the freezer for at least 15 minutes to harden.
  • 23Caramel-apple cake CharlotteUsing a very sharp knife, cut the hardened pile into strips 1 cm wide.
  • 24Caramel-apple cake CharlotteWe put the resulting centimeter stripes into the shape with slices outward, forming the sides.
  • 25Caramel-apple cake Charlotte Pour out the Bavarian cream filling and smooth. We send for at least 1 hour in the cold to solidify before laying out the apple flower.
  • 26Caramel-apple cake CharlotteCut the poached apples across into 1 cm thick slices.
  • 27Caramel-apple cake CharlotteWe spread the apples on the surface, forming the flower petals. We move from the edges to the center.
  • 28Caramel-apple cake CharlotteFor glaze: dissolve agar agar in the remaining 60 ml of apple syrup and bring to a boil. Cool to room temperature.
  • 29Caramel-apple cake CharlotteCover the apple flower with glaze on top. We send it to the refrigerator for at least 8 hours before serving.
  • 30Caramel-apple cake CharlotteBefore serving, we relax the ring and remove it.
  • Girls, there won't be a cut. It was not real, he flew away instantly. Very light in terms of calories, very tasty and delicate in texture - no one was limited to one piece.
  • This is the very case when it really takes longer to do than to write Although it took a very long time to describe

The dish is designed for

8-10 servings

Time for preparing:

from 24 h

Wow, this beauty !!!!!!!!! 10+. Thank you!!!!!!!
I ran for caramel-apple, I like apples and caramel. I think I'll cook it quickly ... yeah ... It won't work quickly, so until better times, when there will be time to tinker. I have no doubt it is delicious.
Olga, thanks for the recipe and work, very beautiful! And it is not surprising that there is no cut, it was probably impossible to resist, and it was probably pleasant in my soul when they asked for more !!!
Thank you girls for your kind words!
If you have time and desire, then tinker! But really time consuming. I was asked this for the New Year - I refused)))
Olenka, miracle cake) Very laborious, but I have no doubt that the result is excellent.
I would ... that would ...under a glass cover and for an alarm !! Let them also suffer from 24 hours)) and then we will eat together
An incomparable cake, I'll just dream about it until I cook it!
You will not forget such a recipe!
Quote: Zhannptica

I would ... that would ... under a glass cover and an alarm !! Let them also suffer from 24 hours)) and then we will eat together

Added Wednesday 28 Sep 2016 11:24 PM

Quote: Rada-dms

An incomparable cake, I'll just dream about it until I cook it!
You will not forget such a recipe!

That's what I liked about it - it's the perfect proportion of gelatin. It cuts well. In the meantime, he cut and distributed, he is already soft and tender. No density, and there is no trace of the crunch of store jelly cakes.

Here is the real density on the verge - between "keep the shape" and "melt".
If I, of course, clearly and clearly express myself)))
Quote: ang-kay

Olenka, miracle cake) Very time consuming, but I have no doubt that the result is excellent.

Angela, just like your recipes are great. I keep dreaming about your cereal bars. I just thought of a variation. I wonder what happens when I embody it))) If it works out) They hurt me painfully) I pulled out all the baby cereals)
Olgawhat a cake !!! Apples-caramel-cream ... I will join the applause - BRAVO! Very exquisite

Don't throw your slippers at me

Quote: L-olga
I use the soufflé attachment for this.

What is it? Which one is for proteins?
Olga VB
Oh, how beautiful!
And I have no doubt that it is very tasty!
And the products are all available.
Olenka, which jam / jam is better to use?
Quote: Svetlenki

Olgawhat a cake !!! Apples-caramel-cream ... I will join the applause - BRAVO! Very exquisite

Don't throw your slippers at me

What is it? Which one is for proteins?

Yes, she is)

Added Thursday, 29 Sep 2016 05:50

Quote: Olga VB

Oh, how beautiful!
And I have no doubt that it is very tasty!
And the products are all available.
Olenka, which jam / jam is better to use?

It is desirable that one that is dark red and uniform. I had just with berries - it's better that without them)

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