Roast "Caucasian motives" (multicooker Redmond RMC-02, gas panel)

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Roast Caucasian motives (multicooker Redmond RMC-02, gas panel)


Lamb (flesh without fat) 300 g
Potatoes (medium tubers) 2 pcs
Sweet pepper (small) 1 PC
Eggplant (small) 1 PC
Carrots (large) 1 PC
Onions (medium onions) 2 pcs
Ketchup Heinz taste
Parsley 4 branches
Cilantro 2 branches
Garlic 1 slice
Hops-suneli from Kotanyi taste
Four Pepper Blend taste
Sweet pea 1 PC
Bay leaf (small) 1 PC
Vegetable oil on demand

Cooking method

  • My meat, cut into pieces, put in a multicooker bowl, add a small amount of vegetable oil, set the "Baking" program. Fry for 15 minutes under a closed lid; at this time, the meat is stewed in its own juice. Salt and pepper the meat, fry for another 10 minutes with the lid open until the smell of fried meat appears.
  • At this time, fry coarsely chopped peppers in oil, season with a little salt and pepper. Separately fry the coarsely chopped eggplant, season with a little salt and pepper. It takes quite a lot of oil, but we try to take it without excess. I fried vegetables on the gas panel in a frying pan. This is most likely not frying, but stewing in oil. It took 25 minutes to fry, just that much meat was stewed and fried.
  • We switch the multicooker mode to "Stew. Soup", the default time is 1 hour. Cut the potatoes and one onion into rather large cubes, place them in the multicooker bowl. Add a little vegetable oil, salt and pepper. I did not add water, the liquid that will stand out from the onion will be quite enough. Simmer for 20 minutes.
  • At this time, fry carrots and onions in oil, cut into large pieces, salt and pepper them a little. After 15 minutes add the ketchup and fry for another 5 minutes.
  • We shift the onions and carrots into the multicooker bowl. Mix, add 1 allspice pea and a tiny bay leaf. Add salt and pepper if necessary. Simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Put the fried peppers and eggplant into the multicooker bowl, add chopped parsley and cilantro, suneli hops, and crushed a large clove of garlic. Simmer for another 10 minutes.
  • Turn off the multicooker. Set the "Stew. Soup" mode again. Simmer for 10-15 minutes. You can skip this step, but I do it so that the roast boils a little.
  • Let the dish brew for 5-10 minutes.
  • Bon Appetit!
  • Roast Caucasian motives (multicooker Redmond RMC-02, gas panel)

Tanyush, what a delicious !!!
I love this combination very much!
Now I looked, so all the ingredients are there, but there is no mutton. Well nothing. I will definitely prepare.
Thank you, Tanechka, for the recipe!
DonnaRosa, Rituslya, thank you for stopping by! I'm glad, that you liked! Rita, it seems to me that you can replace lamb with any other meat, maybe even chicken or turkey.
I can see from the ingredients that it is delicious. I would replace lamb with pork. We only have lamb in the central farmers' market and is like a Boeing wing.
DonnaRosa, this is really delicious! I bought lamb in "Myasnov", we bring it on order. Pork will be good too!
yes it is very tasty !!! I also add fresh tomatoes, and you can also make more greens with green beans ..)))
kavmins, I sometimes put tomatoes too, I just didn't have them today.

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