Onion nutmeg marmalade

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Onion nutmeg marmalade


turnip onion 1 kg
sugar 200 grams
sweet or semi-sweet white Muscat wine 0.5 liter
olive oil 6-7 st. spoons
honey 1 tbsp. the spoon
sea ​​salt 3 tsp
pepper vinegar 6% 3-4 tbsp. spoons
spices for the bag (bay leaf, lemon balm, cloves, allspice peas, rosemary, marjoram, ginger) taste
water as needed
nutmeg on the tip of a knife
pepper mix on the tip of a knife

Cooking method

  • Onion nutmeg marmaladePeel the onion. It is better to take white onions, but I have the most common turnip and even microscopic.
  • Onion nutmeg marmalade
  • Onion nutmeg marmaladeCut the onion into half rings. Cut thinly. Can be cut with a knife or a combine.
  • Onion nutmeg marmaladePour and heat oil in a bowl. It is better to take a frying pan or stewpan with a large diameter and non-stick coating.
  • Onion nutmeg marmalade
  • Onion nutmeg marmaladePour all the onions and simmer them over low heat, stirring occasionally. The bow should not turn golden, but remain white. The volume of the onion should be halved and it should become transparent.
  • Onion nutmeg marmaladeWhile the onion is cooking, collect the spices. They need to be folded in gauze or a linen bag, tied.
  • Onion nutmeg marmaladePrepare the nutmeg wine. It should be sweet or semi-sweet. Muscat in wine will give our marmalade a peculiar taste and aroma.
  • Onion nutmeg marmaladeAdd sugar, salt and wine to the onion.
  • Onion nutmeg marmaladeBury a bag of spices in the onion. If the onion is not completely submerged in the liquid, add half a glass of water and continue simmering. Press the spice bag periodically and of course stir the onions frequently.
  • Onion nutmeg marmaladeWhen almost all the liquid has evaporated, squeeze the bag with spices and remove. Now you will need to stir constantly so that the onion does not burn.
  • Onion nutmeg marmaladePour in the pepper vinegar. I showed how to make it HERE.
  • Onion nutmeg marmaladeAdd honey. Simmer with constant stirring until the onion is caramelized.
  • Onion nutmeg marmaladeBefore turning off the marmalade, put in the nutmeg and pepper mixture. The photo shows that very few of them are required.
  • Onion nutmeg marmaladeTransfer the marmalade to a clean jar and refrigerate. Store for a couple of weeks, but it won't stay there so much)))
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones)

The dish is designed for

800 grams


Delicious. They are eaten with meat, cheese and just bread. Recipe from the Internet. I slightly modified it to suit my tastes. Recommend)

I cooked this from red onions. For some reason he got spoiled in the refrigerator, I had to throw it away. It was a pity for the work and money spent on an expensive bow. But it was delicious at first, yes.
DonnaRosa, the taste and color, as they say. We like. It is made with red onions and with red wine, balsamic vinegar. They are two different flavors.
I heard about this more than once. Now you can try. Angel, and what is the way out ???
Photos as always

Added Thursday, October 27, 2016 6:05 PM

800 grams it turned out so much, right ??? I looked at a fork with a tasty treat)))
Jeanne, Thank you. Try it. You should like it. Sweet, there is a little sourness, not spicy. 800 gram per kilogram.
Bliiin, just finished the nutmeg yesterday! I really respect him. However, I also love onion marmalade, especially with meat. Angela, what does alcohol give in this recipe? And if I take grape juice?
Oh, well, the photo, as always. I immediately wanted such a marmalade. Or at least some. Hurry home!
Natasha, Thank you.
Quote: Bridge
and what does alcohol give in this recipe?
Only taste.All alcohol evaporates.
Quote: Bridge
And if I take grape juice?
You can take it if you find nutmeg juice. Anyway, I think so.
At one time I tried to invent and bring to mind a recipe for onion ice cream. It was based on marmalade (current not completely evaporated) from light onions. I remember taking three types. The white leek flesh turned out to be ideal. But it was the silk structure that was needed. I didn't really finish writing the recipe then. Now I have already forgotten. But the basis was the same. I remember this taste very well. Not comparable to anything, but not forgettable either. Great recipe. Well done!
Irishkin, but not at all. We like it too)
ang-kay, Angelawhat an interesting recipe! I will need to buy an onion
Thank you!
Lenochka, I will be glad if you like it)

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